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Bixby Historical Society is a nonprofit-making charitable education corporation operating under the laws of the State of Oklahoma and Federal IRS tax-exempt status 501(c)3 as provided for in the constitution and bylaws of the Society. The Society has no salaried personnel and is maintained entirely by volunteers. Tax deductible private donations are accepted. Donations are used to maintain the Bixby Historical Society Complex and support Bixby Historical Society activities.

Bixby Historical Society Online is a free public website operating under the constitution & bylaws of Bixby Historical Society, the laws of the State of Oklahoma and Federal IRS tax-exempt status 501(c)3. The website is created and managed, without private benefit, by S.W. Smith, a Life Member and volunteer at Bixby Historical Society. BHSO is hosted by RootsWeb, a free website host and member of The Generations Network community.


Subscription & login are not required to view this website.   However, visitors wishing to comment at our message board (Guest Book) site are required to provide a username and email address. Usernames may be nicknames, initials, or any other name by which the visitor wants to be identified. Visitors are encouraged to provide a public email address (Yahoo.com, G-mail or Hotmail) for all Internet message board purposes. Bixby Historical Society is not responsible for use of message board email addresses by The Generations Network, their communities and associates.

Treatment of Names & Contact Information

Names and contact information are required when submitting material for publication at our website, however, names only are published. Submitters may request their name to be withheld from publication. Although submitted material is accepted from minors, names of minors, as defined by law in the state of Oklahoma, are not published without written permission from parent or guardian. Submitter contact information is not made available to any outside agent or third party except with written permission or when required by law.

Email addresses and content of messages to both Bixby Historical Society email inboxes, cox.net & ppcinet.net, are treated as private information. Addresses and information within messages are not transmitted through our website nor shared with The Generations Network, their communities and associates.

Bixby Historical Society maintains a list of member & visitor email addresses for contact purposes. The list is strictly for official contact use by Bixby Historical Society and is not sold, leased, loaned or given away to any outside agent or third party except when required by law. Senders may request to have their email address excluded from the list.

Visitors are responsible for maintaining privacy on the Internet. Numerous websites are available with helpful suggestions.

Terms of Use

Use of Bixby Historical Society Online is regulated by the laws of the State of Oklahoma.

Bixby Historical Society Online is open to the public. Information at this website is free of charge. No subscription is required to view and copy information. In accordance with Oklahoma law regulating Bixby Historical Society, no agent may charge a fee to view Bixby Historical Society collections and material.

Freely copied any information for personal use. Copying whole pages is discouraged. Use for presentation in any format requires written permission. Public record information at this website is also available at government agencies free of charge.

Text, including spelling, compiled from pre-existing material is published as originally recorded and will not be edited by Bixby Historical Society. Submitted material is edited by the author. Direct inquiries, about user submitted material, to the source of information.

Linking to BHSO

Free open to the public nonprofit-making websites of the following description are welcome to link to BHSO without obtaining written permission:

  • The Main Street Spirit
  • Free personal websites of BHS members in good standing
  • Official website of recognized nonprofit civic, business & scout organizations in the Bixby area
  • Official website of nonprofit organizations whose primary purpose is free history or genealogy
  • Official website of public schools, public colleges & public libraries
  • Official website of cities and counties in Oklahoma

Owners of websites not listed above may write to Bixby Historical Society for permission to link. Profit-making history & genealogy businesses may be permitted to link to BHSO after a written agreement to allow users free access to Bixby Historical Society Online with no obligation to subscribe to their service. Other commercial businesses are not permitted to link to BHSO. Bixby Historical Society reserves the right to refuse and revoke any link to its website. Commercial advertising is not permitted at Bixby Historical Society Online.

Sharing Our Information

Visitors may share BHS information with any individual for personal use. However, visitors may not charge a fee for copies of BHS compilation of information. Please attach the following disclaimer when sharing our compilation of information: "This information is for reference purposes, only. Users are urged to verify all information not documented with primary source evidence."

Limited quoting from Bixby Historical Society copyright material at free public history or genealogy forums and blogs is permitted. Quoting any Bixby Historical Society copyright material at a fee-based or commercial website, forum or blog is not permitted.


Material at Bixby Historical Society Online is copyright material. Original articles, photographs, graphics, and compilations, including compilation of pre-existing material, is property of Bixby Historical Society or the author/custodian of the material. Permission is required before use in any presentation format. Our copyright must be displayed on all copies of our material.

Please, do not submit copyright material to Bixby Historical Society without written permission from the copyright owner or custodian. Written permission to publish from the copyright owner or custodian must accompany all copyright material.

Authors/custodians of original material published at Bixby Historical Society Online retain ownership of property that is not donated to Bixby Historical Society or otherwise designated in writing. Authors/custodians retain the right to distribute material not donated to Bixby Historical Society.


Information at this website is for reference purposes, only. Although we at Bixby Historical Society strive for accuracy, information contained within these pages may contain errors. Users are responsible for verification and urged to verify all information that is not documented with primary evidence.

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Shari Smith, Website manager
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