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List of Destitute Freedmen Relocated
from Charlotte, NC to Yazoo, MS
Submitted by The USF Africana Heritage Project

Travel to Yazoo, Mississippi from Charlotte, North Carolina


List of destitute freed people transported from Charlotte, North Carolina to Yazoo, Mississippi by P. G. Carter on train furnished by the Bureau

of Refugees, Freedmen and Abandoned Lands.

This undated list can be found on roll M834.28. It does not give the ages nor wages of the one hundred and four (104) men, women and children. The list is signed by P. G. Carter. In transcribing this document, I reversed the order of names - i.e., listing the last or surname first - in order to make searching for a particular name easier.

Dooley, James, Palmer, James
Frances (wife) Rita (wife)
George (son) Jonas (son)
Sally (daughter) Frank (son)
2 children under 12 Fannie (daughter)
Manson, Phil Rebecca (daughter)
Doolittle, Jim Lee, Betsey
Cruise, Mose 3 children under 12
Fooley, Zeke Harris, Henry
Townsley, Ham Williams, Dan
Saunders, Jim Napp, Charles
Bird, Sally Parker, Lydia
Birdly, Susan Briggs, Tom
Foster, Jane Smith, Gray
4 children; 3, 5, 7, & 8 Young, Owen
Jimmerson, Bill Tubbs, Sallie
Collier, Sam Jim (son)
Wyatt, Laura Ann (daughter)
2 children; 3 & 5 2 children under 12
Wyatt, Lula Yancey, Philip
Daffee, Jim Brassfield, Jim
Fowler, Dan G. Taylor, Ellen
Harper, Bill Barber, Volney
Ann (wife) Holden, Simeon
Jacob (son) Morse, Eunice
Bill (son) Darby (wife)
Sara (daughter) Dave (son)
Jim (son) Bob (son)
Phelps, John ? ? (son)
Mitchell, Aggir Georgia (daughter)
Britton, Bill Augusta (daughter)
Houston, Sam Steele, George
Jane (wife) Hanson, Charles
Celia (daughter) Root, Ezra
McAden, Philip Fallings, Joe
Simpson, John Simpkins, Alvina
Myers, Mary Barton, John
Belote, Cattie ?
McFarland, Letty
Josephine (wife)
George (son)
Agnes (daughter)
Annir (daughter)
Grandy, Bill
Sibley, Jim
Ritchir, Susan
Gibley, Bill
Folley, Phil
Sampson, George
Mead, Augusta
1 child under 12
Moore, Sam
Butler, Jeremiah
Jaimerson, George
Sally (wife)
George (son)
Fannie (daughter)
Jane (daughter)
Luke (son)
3 children under 12
Howie, Laura

"I certify that the above list Dooley, Jim containing the names of one Sampson, Phil hundred and four... destitute Loring, Fanny freemen... from Charlotte, NC Smith, Norman to Yazoo, Mississippi, on Wells, Dave transportation provided by the Marks, Sam Bureau... the receipt of
Johnson, Jim which I now acknowledge...Miles, Henry (signed) P. G. Carter"
Laura (wife) 2 children under 12
Fowler, Nancy
Sheridan, John
Thurston, John
Tyler, Nancy

Travel to Pickens Station, MS from Charlotte, NC
Names under contract by John W. Suber to be transported by the Government from Charlotte, NC