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More Cemeteries of
Gloucester County, Virginia

By Harry R. Jordan



When the book "Cemeteries of Lower Gloucester County, Virginia" was written, the objective was to prepare a very small piece of recorded history that might be of interest to a select few. However, after the enthusiastic response from many sources, it was decided that there was indeed an interest which would warrant-expansion of the original goal. And, so, this latest effort was undertaken.

 It is easy to see that a prime objective of this undertaking was the attempt to not only preserve a part of history of Gloucester County but also to increase awareness of the need for preservation of that history as well as our heritage. The genealogist, as well as the historian, hopefully can obtain information from these pages that is not readily available from any other source. This is especially true since Gloucester, in its history, has unfortunately lost so much of its officially recorded data because of war and fire.

 While gathering data for this book, it was frustrating at times, exciting at other times, and interesting at all times. Frustration existed when a cemetery or burial plot was found but there were no identifiable markers of those buried there - a loss of history. Excitement resulted when a cemetery, long lost, overgrown and forgotten, was uncovered so info could be" gathered for use by others. In all cases it was interesting and challenging.

 Because of the ravages of time, some of the gravestones had eroded and deteriorated to the point that accurate reading was almost impossible. Spellings could be wrong because of this. Additionally, there were occasions where there was evidence of wanton or accidental destruction of gravestones.

 I regret that books were not compiled years earlier while our parents and friends were living so we could draw on their knowledge. So many more unmarked and lost graves could have been identified. This is sad - again important history was lost forever.



Special thanks are extended to those who supplied historical information pertaining to the many churches listed herein.  They are George Garnett, Charlie Carter, Louise Corbin-Reed, J. H. Pryor, Jr, Isaiah Brown, Beatrice Hearn, Shirley Cook, Dr. Dorothy Cook, Gladys Fary, Scott Fenstermacher, Lillian Cox, Carol Ziencik, Doswell Horsley, Clarence Dutton, Elsie Dame, Bessie Emory, Mary Miller, Patricia Eastwood, Boy Scout Troop 113, and Tyler Harris.

 Additionally a debt of gratitude is owed to the following for their assistance not only in providing historical data but also in gathering cemetery data: Tom Nesbitt; Rev. Daniel O. Worthington; Betty Wise; Rachel Burnette; W. H. Nuttall; Mary Barnett; Betty Jean Deal; Paul Brown; Charles Kerns; Betty Zahn; and David Burke. Their untiring help made completion of the book much easier.

A special thanks to all those who supported this effort by providing encouragement as well as contacts as to where other cemeteries may be located.  And, to my family, who again demonstrated patience, and restraint, during the time I have spent in preparing this document.


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 Any cemeteries begun before 1865 and having no burials after 1865 were excluded from this book. For information concerning those cemeteries it is recommended that "Epitaphs of Gloucester and Mathews Counties in Tidewater, Virginia" by Joseph Bryan Branch be consulted. Other cemeteries are also listed in "Cemeteries of Lower Gloucester County, Virginia."