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Early Members
Boyd’s Chapel
United Methodist Church
(Originally Mount Pleasant Methodist Church)
Limestone County,Alabama



























Mount Pleasant Methodist Church was a log building which originally stood in the vicinity of theMt. Pleasant Cemetery atArdmore.  After the building was destroyed by fire, the congregation re-built at the present site, sometime after 1891, and the church became known as Boyd’s Chapel.  Boyd’sChapel United Methodist Church is still an active congregation today. 

This list of members ofMount Pleasant Methodist Church / Boyd’s Chapel is transcribed from early records of the church, Book 1 and Book 2.  Although few dates appear in the record books, it seems that Book 1 covers the approximate period 1891-1909, and Book 2 covers events during 1912-1924.  The books record several events, including: 

a.  To Whom Married

b.  When and how received into membership (Baptism, Vows, Certificate)

c.  By whom received

d.  When and how removed from membership roll

e.  Date of death

This transcription is intended primarily for genealogical purposes, and therefore shows only the names of the church members, and the person to whom they were married. 


The records include the names of many circuit-rider clergymen who served theMount  Pleasant / Boyd’sChapel Methodist Church.  They are listed below (years when some served as pastor are shown in parentheses):


H. L. Aldredge / Auldrige (1901-1902)

O. W. Barber (1915-1920)

J. A. Clark

G. T. Dutton (1910)

C. C. Epperson (1890)

J. M. Farrell

G. M. Hall

George F. Hall

W. A. Hamric (1907-1909)

R. Y. Hannon

J. M. Harrell

A. D. Hill (1905 and 1913) 

R. D. Hill (possibly a typographical error in reference to A. D. Hill)

E. H. Holland, Sr.

S. N. Lemon

J. S. Martin. 

D. S. McGlown / Maglawn

N. H. Olmstead (1898)

B. M. Porter

R. M. Porter

P. P. Riley (1894)

J. F. Rudisel / Rudisill

W. L. Spearman

J. M. Tabor (1921-1922) 

Harry Turner

J.C. Wallace

W. B. Woodall (1896)

E. R. Worsham



This list was transcribed by Jerry Thomas Johnson in loving memory of his grand-parents, Jerry Lee and Mary Ella (Hardin) Johnson, who were members of Boyd’s Chapel.  I have corrected spelling only when I am certain that the names were misspelled (for example, I corrected Wails toWales, and Eavs to Eaves).  Thanks to Richard Hasting, who provided me with a copy of the printed records.  The church members cited in the records are as follows: 



Adams, Minnie

Adkison, Lunie

Arnett, Ada (married Smith)

Arnett, Anda A.

Arnett, Andru B.

Arnett, Andy J.

Arnett, Inez

Arnett, Inice (married Broadway)

Arnett, Nancy M.

Arnett, Theodocia

Atkinson, Florence

Augdon, A. R.

Augdon, Harry

Augdon, J. H.



Babson, Te

Bailes, Lucy (married Clem)

Barnes, Ada

Barnes, Ada S.

Barnes, Ader

Barnes, Ader S.

Barnes, Elbert

Barnes, Eula

Barnes, James W.

Barnes, John T.

Barnes, John William

Barnes, Katie Bell (married Pylant) 

Barnes, LawBell (marriedGriffin)

Barnes, Lou Bell

Barnes, Mattie Lou

Barnes, May (marriedFranklin)

Barnes, Mollie

Bates, Beathie

Beart?, Sallie (marriedWales)

Biggerstaff, Aron

Biggerstaff, Bessie

Biggerstaff, Eliza

Biggerstaff, G. B.

Biggerstaff, Licey

Biggerstaff, Lizzie (married Floyd Wales)

Biggerstaff, Lucie (married Pittman)

Biggerstaff, Marvin

Biggerstaff, Mary Lou

Black, Benjamin T.

Black, Tessie

Bland, Laurie (married King)

Bland, Mattie

Bland, Tabitha O.

Bottoms, Eley J.

Broadway, Alma

Broadway, Era Myrtle

Broadway, Esma (married Hardiman)

Broadway, Ethel (married Eaves)

Broadway, Kirbie

Brock, Ada

Brock, Alma

Brock, Alma L.

Brock, Alvy

Brock, Amma N.

Brock, Amma U.

Brock, Andrew O.

Brock, Anna U.

Brock, Armie

Brock, Arnie

Brock, Berry B.

Brock, Bertie

Brock, Buford B.

Brock, Bunyan B.

Brock, C. F.

Brock, Charles E.

Brock, Charles F.

Brock, Dollie

Brock, Effie

Brock, Elzie (married Mike Whitt)

Brock, Emma E.

Brock, Ezry Lee

Brock, Flora T. (married Hasten)

Brock, Ida Lou (married King)

Brock, Inance G. (marriedWales Corda)

Brock, Isa E. (marriedMoore)

Brock, James A.

Brock, Jessie L.

Brock, John W.

Brock, Leona

Brock, Lesley

Brock, Lester

Brock, Loid

Brock, Malinda C.

Brock, Malissa H.

Brock, Martha J.

Brock, Melisa H.

Brock, Molly R. Gray (married Hodges)

Brock, Nancy

Brock, Nora B.

Brock, Odie

Brock, Quilla

Brock, Riller (married C. E. Brock)

Brock, Rilza

Brock, Sadie (married Blackwell)

Brock, Samuel R.

Brock, Urnest L.

Brock, Usey

Brock, Usia

Brock, Usy

Brock, Van

Brock, Velma (married Mitchell)

Brock, Vergie (married Meeler)

Brock, William J.

Brock, Willis

Brock, Z. D.

Brock, Zebbie D.

Brown, Eva (married Hodges)

Brown, Gays

Burk, W. H.

Burk, W. H., Mrs.



Cables, Ethell (married Daly)

Cables, Riley

Carns, S. E.

Carpenter, Litty (married Hargrove)

Carpinter, Ada B. (married Hodges)

Carpinter, Liddy

Case, James W.

Clem, Ada

Clem, Andrew

Clem, Andrew J.

Clem, Andru J.

Clem, Audia D.

Clem, Callie C.

Clem, Clara Bell (married Hargrove)

Clem, Davis

Clem, Delia

Clem, Delilah

Clem, Della (married Mullins)

Clem, Edward

Clem, Elizabeth A.

Clem, Erma (married Bates)

Clem, F. F.

Clem, Floy (married Faulkner)

Clem, Francis M.

Clem, Fred

Clem, G. W.

Clem, Grover

Clem, Ida

Clem,India D.

Clem, Jack

Clem, John B.

Clem, Joseph

Clem, Joseph E.

Clem, Katie Lane

Clem, L. C.

Clem, L. D.

Clem, Lakin

Clem, Lane

Clem, Law Venie (married Hargrove)

Clem, Lloyd

Clem, Lolyed

Clem, Lucinda

Clem, Lurah (married Grayham)

Clem, Luvenie

Clem, M. C.

Clem, Maggie

Clem, Magie

Clem, Malendy C. (married Brock)

Clem, Malinda C. (married Brock)

Clem, Mary

Clem, Mary S. (married John Young)

Clem, Milton

Clem, Minnie G.

Clem, Mollie (married Barnes)

Clem, Robert

Clem, S. F.

Clem, William Erlie

Coble, Mary Vergia

Crawford, Mary E.

Crawford, Mary J.

Culp(?), Noah E.

Culps, Zaner

Curry, Mary J. (married Toone)

Curry, Sarah



Dailey, Etta

Daly, Fred

Daly, Leona

Daly, Lilly (married Thompson)

Daly, Masson

Daverson, Zonar

Davidson, Bertha V.

Davidson, Bertha V. (married Culps)

Davidson, Eula (married Barnes)

Davidson, Leaton (married Jackson)

Davidson, Martha Ann

Davidson, Martha M.

Davidson, Velma

Davis, Charles F.

Davis, Elizabeth P.

Davis, Mary E. (married Smith)

Davis, Samuel H.

Davis, Thompson D.

Davison, Velmer (married Culps)

Drake, J. H.

Drake, J. H., Mrs.

Dungy, Angeline

Dungy, Berie Lee

Dungy, Berry B.

Dungy, Elsie E.

Dungy, Elzie E.

Dungy, Martha

Dungy, Mary E.

Dungy, Sarah A.

Dungy, Sarah Jane

Dungy, Thomas P.



Eaves,Bessie (married Douthit)

Eaves, Della Davidson

Eaves, Ethel

Eaves, Ethie

Eaves, Flossie (marriedThornton)

Eaves, Flossy

Eaves, G. W.

Eaves, G. William

Eaves, Hessie (married Clint Hargrove)

Eaves, Hezzie (married Clint Hargrove)

Eaves, John D.

Eaves, Mattie (married Roy Magnusson) 

Eaves, MayFlorence (married Puckett)

Eaves, Rebecca J.

Eaves, Rosa

Eaves, Sarah C.

Eaves, Tera

Eaves, Tevie

Eaves, William C.

Eliott, Pearlie (married Coy)

Elliott, James C.

Elliott, Susan L. (married Clem)

Evans, Francie E.

Evans, Francis E.

Evans, Joseph A.

Evans, Joseph H.

Evans, Katie

Evans, Mattie W.

Evans, Ruth



Falknar, Susan J.

Falknar, Thomas J.

Falkner, Floy

Falkner, Mattie (married Bland)

Falkner, Susan J.

Falkner, Thomas J.

Faulkner, Susan J.

Faulkner, Thomas J.

Finley, Josephine

Fralix, Mollie



Gates, Dera

George, Amanda

George, Eula

George, Neal

George, Orbie



Harden, Mary J. (married Robertson)

Hardiman, Francis P.

Hardin, Mary Ella (married Jerry Lee Johnson)

Hardin, Ossie Florence (married William Wesley Moran)

Hardin, Sarah J. (married Louis Warren Boyd)

Hargrove, Anesley

Hargrove, Arnold D.

Hargrove, Atha

Hargrove, Athie

Hargrove, Beulah

Hargrove, Delia (married Broadway)

Hargrove, Dessie

Hargrove, Ellen

Hargrove, Fannie (married James Jackson)

Hargrove, Francis

Hargrove, Francis E.

Hargrove, Hessie

Hargrove, John W.

Hargrove, Joseph

Hargrove, Lieu B. (married Morell)

Hargrove, Mallie

Hargrove, Ray

Hargrove, Rubie Louise

Hargrove, Tennie (married Simmons)

Hargrove, Wesley

Hargroves, Delia

Hasten, Ada S. (married W.T. Barnes)

Hasten, Albert Burton “Bert”

Hasten, Anna D.

Hasten, Annie Lee

Hasten, Asa

Hasten, Bettie

Hasten, Charles

Hasten, E. S.

Hasten, Ella J.

Hasten, Emma (married Thomas)

Hasten, Flora T.

Hasten, Gurtice (married Whitt)

Hasten, Henretia

Hasten, Henrietta

Hasten, Jinnie L. (marriedMcKinney)

Hasten, John D.

Hasten, Johnie

Hasten, Johnie, Mrs.

Hasten, Johnnie

Hasten, Johnny

Hasten, Kirb

Hasten, Kirve

Hasten, Lillie

Hasten, Lola (married Powers)

Hasten, Mae Virgie (married Merrell)

Hasten, Mamie (married Perry)

Hasten, March A.

Hasten, Margaret A.

Hasten, Martha Eaves

Hasten, Mary A.

Hasten, Mary Ann (married Hasten)

Hasten, Myrtle (married Barnes)

Hasten, Nancy M.

Hasten, Nellie

Hasten, Nonie L.

Hasten, Opheliar (married Case)

Hasten, Perlie (married Spence)

Hasten, Robert L.

Hasten, Robert S.

Hasten, Rosa D.

Hasten, Samuel A.

Hasten, Sarah F. (married Monguson / Magnusson?)

Hasten, Velma

Hasten, Velma O.

Hasten, William E.

Hasten, Zach, Jr.

Hastin, Elin

Hastin, Eutellus D.

Hasting, Albert B.

Hasting, Annie Lee

Hasting, Bettie

Hasting, Charley

Hasting, Ella J.

Hasting, Eva

Hasting, Geratus C.

Hasting, Gracie Odel (married Smith)

Hasting, Hennyetta

Hasting, Mable

Hasting, Margaret A.

Hasting, Mary A.

Hasting, Maxey

Hasting, Nancy M.

Hasting, Rosa D.

Hasting, Willie

Haston, Eley J. (married Bottom)

Haston, Mirtle

Haston, Nellie

Heard, Ela

Heard, Eula

Heard, Flinton

Heard, Mary E. (married Roberts)

Henderson, Sarah E.

Hill, John A.

Hill, John A., Mrs.

Hobbs, Delbert

Hobbs, J. W.

Hobbs, Lucile

Hobbs, Mary E.

Hobbs, Nettie May

Hobbs, Nora Lee

Hobbs, Robert

Hobbs, Stella Mae

Hobbs, Steller Mae (married Bebbles)

Hodges, Ada B.

Hodges, Dollie

Hodges, Flossie

Hodges, Icey (married Tatum)

Hodges, Ida B.

Hodges, Ira (married Clem)

Hodges, Ira Lola (married Miller)

Hodges, Joseph

Hodges, Joseph C.

Hodges, Katie (marriedWales)

Hodges, Lottie (married Thomas)

Hodges, Lula B. (married Delap)

Hodges, Minnie

Hodges, Mollie R.

Hodges, Nona

Hodges, Ramon

Hodges, Safrona E. (married Thos. F. Johnson)

Hodges, Zaner (married Clem)

Hogans, Elizabeth

Hogans, James W.

Hogans, Lawson

Hogans, Mrs. Maggie (married Reyer)

Hogans, Myrtle

Hogans, Sam

Hogans, Wiley

Hogans, William M.

Holland, Egbert H.

Holland, Egbert H., Jr.

Holland, Eghert A., Jr.

Holland, Ellin (married Eaves)

Holland, Elzie

Holland, Elzie H.

Holland, Florance Lucie

Holland, Francis P. (married Hardiman) 

Holland, H. E.

Holland, Ida E.

Holland, Lancie (married Hargrove)

Holland, Lancy M.

Holland, Laura M. (married Rodgers)

Holland, Lucinda C.

Holland, Mary O. (marriedThornton)

Holland, Mattie L.

Holland, Nina May

Holland, Oda E.

Holland, Ollie M. (marriedMoore)

Holland, Paulina

Holland, Pauline

Holland, Robert M.

Holland, Rubie (married Moore)

Holland, Saphrona E. (married Johnson)

Holland, Tabitha O. (married Bland)


Holland, Theresa A.

Holland, Uersa A.

Holt, Delanie

Hopper, Carrie (marriedHobbs)



Irvin, Floy F.



Johnson, Almer (married Holt)

Johnson, Athie A.

Johnson, Eva (married Hasten)

Johnson, Jacie (married Smith)

Johnson, Jerry Lee (married Mary Ella Hardin)

Johnson, Kirbie

Johnson, Lillie Mae (married Brock)

Johnson, Mable

Johnson, Mary

Johnson, Mary E.

Johnson, Nancy A.

Johnson, Safrona E.

Johnson, Sophronie E.

Johnson, Stephen F.

Jones, John

Jones, Mary A.

Jones, Mattie M.



Kent, R. W.

King, Anna

King, Bessie (married Reaves)

King, Charlatie

King, Effie P.

King, Elitia

King, Emma A. (married Smith)

King, Florence (marriedFerguson)

King, George M.

King, Gussie

King, Ida (married Puckett)

King, J. C.

King, Johnnie

King, Lu M.

King, Lue M.

King, Malissa H. (marriedMoore Brock)

King, Pennina

King, Pernina

King, Rosa Lee

King, Sallie E. (marriedShannon)

King, Sarah

King, William B.

King, William F.

King, Zenie (married Shannon)



Lee, Virgie


Magnusson, Charles P.

Magnusson, J. A.

Magnusson, Mary Jane

Magnusson, Mattie (married Clem)

Magnusson, Minnie

Magnusson, Roy L.

Magnusson, Sarah F.

Malone, Drucilla P.

Malone, Drusilla T.

Malone, Effie P. (married King)

Malone, Effie R. (married King)

Malone, John A.

Mangusson, Sarah F.

Marshal, Mattie

Martin, Alice 

Martin, Bettie

Martin, Ema

Martin, Henry F.

Martin, Martha F.

Martin, Mary J.

Martin, Mattie (married Hasten)

Martin, Minnie

Martin, Mollie J.

Martin, R. S.

Martin, Tom

Matlock, Christian J.

Matlock, Martha E. (married Wallis)

Miller, Berthie

Miller, Bethie

Miller, Hoit

Miller, J. D.

Miller, Mary

Miller, Oakley

Miller, Willy May (married Vowers)

Mitchel, Clarance

Mitchel, Clarie Mae (married Miller)

Mitchel, Fountain

Mitchell, Alice (married Elliott)

Mitchell, Alis

Mitchell, Asney

Mitchell, Beatrice

Mitchell, Estelle

Mitchell, Foster

Mitchell, George L.

Mitchell, George W.

Mitchell, Katie

Mitchell, Lilley

Mitchell, Mary L.

Mitchell, Nannie B.

Moarmon, A. (Moorman?)

Monguson / Magnusson, Charles P.

Mongusson, Charles P. (Magnusson?)

Moore,Ada (married Burnes)

Moore,Ada B. (married Evans)

Moore, Ader

Moore, Amanda C. 

Moore, Clarra

Moore, Edith

Moore, Emma O. (married Normoun)

Moore, George W.

Moore, Isa E.

Moore, Joe

Moore, John Bent

Moore, John W.

Moore, Luther

Moore, Martha J. (married Brock)

Moore, Mary E. (married Brock)

Moore, Matilda

Moore, Nora

Moore, Nora B. (married Brock)

Moore, Nora Ozell

Moore, Ollie M.

Moore, Rosa M.

Moore, Rube

Moore, Sam B.

Moore, Sarah C. (married Eaves)

Moore, Trudie (married Pittman)

Moore, Walter

Moorman, D. H.

Morell, George F.

Morell, Lieu B.

Morrell, Printz L.

Mullins, Bell

Mullins, J. Harrison

Mungusson, Leslie (Magnusson)

Mungusson, Mattie (Magnusson) (married Clem)


Nave, Martha J.

Nickels, Clara Mae

Norman, Emma O.

Norman, Sarah E.

Norman, Tulah

Normon, Emma O.

Perry, Mollie

Perry, Virgie

Phillips, Lizzie Mae (married Robinson)

Pittman, G. B.

Pitts, Elizabeth

Pitts, Susan

Pope, Mary E. (married Kennip)

Printz, W. D.

Puckett, MayFlorence

Rauls, Juliar (Julian?)

Rawls, Anna (married King)

Rawls, Julia

Rawls, Mattie (married Smith)

Ray, John

Ray, Lander

Ray, Lunder

Rigles, Pearl

Riley, Nanny

Roberson, Carl A.

Roberson, Nellie

Roberson, Willie

Robertson, Elzia A.

Robertson, Eva R.

Robertson, Hessie

Robertson, M. J.

Robertson, Samuel C.

Robinson, Bunie (married Lewter)

Robinson, Era Myrtle

Robinson, Hezzie

Robinson, M. J.

Robinson, Nellie (married Jones)

Robinson, Samuel C.

Robinson, Te

Robinson, Willie

Rodgers, Permina (married King)


Scoggin, Isa L.

Scoggins, John R.

Scoggins, Malon

Scoggins, Richard Gardiner

Scott, Ad M.

Scott, Mary E.

Scroggins, Lincoln

Shannon, Sallie E.

Shipley, Caldona

Simmons, Tennie

Smith, Ader

Smith, Alice

Smith, Feliz A.

Smith, George T.

Smith, Jocie

Smith, Josie

Smith, Laxera? (married Cable)

Smith, Mattie M.

Smith, Pearl

Smith, Pearl E.

Smith, Pearlie

Smith, Samuel E.

Spray, May

Spray, Maya

Spray, Ruth (married Johnson)

Stevenson, Bessie E. (married Phillips)

Stevenson, George Theron

Steverson, Eva

Steverson, Evalean

Steverson, Jennie

Steverson, Paul

Steverson, Tom

Steverson, Tom, Mrs.

Steverson, Will

Straud, Daisy (married Smith)

Straud, R. C.

Street, Haster D.

Street, Walter

Stroud, R. C.

Sylvester, Davie

Sylvester, Velma

Sylvester, Velmer


Tatom, Henry

Tatom, J. C. A.

Tatom, J. W.

Tatom, L. F.

Tatom, Luther

Tatom, M. J.

Tatom, M. P.

Tatom, Mattie

Tatom, Myrtle (married Airs)

Tatom, T. W.

Tatum, Ella

Tatum, J. A.

Tatum, J.W.

Tatum, M. J. (married Boyd)

Tatum, Mattie

Tatum, Maxie

Thomas, A. M.

Thomas, Daniel

Thomas, Emma

Thomas, Mollie

Thomas, Mrs. A. M.

Thomas, Otha

Thomas, Sallie (married Hasten)

Thornton, Alice

Thornton, Battie (married Elzie Holland)

Thornton, Dack

Thornton, Flossey

Thornton, Gilbert

Thornton, James R.

Thornton, Margaret A. (married Hasten)

Thornton, Mary E. (married Johnson)

Thornton, Olen

Thornton, Olin (married Barnes)

Thornton, Rebaca J. (married Eaves)

Tillery, Bera Lee

Tillery, Emma E. (married Brock)

Tillery, John P.

Tillery, John T.

Tillery, M. C.

Tillery, Mary (married Toone)

Tillery, Maya

Tillery, Safrona

Tillery, Safrony E.

Tillery, Sophronie (married Reyer)

Tillery, Tommie

Tillery, William H.

Tomies, Mollie 

Tomis, Arthur

Tomis, Daniel

Toone, Allis (married Thornton)

Toone, Bera (married Brown)

Toone, Eva (married Clem)

Toone, Francis E. (married Evans)


Toone, Georgie T. (married Smith)

Toone, Jeff D.

Toone, John

Toone, Lou (married Clem)

Toone, Lucinda C. (marriedHolland)

Toone, Mary J.

Toone, Sallie O. (marriedDavis)

Tucker, Mirtle

Vickers, Ada (marriedMoore)

Vickers, Eva R.

Vickers, Nancy

Wales, Addie Ann

Wales, Amanda (married William Henry Hardin)

Wales, Beathie

Wales, Buford

Wales, Bunie (married Hogan)

Wales, C. B.

Wales, Dave

Wales, Delia Mae (married Watkins)

Wales, Dollie (married Brock)

Wales, E. M., Mrs.

Wales, Emma (marriedClark)

Wales, Eula A. (marriedDavis)

Wales, Flossie (married Hasten)

Wales, Floy F. (marriedIrvine)

Wales, Gladis

Wales, Hubert

Wales, Inace C.

Wales, Inice C.

Wales, J. W.

Wales, Joe

Wales, John W.

Wales, Juanita

Wales, Lula, Mrs.

Wales, Maggie

Wales, Maggie

Wales, Maggie (married Arnett)

Wales, Martha

Wales, Martha A.

Wales, Mary

Wales, Mary E. (married Dungy)

Wales, Mary Lou (married Nax) 

Wales, Mattie L. (married Louis Holland)

Wales, Maxie

Wales, Mirry (married Black)

Wales, Mollie

Wales, Muzie

Wales, Odell (married Watkins)

Wales, Ola

Wales, Thomas J.

Wales,Tula V. (marriedMoore)

Wallace, Isa L. (married Scoggins)

Wallace, Joseph D.

Wallace, Martha E.

Ward, Fannie

Watson, Mattie

Webster, James

Whitt, Elzie (married Franklin)

Woodard, Sam

Woodfin, Dollie (married Walter Hodges)

Woody, Elva

Woody, George T.

Woody, Harlie

Woody, Maggie

Woody, Maudie

Woody, Nora Mae

Wright, Delia (married Clem)

Wright, John B.

Wright, Mary C.


For more history aboutMt. Pleasant Methodist Church / Boyd’s Chapel, see the excellent article written by Imogean Magnusson McDonald in “Heritage ofLimestone County,Alabama”, page 12, published in December 1998.




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