Charlotte Stark Family Bible

Charlotte Stark's Bible Records

Contributed by Joyce Stark Blocker
© 2006

Note: The bible records of Charlotte Stark are mentioned in correspondence between Margaret W. D. Stark Richardson and her aunt, Frances Stark. Charlotte Stark was the daughter of John Carter Stark and Sarah English.

For more information on the Stark Family see the Stark Family Bible Records.

"...Annie writes me that you would like a copy of the records found in Aunt Charlottes old family bible. I send you the copy of both white & black part of the latter is torn off and lost, about two names at the bottom of the one column...."

John Stark and Sarah English were married the 4th day of January in the year of our Lord 1769 by Rev. Mr. Brooks 8 O'clock.

Sons and daughters of John Stark and Sarah his wife
Mehethelem Stark was born the 18th October 1769
Jeremiah Stark was born September the 29 1771.
Thomas Stark was born the 5th day of April 1773.
Prudence Stark was born the 5th day of September 1774.
Elizabeth Stark was born the 4th day of February 1777.
Thornton Stark was born the 8th day of February 1780.
Alexander Stark was born (torn) of March 1732.


Charlotte Stark was born the 4th day of April 1784.

Molley Stark was born the 26th of April 1786.

John Stark was born the 8th day of May 1788.

John Stark departed this life May the 28th 1862.

Margaret Primm? born in Stafford Co., Va 1st Oct 1787.

Margaret Stark consort of John Stark died Dec 10th 1872

Aunt Charlotte died I think July 1873.

The record (torn)
here. Sister (torn)
remember (torn)

The birth of Sucks children:
Robert born 16th March 1802.
Lucy born the 14th April 1804.
Winney daughter of Suck was born the 11th February 1807.
Jacob was born the 1st day of March 1809.
Danny was born the 16th day of April 1811.
Edward was born the 16th February 1813.
Lydia was born January 25th 1815.

Just here one or two torn off.
Birth of Judith's son
Charles born the 10 Feb 1805.
Anfield daughter of Judith born the 22nd of December 1806.
Joshua was born the 16th day of October 1808.
Lewis was born the 1st day of March 1811.

Some more of Sooks children in another place.
Benjamin son of Sook was born 22nd Dec 1823
Cupit was born September (torn off)

Mary's children
Sirus born 3rd Jan 1823.
Stephen 3th July 1824.
Judah Oct 27th 1825.
Charlotte May 9th 1827.
Martha July 15 1828.
Angelina July 30 1832.
Ann August 16th 1838.
Emanuel Dec 4 1841.

Birth of Jude
Mahlay Dec 27 1842.
Wilson May 15, 1848.
Nathan May 15, 1850.
Caroline 18 Nov 1851.
Charles Jan 5 1853.
Martha Jane Jan 20 1855.

Births of Winney
Jane born 18th Nov 1826.
Mahala 20th March 1828.
George Sept 4th 1831.
Dilla June 8th 1836.
Margaret Sept 16th 1840.
Jeremiah Sept 29th 1837.
Wm Henry Nov 30th 1840.

Birth of Judith
Stokely Dec 20th 1843.
Isabella 4th May 1845.
George 26th May 1847.
James 15th Ma 1851.
John (indistinct), 1843.

This is all of the records.

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