Civil War Soldiers

My Relatives Who Served in the Civil War

Since the 2002 fall PBS season began with a rebroad­cast of Ken Burns’ series, The Civil War, I was reminded of the young men of various branches of my family who served in the Civil War on both sides of the conflict, and therefore, I decided to create a page for their names to recognize their service, since in some cases they paid the ultimate sacrifice — their lives.  According to Ken Burns’ series, 1 in 65 soldiers were killed on the battlefield, but about one-third of my relatives appear to have died on the battlefield or from wounds received in battle.  Whereas I do not side with the Southern cause, I do recognize that many of the soldiers who fought for the Confederacy did so from a sense of loyalty to their own states; they did not all necessarily support the institution of slavery.

Below is a list of the 21 men in various branches of my family known to have served as soldiers in the Civil War.  There may be others, especially on my mother’s side of the family, for whom I have no information.

The federal government has a website at Civil War Soldiers and Sailors System where one can search for information.  Also the Archives of the State of Illinois has a similar web site at Illinois Civil War Muster and Descriptive Rolls, and a great number of my relatives fought as members of regiments raised in that state.  There is also a website for New York soldiers at New York in the Civil War.  Another site is Web: Indiana, Civil War Soldier Database Index, 1861-1865.


[navy-star.gif]BUNCE, Melvin, served in the 126th New York State Volunteers Regiment.

[red-star.gif]CLOGSTON, Jeffrey, served in Co. H, Eleventh Kansas Cavalry.

[navy-star.gif]JACKSON, Andrew probably served in an Indiana or Illinois regiment; his service has not been verified in public records.

[red-star.gif]JACKSON, Henry served in the Civil War, probably from Indiana or Illinois, but that record has not been confirmed through public records.

[navy-star.gif]JACKSON, John was a Civil War veteran, according to the wife of one of his descendants, but we do not know from which state he served.

[red-star.gif]JACKSON, Lewis W. served two enlistments in the Co. F. 16th Illinois Cavalry; Company F Roster.

[navy-star.gif]JACKSON, Michael, son of Asa Jackson, mustered into Co. K, 84th Illinois Infantry as a private, on Sept. 1, 1862, at Biggsville, Henderson Co., Ill., “died, Nashville, Aug. 28, 1863”; Co. K Roster.

[red-star.gif]MARING, Brainard B. served for about two years in the Civil War, probably from a New York unit.

[navy-star.gif]MARING, Samuel, Jr. was a private of New York Co. I, 136th Regiment.

[red-star.gif]MARING, William served in Co. G, 130th New York Regiment.

[navy-star.gif]MEHAFFEY, James C. served in Co. G, 1st Cavalry Regiment from Illinois; Company G Roster.

[red-star.gif]MEHAFFEY, John Alexander served in Co. I, 50th Infantry Regiment from Illinois; Company I Roster.

[navy-star.gif]MEHAFFEY, Samuel B. served in Co. I, 83rd Infantry Regiment from Illinois; Company I Roster.

[red-star.gif]MILLHOLLEN, David W. (likely a son of John Pinckney Milhollen/Milholland) Rec. Co. H, 12 Illinois US Cavalry CON, mustered on Dec. 3, 1863, resident of Monmouth, Warren Co., Illinois; “Trans. to Co. G, as consol.” Roster of Co. L, 12th Illinois Cavalry.

[navy-star.gif]MILHOLLAND, James H. (likely a son of John Pinckney Milhollen/Milholland), private in Co. E 10th Illinois US Infantry, residence when enlisted: Henderson Co., Illinois

[red-star.gif]MILHOLLEN John M. (likely a son of John Pinckney Milhollen/Milholland), Rec. Co. H, 12th Regiment Illinois US Cavalry CON mustered on Jan. 19, 1864, resided at Greenville, Illinois “Trans. to Co. G, as consol”; Roster of Co. L, 12th Illinois Cavalry.

[navy-star.gif]MILHOLLIN, James Fielding, b. 27 Feb 1831, Iredell Co., North Carolina; d. 10 Nov 1863, Orange, Virginia.  James Fielding Milhollen was a son of William and Jemima (Tarr) Milholland, and William was a brother of my 3rd g.grandfather, David Millhollen, so James F. Milhollin was a first cousin of my g.g.grandmother, Isabel C. (Milhollen) Jackson.  According to a sketch in the The Story of Georgia, published by the American Historical Society, Inc. in New York 1938, vol. 4, pp. 643-47, John Fielding Milhollin was a clerk of the Cass County Court until he resigned to enlist in the Confederate Army during the Civil War.  He was commissioned as a captain and was killed in action near Orange, Virginia.  He was the father of two sons and three daughters.  Also, in the Compilation of the Official Records of the Union and Confederate Armies, there is a listing in the index for J. F. Milhollen at I-6.  In 1861, Cass Co., Georgia was renamed Bartow County.

[red-star.gif]NORRIS, Joshua served as a private in Co. I 103rd Infantry Regiment of New York state.

[navy-star.gif]NORRIS, William Nelson served as a private in the New York Co. C 44th Infantry.

[red-star.gif]SNODGRASS, Jackson was the first husband of Sarah MEHAFFEY, and served in Co. C, 36th Infantry Regiment from Illinois; Company C Roster.

[navy-star.gif]WALLING, Samuel was the captain of a company in the 161st New York State Volunteer Regiment.