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About the Society

The mission of the Mathews County Historical Society is to educate and inform the people of Mathews County and the Commonwealth of Virginia of the part played by the people of the County in the great history of the Commonwealth and nation and thereby engender interest in and promote respect for the history of Mathews County and the Commonwealth of Virginia in this and succeeding generations.


The Mathews County Historical Society has served Mathews County for more than 40 years.  Volunteers help the Society in a number of projects and activities designed to enhance the understanding of the many aspects of Mathews County’s rich history.  A volunteer Board of Directors administers the Society. Twelve board members serve for three years and officers, who are members of the board, serve one-year terms. The board and officers are elected by the general membership at its annual meeting held in February.  The Society is an all-volunteer organization.

The Society’s Objectives
  • Acquire by purchase, lease, gift or otherwise, sites, buildings, structures, objects, records and documents of historic interest in Mathews County and region, and to preserve, restore and maintain the same.
  • Seek, collect, compile and document all available information relating to the history and facts relating to these historic objects.
  • Promote the discussion, exhibition and visitation of these historic properties, and where appropriate, the display of such records and documents and the publication of information concerning them.
  • Solicit gifts of real or personal property for these purposes, which gifts shall be exempt from the payment of income taxes.
  • Educate and inform the people of Mathews County and the Commonwealth of Virginia.
  • Provide an organized presence for a historical perspective in Mathews County life and activities.


The Mathews County Historical Society began collecting books, documents, maps, photographs and museum objects from its inception in 1964. The majority of the contents of the collection has been received through the gifts  of generous donors. Should you have materials you think might be of interest for inclusion in the Society's holdings, please contact the Society to discuss a potential gift.


Since its founding, the Mathews County Historical Society has relied on its members to support the study, preservation, and promotion of the unique heritage of Mathews County.

The Society offers its members a wide variety of lectures and programs, which have featured renowned historians and authors such as John Quarstein and Dr. Charles Bryan. Also, the Society provides exhibits and three annual social gatherings.

Members receive the Society's quarterly newsletter, which provides up-to-date information on all Society activities, from upcoming events to the most recent additions to the collections.

Join today and become a part of history!


The Mathews County Historical Society welcomes those who would like to add their talents to the Society. We offer a wide range of volunteer opportunities that are mutually beneficial to the Society and the volunteer. To volunteer contact Reed Lawson.

Board of Directors


President ..... Reed Lawson
Vice President 1st ..... Frank Lansinger
Secretary ..... Josephine Thorpe
Treasurer ..... Stuart Allen

Standing Committees

Buildings & Grounds ..... Jack Caldwell
Education/Archeology ..... Forrest Morgan
Market Days ..... Dee Bane

Membership ..... Judy Jay
Programs ..... Forrest Morgan
Publicity ..... Mary Frances Hunley
Nominating ..... Willie Hubbard
Publications ..... Dee Bane

Ad Hoc Committees

Editorial ..... Steve Wilson
Fort Nonsense ..... Frank Lansinger & Steve Whiteway
House Tour 2013 ..... Lori Jackson Black
Joint Archival ..... Reed Lawson
Thomas James Store ..... Graham Hood
Ornaments ..... Becky Morgan
Social ..... Judy Busby & Sue Jennette


Archivist ..... Reed Lawson
Curator/Registrar ..... Martha Ellen Traband
Docent Coordinators ..... Pam Viens
Newsletter ..... Penny Thompson
Registered Agent ..... Patricia Dickey, Esq.

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