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If you have any photographs dealing with the history of Cross County, including families, towns, farms, etc, please feel free to submit them for posting to the site.

Family Photographs

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Akin-Pugh Family
This family was living in Vanndale in the 1880's but moved on to Craighead Co., AR around 1910. Some of the descendants still live in Cross County today.

l-r. William Tarpley AKIN b. June 8, 1845 in Somerville, Fayette Co., TN. d. Jan 5, 1921 in Craighead Co., AR. Civil War vet. (2) John T Pugh b. 1851 in TN holding grandson(3) Cecil Pugh Sr b. Jan 1910 (4) Katherine "Neely" Cornelia (Akin) PUGH b. July 28, 1889 in Vanndale. Her mother Kitty WHITAKER died during her birth. (5) Harvey L PUGH July 14, 1882 in TN d. Dec 31, 1934 in Waldenburg, buried in Jonesboro.

Baby Cecil is shown with his parents Harvey & Katherine Pugh & both grandfathers.

Michelle L Slabaugh

This is a photo of theBat W. Brockett family who lived in Cherry Valley, from about 1912. The photo was probably taken around 1909-1911 when the family was living in Missouri after having left White County, Illinois and before arriving in Cross County, Arkansas.

Front row: Edwin Batterson "Bat" Web Brockett (father), James Archie Brockett, Hillas B. Brockett, Margaret Anna (Clark) Brockett (mother).

Back row: Effie Alice Brockett, Joseph Clark Brockett, Marshal Smiley Brockett.

Jason Presley

Henderson Carroll Durham Family

This picture of the Henderson Carroll Durham family was taken around 1900. Henderson was a farmer around Vanndale from 1868 through 1903. The lady is Sallie E. Durham (Gilliand); The sons are: (back row L-R) Lucian Carroll Durham, Erskine Edward Durham, Russell Gilliland Durham, (center) Harry Rivers Durham and (front) Frank Provart Durham. The photo was probably taken around 1900

Harry Wayne Durham

John T. Futrell Family
This photo of the Futrell family would have been taken somewhere between late 1890-early 1892 judging by the age of the youngest daughter, Nettie, who was born February 20, 1890.

Front row: (L-R) Mollie Rose Futrell (standing), Martha J. Jones Futrell (mother, seated), Nettie L. Futrell , John T. Futrell (father, seated), Carson Futrell

Back row: (L-R) Margaret Essie Futrell, Alice Hattie Futrell, William Ira Futrell

No Email-Jason Presley

John Jenkins and Mandy Ann SCOTT DOBBINS
(my g-grandparents) Cherry Valley, Arkansas.
Jackie Cleveland Allen

James Wright Logan family
James Wright Logan and family. This is the same J.W. Logan that is the subject of the Goodspeed bio.

Front row (L-R): James Wright Logan, Marvin Logan, Florence (Gaar) Logan

Back row (L-R): Clara "Nola" (Logan) Reeves, Nettie (Logan) Sulcer, George W. Logan, Mamie (Logan) Casteel, Bessie (Logan) Darnell

This photo was probably taken sometime between 1915-1920. James Logan was my ggg-grandfather and George W. Logan was my gg-grandfather. The Logans lived in Bedford Township in Cross County. All that remains of the Logan property is the small land containing the Logan family cemetery.

No Email-Jason Presley

These photos are of the Montgomery, Fowler and Gracey Families. Some of the folks are identified and some are not. If you have information on who they might be, please share with us!

Montgomery Family includes (L-R back) Irene Garrett Montgomery, James Everrett Montgomery, Dorothy Baldwin Montgomery, John Otto Montgomery; and (L-R front) Rose Lee Fowler Montgomery,Vassie Fowler Gracey.
Montgomery Family was probably taken between 1930 and 1960, we don't know who the folks are.
Gracey Family is Granvil and Vassie (Fowler) Gracey.
Fowler Girls consist of (front seat) Vassie, (standing) Rose Lee, and (back seat) Leona White. We don't know the fellas.
Fowler Family the gentleman is Wilson Oliver Fowler and the ladies are his sisters but we don't know their names.

Rev. Zim T. Rooks family
This photo was taken sometime between 1943-1947.

Front row (L-R): Phillip Aaron, Myrtle Rooks Aaron (Zim's daughter), Violet Perkins (Nettie's daughter), Zim Rooks, Omea Nell Rooks (young girl in front, Emmett's daughter), Nona Doris Crawford (Rosalee's daughter, behind Omea Nell)

2nd Row (L-R): Edward Rooks (Zim's zon), Velma Logan Rooks (Miles' wife), Dorothy Peeler Rooks (Emmett's wife), Aline Ellis Rooks (Zim's 2nd wife), Rosalee Rooks Crawford (Zim's daughter), Charles George (Velma's nephew)

Back row (L-R): Nettie Futrell Perkins (sister of Zim's 1st wife, Essie), Emmett Rooks (Zim's son), Miles T. Rooks (Zim's son)

No Email-Jason Presley

Isaac Shaw and family
Heading to Akins Church in Cherry Valley

(L-R)Richard Shaw, Isaac Parker, Nona Edwards-Shaw, Nancy Cordelia Starnes-Shaw-Parker-Edwards, Garfield Shaw, Onie Shaw-McMinn, Isaac Wilson Parker and Nancy (Delie) Parker my Great Grandparents.
Jackie Cleveland Allen

Georgia Katherine (Morris) SlocumLucy Walker

Cornelious "Neely" Walker Cross County, AR,
January 8, 1861 - April 17, 1923. Buried in Vanndale Cemetery.
Lucy Walker

Cornelious "Neely" Walker & wife, Laura Jane (Morris) Walker
about 1905
Lucy Walker

Cherry Valley Photos

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Cherry Valley Cotton Mill - 1911No Email-Jason Presley

Vanndale Photos

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Walker homestead - circa 1900

Walker Family Home (close up of people)
Mrs. Viola "Ola" Bowden, Mrs. Laura (Morris) Walker, Mrs. Georgia (Morris) Slocum, Herman Walker, Kara Bowden (on porch with pipe in mouth); Samuel Slocum , standing to the left of the front steps, Cornelius Daniel Walker (my Grandfather), John Wesley Walker (10 yrs old, standing on porch), Mrs. Mollie (Walker) Davis, standing to the right of front steps, Daniel Davis, Grace Davis, Dalton Davis, Lawrence Daniel Walker (my Dad), Loman Slocum, Fred Slocum, Mary Berma Bowden, Emma Bowden

Lucy Walker

Vanndale Courthouse - 1917Michelle L Slabaugh

Vanndale High School - circa 1921

Vanndale High School (close-up of the people)
Lawrence Daniel Walker is the third boy from the right, first standing row from the front, holding what looks to be a baseball mit.

Lucy Walker

Vanndale 7th and 8th Grade-1924 to 1925 - circa 1925

The first photo is a Vanndale School class photo that belonged to my grandparents. It is of the 7th-8th grade classes in 1924-25. My grandfather, Charles Harrison Lovrien, is second from right on bottom row. My grandmother, Lula Lee Fincher, who married Charles Lovrien, is on top row, fifth from left. My grandfather's sister, Nellie Lovrien, is sixth from left on top row. I used this photo in the county history book we published this year. Here are the other names.PHOTO 766D Vanndale School 1924-1925, 7th & 8th Grades Top Row: Shelton, Jessie, Maurine, Donna Belle, Lula Lee Fincher Lovrien, Nellie Lovrien Smith, Millard, Fariss McAfee, Walter Rose, Willie. Second Row: Leon Richard, Iris, Jewell Chadwick, Eleanor, Cyrus, Lawrence, Frances Gardner Jones Jernberg, Dorothy, Miss Herrington. Third Row: Ruth, Alice H, Elsie, Winnie, Lena Riley, John T, Arthur, Charles Lovrien, Norman.-Michelle Slabaugh

Michelle Slabaugh

Wynne Photos

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These children were memorialized in 1935 at theWynne High School.
Can you identify any of them?
Paul Montgomery is 5th from the left, sitting.
There are more photos on
thefamily photos page.
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