Genealogy of John Wells of Jamestown & Kingston, Rhode Island

Genealogy of John Wells
of Jamestown & Kingston, Rhode Island

Peter Wells

In this history only one of the children of Peter Wells will be considered. The records of the others may be written later on as facts can be obtained. John, the fifth child of Peter, will be considered in this history.

Spouse: unk
User Fact 1: no name ascertained

(2) 1.1 unk Wells

Birth Date: May 1667
Birth Place: Jamestown, RI

(2) 1.2 Thomas Wells

Birth Date: Sep 1669
Birth Place: Jamestown, RI
source:)The Descendants of Peter Wells of the Line of Joshua Wells by A.J. Wright

(2) 1.3 unk Wells
Birth Date: Nov 1671
Birth Place: Jamestown, RI

(2) 1.4 unk Wells
Birth Date: 20 Jul 1673
Birth Place: Jamestown, RI

(2) 1.5 John Wells
Birth Date: May 1676
Birth Place: Jamestown, RI
Death Date: 1732
Death Place: North Kingstown, RI
Burial Place: his farm in North Kingstown, RI
source:)"The Descendants of Peter Wells of the Line of Joshua Wells" by A.J. Wright

John Wells "As has been stated on the first page, John Wells was born at Jamestown in May 1676. He married Elizabeth Congdon, dau of Benjamin and Elizabeth (Albro) Congdon, of Kingstown, RI. He bought a farm in North Kingstown and resided there all his life.
He died there in 1732. His wife also died there the same year.
Their children were:

  1. John
  2. Benjamin, born about 1701 died at Foster, RI. In 1798.
  3. Mercy
  4. Elizabeth
  5. a dau (name not given on rec.)
  6. Susanna.

The will of John Wells was proved at North Kingstown Jul 11, 1732. The executors were his sons, John and Benjamin.
To his wife, Elizabeth, he gave 1/3 of his personal estate, and privilege of house while a widow.
To his eldest son, John, 1/2 homestead, etc. and other half his younger son, Benjamin.
To his 2 sons, wearing apparel and farming tackling.
To his dau, Mercy Whitford, Elizabeth Sweet, _____Wells and Susanna Wells, the rest of the personal estate.

His wife, Elizabeth (Congdon) Wells was dau of Benjamin Congdon who was born in Pembrokeshire, Wales near St. David's in 1650, and who is said to have been a descendant of the Earl of Pembroke.

Benjamin settled at Portsmouth, RI and married Elizabeth Albro, dau _____Potter Albro, his wife. Dorothy Potter was a widow of Nathaniel Potter. Her maiden name was not ascertained.

Major John Albro was one of the most active and influential settlers of Portsmouth, RI. He came from Ipswich, Eng., in the ship Francis, sailing from Ipswich Apr 30, 1634. He was born in Eng in 1617. He came under the care of William Freeborn and was only seventeen years of age.

They landed at Boston and four years later (1638) came to Portsmouth RI. John then being 21 yrs. of age.
His fellow townsmen soon began to give him much to do with the affairs of the community. In 1649 he was a member of the town council and he often served as moderator of the town meetings. even into old age.

In 1686 King James appointed him as a member of Sir Edmund Andros' Council for New Eng. and he attended the first meeting of this council in Boston, Dec. 30th of that year.

He served as one of the commissioners of the Colony to lay out the W/Eastern? line of the Colony in 1678. During King Phillip's War he was one of the commissioners to order, watch and ward the the island.

He died at Portsmouth, Dec. 14, 1712, and in the 95th years of his age. The Friends' Records, in recording the death of this useful man state that he "was buried in his own orchard". He was a Quaker.

The descendants of John Wells and Elizabeth (Congdon) Wells, his wife are all descendants of this pioneer, Major Albro of Portsmouth.

Spouse: Elizabeth Congdon
User Fact 1: d/o Benjamin Congdon/Elizabeth Albro of Kingstown, RI
Spouse Father: Benjamin Congdon
Spouse Mother: Elizabeth Albro
Spouse Notes:
source:)The Descendants of Peter Wells of the Line of Joshua Wells by A.J. Wright

(3) 1.5.1 John Wells
Birth Place: North Kingstown, RI

(3) 1.5.2 Benjamin Wells
Birth Date: 1701
Birth Place: North Kingstown, RI
Death Date: 1798
Death Place: Foster, RI

(3) 1.5.3 Mercy Wells
Birth Place: North Kingstown, RI
Spouse: Whitford

(3) 1.5.4 Elizabeth Wells
Birth Place: North Kingstown, RI
Spouse: Sweet

(3) 1.5.5 unk Wells

(3) 1.5.6 Susanna Wells

Birth Place: North Kingstown, RI

Sources:"The Descendants of Peter Wells of the Line of Joshua Wells" by A.J. Wright. (Grandson of James Wells, Jr. of Hartford CT.) and Alice Wells Tuthill of Michigan City, Ind. Loaned to Janette Young Streeter, Marcellus MI by Jennie Wells File of Lake LaGrange, Cass Co. MI Published 1914.
Peter Wells, of Jamestown and Kingstown, RI and some of his Descendants. by A.J. Wright of Hartford Ct.

Provided by Rita Wells - Delton, MI

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