Bible of Margaret Stark

Bible of Margaret Stark

Contributed by Joyce Stark Blocker

This Bible belonged to Margaret W. D. Stark. She was the daughter of Henry Carter Stark and Nancy Ann Digges Cole, born 19 January 1844 in Robertson County, Tennessee. Her mother died when she was two years old, and her father later married Lucy Wilkie Monroe. Margaret married first R. H. M. Cockrell in Memphis, Shelby County, Tennessee. She married second Lawrence Richardson about 1880. She died after 1900 in Louisville, Kentucky. The Stark Homestead was located in Hendersonville, Sumner County, Tennessee, on land now owned by Woodlawn East Memorial Park.
The Bible is in the possession of Margaret Stark McMurtry.

(Cover of the Bible)

Henry C. Starke
Lucy W. Starke

Printed for Samuel Bagster, Paternoster Row
Published by J. B. Lippincott & Co.

H C. Stark to Margaret
W Stark Nov 16th ____
(The side of the page is torn.)

Written by Mrs. Margaret Richardson

Great God, oh give me grace to look
With holy awe in this thy book,
May I its glorious truths receive,
Its precious promises believe.
With meekened soul and heart sincere,
May I its kind reproovings hear;
Humbly obey each pure behest,
And in obedience be blest.
While I a pilgrim homeward go,
May it the heavenly pathway show,
Disclose each dark and dangerous road,
Warn me of sin, and guide to God.
My friends be those who love this book,
Its hope be those for which I look,
My heritage, that here declared
My home, that promised and prepared.
In life, in death, in joy, in woe,
With Jesus love my spirit glow,
Till he shall in his might appear,
Then may I all his glory share.

Married at the residence of William Cole in 1832.
Daughter Nancy Ann D. Cole of Robertson Co. Tenn. To Henry Carter Stark of Sumner Co. Tenn.
          Died at the Stark Homestead in Sumner Co Tenn
Nancy Ann D. Stark June 19th 1846. aged 35 years & seven months.
Henry Carter Stark Died in Shelby County Tenn, on Jan 28th 1858.
          Their children were.
          Charlotte Carter Stark, Died in Infancy at Robertson Co. Tenn.
          Holden Wade Cole Died at the Stark Homestead in Tenn.
          Alexander Stark D in La
          Lucy Monroe B in La.
Margaret W. D. Stark B in Robertson Co Tenn in 1843

William Cole B March 2nd 1767
Martha, his wife, B June 7th 1771
William Cole and his wife Martha were married Dec 19th 1790
          Their children were
Jane Cole born Dec 10th 1791
Polly Cole B Nov 5th 1793
Elizabeth Cole Born May 21st 1776.
Holden Wade Cole B Sept 16th 1798
John Russel Cole Born Dec, the 1. 1800
Martha Hunter Cole. B April 24th 1803
Richmond Lasty(?) Cole D. Feb 22nd 1805
Ruben Given Cole, B. January 13th 1807.
Nancy Ann Digges Cole. B. Nov. 18th 1808.
William Styers Cole, B. Sept 7th 1811.

Obituary of Major Stephen Cole

Another aged tree of the forest has fallen.
     On Friday the 6th inst. in Robertson Co. near Tyree Springs Maj. Stephen Cole Sr., aged 80 yrs. He was one of the patriots of the Revolution, was born in Richmond Co., N. C. in the year 1760, participated in the revolutionary struggle of our country from beginning to end. He had been a devoted friend of his country and in 1805 or 6 left the place of his birth and his bright prospects of fortune there because of the Tories around him whose society he could not endure. He had been a member of the Methodist Episcopal Church for the past 32 years, in whose cause he was zealous to the day of his death and always threw open wide his doors to the various ministry. The day before his death he told his friends that they should give him up cheerfully as he felt that he was approaching a far better world. He has left a large and respectable circle of relations and friends to mourn an irreparable loss.

Alexander Stark was born March 31st 1782
his wife Margaret Stark was born Dec 16th 1784
Their children were
          Coleman Stark born June 13th 1805
          Mehethlan Stark      March 10 1808
          John Stark      May 17 1811
          Henry Stark      Oct. 6 1813
          Elizabeth Stark      July 13 1816
          Alexander Stark      Aug 26 1818
          Margaret Stark      Feb 20th 1820
          Fanny Stark      Sep 7 1825


Alexander and Margaret Waters were
     married Jan 13th 1802
          Coleman and Lucy Holloway were
     married Dec 24 1829
     William T. Searcy and Mehethlen Stark
     were married Jan 2 1833
     Jas. M. Benson and Margaret Stark
     were married Dec 24th 1851
     Mariah Read and John Stark were
     married April 24th 1834
     Alexander Stark and Nancy Read
     were married Dec 31st 1846

Birth of grand children

     Sarah Stark was born Feb. 7th 1823
     Alexander Searcy Oct 27 1833
     William T. Searcy Dec 31 1834
     John Stark son of John Stark and
     Maria Stark was born June 26th 1848
     Margaret W. Stark, daughter of Henry C.
     Stark and Nancy Stark was born Jan 19th 1844
     Alexander Stark was born Aug 7, 1831
     Jane G. Stark      Jan 2 1833
     Mary E. Stark      May 19 1833
     Sarah A. Stark       June 7 1838
     William H. H. Stark was born Oct 9 1837

Aleander Stark died Feb 10th 1843
Margaret Stark      Sep. 24 1861
Elizabeth Stark       March 2 1835
Nancy D. Stark, wife of Henry C. Stark died June 19 1846
Alexander (uncle Alex) son of Alexander and Margaret
Stark died Nov 20th 1889
Nancy Read Stark wife of Alexander Stark
died April 16 1892

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