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National Archives Microfilm Publications

Signature Cards of Depositors in Branches of the 

Freedman's Savings and Trust Company 1865 -1874 

Microcopy No. 816

(Partial Listing of Records)


This collection is a very good research tool if used in the context in which it was created. I have included the Introduction given by the

National Archives Microfilm Publications since it is best explained by them. Before going any further please take a moment

to read their introduction for this collection.


Index of Depositors - Partial Listing


Documents Location Remarks
Indiana Mitchel family Crittenden County, Arkansas Index to Contracts between Tennessee Freedmen and Employers
Listing of Rations Distributions

Butler Co., Alabama

Account of Bacon Received from Lt. Joseph Logan Mobile, Ala, and Distributed to Freedmen at Sub District of Greeneville, Greeneville, Alabama, 1867
Freedmen Labor Contracts    1     2 Georgia Freedman - Mitchell, Fair, Danniel, Picket, Wood, Harvey, Whitehead, Adams, Lawson, Reese, Gather, Miles, Dickins, Dozier, Jackson
List of Names of Freedmen Andersonville, Georgia -
Freedman's Bureau Labor Contracts Georgia -
Relocated Destitute Freedman   List of Destitute Freedmen Relocated from Charlotte, NC to Yazoo, MS