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Cannon County
Ghost Towns

This page last updated August 16, 2003

Sadly, all but a few of the towns below are but a memory. There may be another two in which the names are still used for reference points in traveling, but none truly exist; only a church or perhaps an old barn bearing a store's name on the side. With most of these past towns, the only clue you might have as to their prior location is in the name of a church or more likely a cemetery. There are only two towns in Cannon County today; Auburntown and Woodbury.
Although currently there is but one high school in Woodbury, at one time, prior to the Civil War there was not only a college, but two Colleges; one for women and one for men.

Goodspeed's History of Cannon County

1895 Map of Cannon County

Bear Wallow Berra Bethlehem
Blue Wing
Brady's Rock Bradyville
Braxton Browntown
Brysonville Burgen Burt Carman Cateson
Center Hill Clearmont Crisp Crossroads Culpepper
Curlee-Denver Elkins Gassaway Geedville Gilley Hill
Half Acre Hardscrabble Hollow Springs Hopewell Iconium
Ivy Bluff Jernigan Jimtown Jone's Chapel Leoni
McMahan Manus Town Mechanicsville Moore Town Mount Ararat
Mud College Negro Gull New Hope Old Macedonia Osment Chapel
Parker Hill Petty's Gap Pleasant Ridge Pleasant View Porterfield
Prater Prospect Rabbit Bluff Readyville Red Hill
Robinson Rocky Point Sheybogan Simmon's Chapel Smith's Grove
Sugar Tree Knob Summertown Talome Thomas Town Thyatira
Tolbertsville Tucker's Chapel Woods

Danville--The town of Danville exists only in history books. It was the original name of the town of Woodbury. Danville went out of existence when the county of Cannon was authorized in 1836. There was however, prior to that time; The Danville Motel which was the only stopping point through the area until reaching Murfreesboro.

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