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The Region

  A Glimpse of the Past

The County of Châteauguay is located in the southwest corner of the Province of Québec, Canada, south of the City of Montreal. It was created in 1855 by merging the old Seigniory of Châteauguay with the southeast portion of the old Seigniory of Beauharnois. Included within its boundaries were the Towns (Villages) of Châteauguay, Ste-Martine, Ormstown (then known as Durham), and Howick and the parishes of St-Antoine Abbé, Ste-Martine, St-Joachim, St-Philomène, St-Jean Chrysostome, St-Malachie, Ste-Clotilde and St-Urbain-Premier. The parishes of Très-St-Sacrement and St-Paul de Châteauguay were created later from parts of the parishes of Ste-Martine, St-Jean Chrysostome and St-Malachie d'Ormstown. [more]

In the early 1980s, the counties in Quebec were reorganized into the new "MRCs" (Municipalité Régionale de Comté or Regional Municipal County in english). The old Châteauguay County was divided up and the parts added to four newly created MRCs. These are MRC du Haut-St-Laurent (Ormstown/St-Malachie, Howick/Très-St-Sacrement, and St-Chrysostome), MRC de Beauharnois-Salaberry (Ste-Martine/St-Paul de Châteauguay and St-Urbain-Premier), MRC de Roussillon (Mercier/St-Philomène and Châteauguay/St-Joachim) and MRC Les Jardins de Napierville (Ste-Clotilde).

A Window on Today

Today the area covering the old County of Chateauguay is a mix of suburban residential and rural agricultural. The northern portion including the bustling Towns of Chateauguay and Mercier (Sainte-Philomène) are virtual 'bedroom' communities of Montreal. The Châteauguay River Valley is one of the most fertile agricultural regions in Quebec. It supports a wide range of farming activities including market gardening, vegetable, dairy and grain farming. Small, light industrial operations and a promising tourism industry round out the modern activities in the region. More

For some photographic views of the Chateauguay Valley, see:
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The Genealogical Resources

Cemetery Lists      

Information on the cemeteries in the County of Châteauguay.

Information on cemeteries in the neighboring Beauharnois County

Chateauguay Valley Historical Society     

General Information about the CVHS and an index of the articles that have appeared in their annual Journal 1968-2007

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The CVHS 2012 Journal is now available.

The 2006, 2005, 2004, 2003 and 2002 Journals as well as all earlier editions are also available from the Society Publications Dept. See the cumulative index for details on contents.

Notary Files and other legal documents.

Notaries are contract lawyers in the old french civil law system used in Quebec. They drew up and executed the deeds of sale, wills, estate settlements, marriage contracts, etc., that are so important to genealogists and other history researchers.


Extracts from The New Dominion published in Ormstown. Thanks to Gina Smith.

Huntingdon Gleaner extracts from the Huntingdon GenWeb site.

Placenames of South West Quebec

Old and new place and feature names within the South West corner of Quebec identified and located.


Interesting and informative links with sites dedicated to the Genealogy, History and People of Québec as well as other genealogical links of interest.

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