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The Columbia Chronicle is the official publication of the Columbia Chapter of the South Carolina GenealogicalSociety, Inc.  The Carolina Herald is the official publicationof the South Carolina Genealogical Society, Inc.

The Columbia Chronicle is by and for themembership.  News of members, articles, notices of family reunions and queries are welcomed by the staff.  These may be handwritten,typewritten, or on disk in WP 6.1

We are a diverse group from many areas with interestin a variety of subjects.  Members are encouraged to share items ofinterest with our other members by sending them to us.  Queries are also welcome. Queries are published free of charge in the Columbia Chronicle and on this web site.

Table of Contents by Issue


Issue 4

- Richland District, South Carolina Land Records 1785-1865
            Roll 1 - 12
- The State Paper Obit Index 1894- 1895  Abell to Meetze
- Governor Ben Tillman
- 1891 Columbia South Carolina City Directory  Minor -  Parker
- Research in Richland County by Theresa M. Hicks

Issue 3
- 1891 Columbia South Carolina City Directory  Lewis-Minor
- The State Paper Obit Index 1893
- Web Pages of Interest

Issue 2
- The State Paper Obit Index 1892  Adams - Zimmerman
- Persons Receiving Pensions as Revolutionary Soldiers Under the Act of March 18, 1818,                 Residing in Richland County, South Carolina
- Jury List of South Carolina 1778-1779 Camden District
- John and Sarah Hopkins of Lower Richland, South Carolina
- 1891 Columbia South Carolina City Directory Independent Steamer- Lewis

- Will of Henry Strange, Sr. 1744-1794

Issue 1
- The 1891 Columbia South Ciety Directory  Habenicht- Hyman
- Some Smiths of South Carolina



Issue 4

-General Directory of the City of Columbia 1891- Letter G
Letter G
-Diseases of the Past- continued
-The Migration Trails of Early America

Issue 3
-General Directory of the City of Columbia 1891- Letters E-F
-The Torch and Its Work- A Few of the Incendiary Fires in South Carolina
-In Memorium- Vernon Kirkpatrick
-Diseases of the Past

Issue 2
-General Directory of the City of Columbia 1891- Letter D
- The Discovery of the Confederate Soldiers Buried Beneath the Waters of  Lake Murray . . .
-Doís and Doníts of Graveyard Maintenance
-Unclaimed Letters Post Office Columbia, Richland County
Nov and Dec 1876

Issue 1
-General Directory of the City of Columbia 1891 - Letter C
-Cleaning Monuments
-Midlands Man Works to Preserve Cemeteries
-Abandon Cemetery Preservation Program

Issue 4
- Historical Sketch of Richland County
-1891 Columbia, SC City Directory- Bonham toByrd
-Gravestone Studies
-We Build our Towne upon a point of land called Abemarle Point

Issue 3
- An Early Richland Planter- Howell Family
- 1891 City of Columbia, SC City Driectory- Barbridge toBonham
- Queries

Issue 2
- Voters List Richland County 1794
- Meeting at South Caroliniana Library
- Nutshell Cemetery
- Information of Identity of Mary Ann S. Adams

Issue 1
- Our Chapter Trip to Camden Archives
- 1791 Columbia, SC City Directory- Letter A.
- Burials in Nutshell Plantation Cemetery
- The Old Cemetery

Issues 3 and 4
-Civil War Pensions
-Columbia City Directory, 1888
-English Naming Patterns
-Researching by Mail
-Richland County History
-Rolllison Family Mystery
-Successfull Interview

Issue 2
-Columbia City Direcotry, 1888
-Columbia High School Principals
-Early Place Names in Lower Richland
-Back to Richardson Street

Issue 1
-Columbia City Directory, 1888
-Early Place Names in Lower Richland
-How to Find a Woman's Maiden Name
-S. C. State Hospital Cemetery

Issue 4
-Biographical Data of Senators 
-1888 Columiba City Directory- Jacobs to Lynch
-Hiller Cemetery
-Jacobs Family Articles
-Names in Richland/Lexington Counties

Issue 3
-Cemeteries, Volume III, Working List
-1888 Columbia City Directory- Haltiwanger to Jacobs
-Hunley Returns
-Roberts Articles

Issue 2
-1888 Columbia City Directory- Gadsden to Halst
-Old Trinity Churchyard
-List of Persons associted with SC College 1850
-Threads That Connect
-Letter from Jacob Gallman
-Genealogical Resources on Web -SC Treasury Daybook 1783-1785

Issue 1
-Burning of Columbia
-Browns Capel Cemetery
-1888 Columbia City Directory- Edwards to Furnell
-Social Security Index

Issue 4
-What Happened to the 1890 Census Records?
-1888 City Directory-  Crawford thru Ferrell
-Columbia, Richland County, South Carolina
-Some Richland County Landowners and Families
-Chappell Family Lineage

Issue 3
-Founding Families of the State of South Carolina
-Columbia- Old and New
-Early Families of Richland County, South Carolina
-1888 City Directory-  Brown, M. T. thru Cooper, Gabe
-Columbia, Richland County, South Carolina

Issue 2
-1888 Columbia City Directory-  Baughman thru Brown, Lizzie
-Cemeteries on Fort Jackson )Military Reservation)
-Richland County Land Records 1785-1865
-Revolutionary War Pension Application by Andrew Dominey
-Bowers' Beach

Issue 1
-Passenger List from Rev. Martin and his Five Ship Loads.
-1888 Columbia City Directory-  Abney thru Baughm
-The Kelly Cemetery
-Reading beyond the epitaphs

Issue 4
-Albert Capers Guerry- Itinerant Southern Artist
-American Loyalist in the Bahama Islands
-Outline on Family of Jospeh Curry, Sr.
-Passenger List from Rev. Martin and his Five Ship Loads
-Acceptable Proofs for Founding Families of the State of South Carolina

Issue 3
-Journal of the Convention of South CarolinaMay 23, 1788
-Kinsler Family Outline
-City Directory of Columbia, SC 1888- Commercial Directory

Issue 2
-Early Churches of Columbia
-City Directory of Columbia, SC 1888- Commerical Directory
-Letters of Captain Edward Kinsler- 1860 to 1863

Issue 1
-Happy Birthday
-Bible Records of the James Sanders GuignardFamily
-Some Bookters and Centers of Richland County, SC

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