Book Titles about Chateauguay County

The History of the County of Huntingdon and of the Seigniories of Chateauguay & Beauharnois, Robert Sellar, 1888
(Reprinted 1995 by Chateauguay Valley Historical Society*)
The title says it all. A definitive history of the Chateauguay Valley with many personal recollections of early settlers.

A Companion to Robert Sellar's History of the County of Huntingdon...., Compiled by Robert McGee, The Innismacsaint Press, 1987*
An index to places and names that appear in Sellar's History. Includes maps illustrating the early history of the area.

Placenames of South Western Quebec, compiled by Burton Lang, 2001 ISBN 0-9689093-0-2 *
A compilation of place and feature names in the southwestern region of Quebec. Included are old and modern, official and colloquial names of seigniories, counties, townships, parishes, towns, villages, hamlets, post offices, cemeteries, roads, concessions, bridges, lakes, rivers, streams, rapids, etc, etc etc... The region included encompasses the area of the original Huntingdon County created in 1792, that is, all lands west of the Richelieu River (south of Chambly) and south of the St-Lawrence River. Also included are entries from neighboring areas that may be of historical interest.

Sainte-Martine de Beauharnois 1795-1995 - Deux Siècles D'Histoire des Familles, René Bergevin, Published by La Corporation Municipale de Sainte-Martine, Sainte-Martine, QC 1994 ISBN 2-9802633-1-1
(Available from the Hotel de Ville, 3 Des Copains, Sainte-Martine, QC J0S 1V0 . email for further information.)
An excellant french language history of the Parish of Ste-Martine from its earliest days. Includes lists of property owners at various periods and census listings for all the concessions/ranges in the parish. Very useful! (In french only)

Sainte-Martine de Beauharnois en images, René Bergevin, Sainte-Martine, QC 1991
ISBN 2-9802633-0-3  (Available from the Hotel de Ville, 3 Des Copains, Sainte-Martine, QC J0S 1V0 . email for further information.)
A history of the Parish of Sainte-Martine with many photographs and illustrations. Includes history of the Catholic Parish of Ste-Martine, of the industries over the years, of the municipality, and biographies of many citizens. (In french only)

Ormstown Centennial 1889-1989, Municipality of Ormstown, QC 1989
(Available from the Ormstown Town Hall, 81 Lambton, Ormstown,QC J0S 1K0
A bilingual history of the Village of Ormstown, QC and surrounding rural municipality of St-Malachie-d'Ormstown. Includes many family histories and biographies.

Tres-St-Sacrement 1885-2010, Municipality of paroisse de Tres-St-Sacrement
Available from the Tres-St-Sacrement Town Hall, 1180 Rte 203 (P.O.B 160), Howick, QC J0S 1G0
A bilingual history of the rural Municipality of Tres-St-Sacrement (aka Howick Parish). Includes many family histories and biographies.

Histoire de Châteauguay, L'Abbé Elie-J. Auclair, Editions Beauchemin, Montreal, 1935.
A history of the Parish of St-Joachim with an emphasis on the catholic parish history. (in french)

Présence d'autrefois...Paroisse Ste-Philomène 150e, Andre Tousignant, Corp des fêtes du 150e anniversaire de la paroisse Ste-Philomène, 1990
The history of the town of Mercier and the Parish of Ste-Philomene on its 150th anniversary. (in french)

Paroisse Saint-Joachim de Châteauguay 1735-1985, Album-Souvenir, Ronald Frank Publication, 1985
A history of the Parish of Saint-Joachim and the Town of Chateauguay.

Communauté Saint-Jean-Chrysostome 1838-1988
An anniversary souvenir book detailing the history of the Parish of St-Jean-Chrysostome and its people. Includes family histories as submitted by the present residents. (Bilingual)

* Available from the Chateauguay Valley Historical Society and the Quebec Family History Society.

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