About Bixby Historical Society

Bixby, Oklahoma

Located in the Creek Nation along the banks of the Arkansas River in Southside Tulsa County

Bixby Historical Society is a nonprofit corporation, operating under the Laws of the Great State of Oklahoma, with membership open the the public. Meetings are held quarterly. The public is welcome to attend. Direct inquiries to

Bixby Historical Society
P. O. Box 1046
Bixby OK 74008
(918) 366-1200
[email protected]


Bixby Historical Society is maintained to:

Act to advance public awareness about Bixby area history.
Discover, collect and preserve items of historic value in the Bixby area.
Provide free public means for viewing, studying & appreciating area history.


The Bixby Historical Society Museum, located at 24 East McKennon Street, on the corner of McKennon and Montgomery Streets in Bixby OK is open each Wednesday and the 1st Saturday of each month, 11 a.m. — 2 p.m. Patsy Lewis and George Shaner are docent. Tours and collection studies may be arranged by appointment at (918) 366-1200 or [email protected]



Membership is open to the public. You may join the Bixby Historical Society by printing and mailing the form below to Bixby Historical Society, P.O. Box 1046, Bixby OK 74008. Please include your name, address/city/state/zip, email address (when applicable) and phone number.

Active Members are those members in-good-standing with Bixby Historical Society. They receive the Bixby Historical Society Newsletter. They are eligible to run for office, volunteer for duties, serve on committees, vote in the election of officers & trustees, participate at general membership assembly and purchase Bixby Historical Society logo material.

Members with delinquent membership accounts are Inactive Members. Benefits are restored once active membership is reinstated.

Upon request, non-members on active duty in the military are eligible to receive the Bixby Historical Society Newsletter for the duration of active duty. The request may be made by the individual, his/her family, a member of Bixby Historical Society or the general public.

Direct questions and comments about membership to Membership, Bixby Historical Society, P.O. Box 1046, Bixby OK 74008 or the Museum office.

Membership Fee Schedule

Annual Individual Membership - $10
Annual Family Membership (spouses) - $25
Annual Student Membership - No Fee
Individual Life Membership - $100 (Endowment)
Nonprofit Schools, Colleges, Libraries, Organizations - Reasonable Fee for Publishing & Postage
Profit-making corporation memberships are not available.
Click here for a membership application.

Annual membership dues help maintain the Bixby Historical Society Museum Complex. Dues, also, fund publications, postage, museum & office supplies and Bixby Historical Society activity.


Board of Trustees

Loueen Morgan
Jack Spradling
Ron Phillips
Houston Shirley
David Morris
Bill Pittman
Jack Selby

Executive Board of Directors

President - Linda Boles
1st Vice President - Shari Smith
2nd Vice President - Peggy Baker
3rd Vice President - Bill Pittman
Secretary - Katherine LaBass
Treasurer - Pauline Boatmun

Volunteer Assignments

Programs - Bart Leslie
Historical Sites - Bill Pittman
Education - Linda Boles
Financial Secretary - Bill Pittman
Membership Chairman - Peggy Baker Membership Tracker - Katherine LaBass
Genealogy Coordinator - Katherine LaBass
Journalist - Don House & Patsy Lewis
Museum Docent - Patsy Lewis
News Editor (Publicity) - Patsy Lewis
Publications Editor - Patsy Lewis
Research & Look-up - Don House
Tech Advisor - Billy Bevard
Office Operations - Patsy Lewis
Volunteer Coordinator - Vacant
Webmaster - Shari Smith

2007 Volunteer of the Year Recipients

Billy Bevard
Pauline Boatmun

Newsletter & Website Authors/Contributers:

Alice Bass, Lisa Beach, Sam Bell, Linda Boles, Stanford Brassfield, Betty D. Brown, Barbara Bullock, Shirley Coyle, Twilah Fox, Jeanne Grise, Cleone Gund, Don House, Jean Hurlado, Norma Jones, Katherine LaBass, Patsy Lewis, Nancy Marshall, Sally Mayberry, Loueen Morgan, Bill Pittman, George Shaner, Shari Smith, George Snider, Jack Spradling, Shirley Summers, Debbie Young


Financial Committee
Financial Secretary/Chairman Bill Pittman
Pauline Boatman, Treasurer

Historical Sites Committee
Bill Pittman

Library Committee
Linda Boles, Historian/Chairman

Membership Committee
Peggy Baker, Chairman

Museum Committee
Bill Pittman, Chairman
Billy Bevard
Pauline Boatmun
Linda Boles
Patsy Lewis

Program Committee
Shari Smith, Chairman

Publication Committee
Patsy Lewis, Chairman

Publicity Committee
News Editor/Chairman (Vacant)

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