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Larimer Township
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General Information

Larimer township was organized in 1854. The natural features of this township are generally rugged and uneven surface, much that is mountainous, together with a small extent of bottom land. In natural scenery, the township presents much that is attractive. Agriculture and lumbering are the principal industries. No important mineral resources have been identified as yet.

Few farms were settled early, as the rugged features of this locality were not especially attractive to pioneers. Johnathon Long came to this township, probably as early as 1783 , and settled on 800 acres, making the first improvements in the northern part of the township. He died and was buried on the farm. Another early settler, probably a contemporay of Long, was Richard Geiger.

Most improvements in this township have been made within the last 50 years, and nearly all the farms are settled by those who have moved from older portions of the county. Along Wills Creek led one of the earliest routes of travel. It was over this road that Braddock's army passed on it's memorable expedition in 1755. The remains of a rude fortification or breastworks are still to be seen at a point on Wills Creek near the center of Larimer. This defense is supposed to have been constructed by Braddock's forces.

Source: History of Bedford and Somerset County, by William H. Welfley, 1906, 3 volumes, 1802pp.

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The Taxables List for 1854 lists the residents of Larimer Township.

Wittenburg is a small settlement built on a tract of land purchased by Johnathan LEASURE from John WITT. The first store in the township was kept by John FICHNER. He was also the first postmaster and the first hotel keeper. Other shopkeepers were: Joseph LEPLEY and Harmon JOHNSON. Harmon/Herman JOHNSON served as postmaster (1868), Justice of the Peace (1875 & 1880), and as tax collector and treasurer (1880-?).

Sand Patch is a small railroad station on the Baltimore and Ohio railroad. The first building in the place was erected by the Pittsburgh & Connellsville Railroad company. The land on which the village was built was owned by Ananias HEFFLEY. S.P. SWEITZER was the first shopkeeper in the village (1874) and served as postmaster (1873) and Justice of the Peace (1879-?).

The Deal Post office was established in 1882. J. M. COOK was postmaster. Mr. COOK was also the proprietor of a lumber mill and a steam-flouring mill in the township.

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