Pioneer Cemetery - Lebanon, Ohio
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Pioneer Cemetery
originally called the Baptist Graveyard (north) and Methodist Graveyard (south)
Lebanon, Ohio
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If you have any photos from this cemetery, I would be happy to add them here.

Anderson Family Plot (Methodist Graveyard

Sacred to the Memory of
Thomas Anderson
born in Essex County, New Jersey;
Nov 25, 1768; died Sep 3, 1839,
Age 71st year
Sacred to the Memory of
Hesther Anderson
born in Morris Co New Jersey
Feb 17, 1775; died Aug 8 1840,
Age 66th year
Sacred to the memory of
Sarah Anderson
who departed this life June 21 1841 in the 36th year of her age. She was born in this county September 30 1805

[Inscriptions difficult to read and taken in part from page 468 of Warren County Cemetery Records Volume 7]

2 July 1999 photos contributed by Margaret Edmondson Olson on 4 May 2004.
"Graves are under tree at very SW corner, inscriptions facing street - difficult to read. Sarah is the daughter of Thomas and Hesther (or Hester or Hettie) Anderson. I descend from Thomas and Hester's daughter Ann, who married John Kelley. John and Ann moved to Clarksville (Clinton County). You'll find these people in: "

Brandenburg Family Plot (Methodist Graveyard)

Sacred to the Memory of
Aaron Brandenburg
who departed this life Jul 22, 1825
aged 64 years 5 months & 4 days
Ann French
consort of Samuel
Nov 13, 1797 - Aug 20, 1827
Eliza Ann Brandenburg
died Sep 13, 1856
aged 33 years

[Inscriptions difficult to read and taken in part from page 466 of Warren County Cemetery Records Volume 7]

Photos contributed 15 Feb 2004 by Arne H Trelvik for Terri Scrogham who writes:

"I live in Oregon. Aaron's son John Weaver moved here to the Salem area some time after all his kids were born. He died in Lebanon Oregon and is buried in the Pioneer Cemetery there. I think that is a neat fact. There is a difference in stories of the history of this side of my family and whose kids were whose. I am trying to figure it out and find proof of Aarons kids and his dad's (William Henry)."

9 Jul 2004: See photo of Eliza French Lollar Tingle, daughter of Ann and Samuel French.

East Side
Clark Family Baptist Graveyard
south side east side north side
In memory of
Rev. Daniel Clark
First Pastor of the Baptist Church Lebanon from 1798 to 1830 who
died Dec. 11, 1834
aged 90 years.
Sarah Clark
wife of
Rev. Daniel Clark
died May 10, 1842
aged 86 years & 11 months

Daniel Clark

The first Pastor ordained in the limits of Ohio.

Ichabod Corwin Family Plot (Baptist Graveyard)

In Memory of
Ichabod Corwin
who was born March 30, 1808
and died October 2, 1843
aged 35 years

Sacred to the Memory of
Sarah consort of Ichabod Corwin
who departed this life on the 3 day of May 1853
aged 81 years

Sacred to the Memory of
Ichabod Corwin
who departed this life Oct. 26th, 1834
aged 67 years

The deceased was the first settler in the place Lebanon stands March AD 1796


Kezia Corwin (Baptist Graveyard)

In Memory of
Kezia Corwin
who departed this life October 12 AD 1816
in the 79th year of her age

Corwin & Drake tombstones (Baptist Graveyard)

In memory of
Matthias Corwin
who died September [4, 1829]
in the 69th year
In memory og
William Drake
son of Lewis & Mary Drake
died July the 26th A.D. 1812
aged 2 months & 12 days
Sacred to the memory of
Patience Corwin
consort of Matthias Corwin
who departed this life
Sept. 18th A.D. 1818
in the 57th year of her age

In memory of
Abraham Drake
who died Sept. 15th 1816
in the 21st year of his age

In memory of
Henry Drake
who died Feby. 24th, 1818
in the 30th year of his age

[Matthias Corwin stone is badly worn - Warren County Cemetery Records Volume 7 lists the date of death as 13 Sep 1829 but his obituary appears in the September 5, 1829 edition of The Western Star, indicating that he had died the day before]

Drake, Corbly, Coffeen & Corwin tombstones (Baptist Graveyard) listed left to right

In memory of
Mary Drake
consort of
Lewis Drake
who departed this life July 28, 1821
aged 50 years

In memory of
Lewis Drake
who died Mar. 20, 1849
aged 82 years 9 months & 1 day

In memory of
Rachel Drake
consort of Lewis Drake
who departed this life Aug. 20, 1845
aged 55 years & 29 days

In memory of
Cornelia Ann Corbly
daughter of Isaiah & Mary Corbly
who departed this life July 23, 1838
[age now buried - Warren County Cemetery Records Volume 7 says, "11 months & 14 days"]
Mary Coffeen
daughter of Eleazer & Cynthia Coffeen
who died July 23d 1828
aged 10 months & 21 days
[top of stone with 1st name broken of - Warren County Cemetery Records Volume 7 says, "Mary"]
Samuel Drake
June 16, 1865
72 years 7 months & 9 days

Clara A. Corwin
daughter of William & Narcissa Corwin
born Oct 22, 1845
died Feb. 4, 1848

[broken stone found leaning against the back of the Mary Coffeen stone with both the top and bottom of stone missing - Given name and date of death listed above is from Warren County Cemetery Records Volume 7 ]

Francis and Mary (Craig) Dunlavy (Baptist Graveyard)

In Memory of Francis Dunlavy
who died Oct. 6th, 1839 aged 78 years

He was one of the first white men who entered the Territory now forming Ohio; was a member of the Territorial Legislature, and of the convention which formed the Constitution of Ohio

click for close-up of Inscription, Revolutionary War Marker and link to Biographical Index

in Memory of Mary Craig
consort of Francis Dunlavy
who died Oct. 8th, 1828 aged 64 years

click for close-up of Inscription and close-up of Revolutionary War Marker

Franklin R. Evans and Lewis D. Evans (Baptist Graveyard)

Franklin R. Evans

son of I. and I. Evans
died May 9, 1834
aged 1y & 19d

Lewis D. Evans

son of I. & I. Evans
died June 7, 1852
AE 4y 8m 22d


Evans and Keever Burials (Baptist Graveyard)

John Keever

In Memory of John Keever
who died Apr. 22 AD 1831

[John was evidently removed to the Lebanon Cemetery as he is listed on another tombstone in Old Section Lot 90 which he shares with his wife Elizabeth (Rogers) Keever]

Isaac Evans

d. Jan. 21, 1850 age 49 yrs
[transcription from WCGS book -only top part of stone visible]

Isaac Evans
son of I. & I. Evans.
d. Oct 25, 1841 age 1 month

[transcription from WCGS book -stone difficult to read]

Wilson T. Keever

died Feb. 10, 1858
aged 28 y's and 4 m's

wife of George Jameson
& daughter of Thomas & Isabella Rankin
born June 12 1763
died July 6 1842
Behold God is my Salvation
I will trust and not be afraid:
For the Lord Jehovah is my strength
and my song. He also is become my Salvation

(Baptist Graveyaer)
photo contributed by Katherine Lollar Rowland on 21 July 2004 who writes:

George Jameson (about 1760-1834)
Thomas Rankin (1724-1810)
Isabella Clendenin (1724 - 1810)

George Jameson was father of
John Jameson (who married Elizabeth McCoy) who was the father of
Joseph Jameson (who married Sarah Ann Brown)

Lincoln & Dunham (Baptist Graveyard)
In memory of
Mary Lincoln
who departed this life
May 27, 1832
aged 72 years 1 month & 28 days

The Grave of
Elizabeth Dunham
consort of Thomas Dunham
who departed this life
Mar. 4, 1832
[age buried but WCGS has "51st year"]

In memory of
John Lincoln
who departed this life
July 13, 1835
aged 79 years 11 months & 28 days

Lytle, Miller & Sellers - looking east at 4 stones in the southeast corner of the cemetery (Methodist Graveyard)

Christenia Sellers #1 in photo in left column
wife of Jacob Sellers
died Nov. 11, 1841
in the 63rd year of her age

[Left is partially buried; right is same stone after unearthing. Name spelled "Christinia in Warren County Cemetery Records Volume 7 and "Christena" in the Beers History of Warren county. Others have spelled it "Christina"]

Jacob Sellers #4 in photo in left column

died Feb. 11, 1853
AE 86 yrs 11 mo's & 8 d's

William Lytle Jr. #3 in photo in left column

Sacred to the memory of
William Lytle Jr.
who departed this life Oct. 7th, 1835
aged 31 years 10 months 20 days

[the incription is on the east side of the stone, while those on each side of it face west]

Andrew Miller #2 in photo in left column

In Memory of
Andrew son of Abraham and Mary Miller
died Nov. 5th AD 1842
aged 4 years 4 months & 20 days

Jacob S. Sellers Family Plot (Baptist Graveyard)

Elizabeth Sellers

In Memory of
daughter of Jacob S. and Susan Sellers
who died May 18th, 1831 age 5 years 4 months & 18 days

Cyntha Sellers

In Memory of
Infant daughter of Jacob S. and Susan Sellers
who died October 13th 1834 aged 1 year 5 months & 26 days

Susan Sellers

In Memory of
daughter of J. & Elizabeth Keever
consort of Jacob S. Sellers
who died Jan. 12, 1847 aged 42 years 6 mo. & 18 days

Lucinda Corwin

wife of David Corwin
and daughter of Jacob S. & Susan Sellers
died Feb. 24, 1859
in the 30th year of her age

Susanna Jones

Died Oct. 9, 1865

Aged 80 years

NOTE: Jacob S. Sellers is buried with his 2nd wife in the Lebanon Cemetery

William Sellers Plot - south side of cemetery about midway between east and west borders (Methodist Graveyard)

Anna Maria Smith
wife of E. G. Smith and daughter of Wm. & M. M. Sellers
born 20 Jan 1837 died 21 Mar 1860

[ transcription partly from WCGS book - stone partially missing and difficult to read]

William Sellers

In Memory of William Sellers
who departed this life
July 1, 1844
aged 47 years 6 month and 27 days

Parthena Sellers

Sacred to the memory of
consort of William Sellers
who departed this life April 30th 1828
aged 26 years 9 months and 22 days

Michael Sellers sent the following on 28 Jan 2004

"William was the oldest son of Peter and Elizabeth (Runkle) Sellers and was a grandson of my own 5 Great Grandfather, Adam Sellers. Peter Sellers died in Warren County on 15 August, 1807, of Yellow Fever leaving William, Adam, Elizabeth, and Joseph B. fatherless. William's mother, Elisabeth, remarried to Malachi Swift in 1809. William was the older brother to the Dr. Adam Sellers who is buried in the Lebanon Cemetery. He was also the "William Seller" listed as being chosen guardian on April 10, 1819, along with mother Elizabeth (Runkle) (Sellers) Swift, by younger brothers, Adam Sellers and Joseph Sellers.

William married Parthena Harrison November 19, 1819, and they had one child, a son, named Theodore B. Sellers.

After Parthena died April 30, 1828, William married Maria M. Harrison on April 15, 1829, and they had two children, Anna Maria and William H. Sellers. Thus, the Anna Maria Smith, "daughter of Wm and M.M. Sellers" that William is buried next to is his daughter with his second wife, Maria M. Harrison. Anna Maria Sellers had married E.G. Smith. On the other side of William is his first wife, Parthena."



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