Finneytown Cemetery
Finneytown Cemetery
Winton Road
Mill Creek Township, Hamilton County, Ohio

ubmitted by Shirlene L  Jensen

This cemetery is part of the Marie Dickore Research Collection and is reprinted with the permission of Alma Ryan, Director of the Family History Center in Norwood, Ohio and holder of the collection.

In 1802 a half-acre of land was deeded by Ebenezer Ward Finney to Stephen Flynn, Jacob Compton and Luther Kitchell, for a public burying ground, the three grantees being the trustees. In the little abandoned cemetery, trees form a grove and the stones stand erect, proudly displaying the names of the patriots and first families of Finneytown. Copied by Virginia Raymond Cummings in 1953 who was a lineal descendant of Samuel Raymond. Adams, Elizabeth-d 4 Apr 1869/81y 3m 20d

Adams, Harriet-d 8 Sep 1837/7y 11m

Adams, James-d 21 Jul 1863/68y

Adams, Thomas-dates unreadable

Bolser, Mary-d 24 Aug 1837/33y 4m 10d/consort of Felty A

Bolser, Mary-25 May 1836-22 Aug 1837/dau of Felty A

Bolser, Mary Belle-d 27 Jul 1856/2y 1m/dau of ___ & ___ Bolser Jr

Brown, Janette E-5 Aug 1851/2y 10m 25d/dau of Mathew & Martha

Brown, Phoebe-18 Apr 1834-5 Nov 1837/dau of William J & Mary S

Brown, Thomas J-29 Apr 1836-18 Nov 1837/son of William & Mary S

Brown, William J-24 Oct 1791-28 Oct 1836

Bruen, Barton-d 3 Jun 1835/2y 7m 2d/sonof I&M

Bruen, Charlotte-d 8 Mar 1841/20y 2m 3d/dau of I&M

Bruen, Ferman-d 16 Apr 1851/22y 2m 5d

Bruen, George-d 31 Jan 1859/23 y 3m 18d

Bruen, Isaac-d 14 Apr 1866/74y 5m 10d

Bruen, Jabez Jr-d 30 May 1836/22y 4m 11d

Bruen, Litle-d 4 Jul 1823/2m 6d/son of I&M

Bruen, Mary-d 18 Sep 1882/86y 5m 26d/wife of Isaac

Bruen, Stephen-d 29 Nov 1844/18y 10m 20d

Carle, David T-d 26 Dec 1851/3y 4m 10d/son of GH & Eliza J

Cummings, Mary-22 Oct 1795-7 Jan 1868/wife of William

Cummings, William-11 Sep 1788-6 May 1872

Dodson, Caroline-d 5 Sep 1828/25d/dau of Samuel & Nancy

Dodson, Charles-d 4 Aug 1799/6y

Dodson, Eleanor-d 6 Jan 1840/81y

Dodson, Elizabeth-d 14 Nov 1869/72y 5m 14d/wife of Samuel

Dodson, John-d 16 May 1825/73y/Revolutionary War DAR marker

Dodson, Josephine-d 30 Aug 1844/3y 10m 21d/dau of Samuel & Elizabeth

Dodson, Mary Ann-d 30 Jul 1834/1y 11m/dau of Samuel & Nancy

Dodson, Nancy-d 2 May 1835/43y 2m 25d/consort of Samuel

Dodson, Samuel-d 2 Jun 1849/60y 5m 4d

Dodson, Sarah A-d 12 Mar 1839/26y 5m 4d

Dodson, William P-d 23 Jun 1835/5m 17d/son of Samuel & Nancy

Finney, Ebenezer Ward-d 27 Dec 1822/67y

Finney, Rachel Raymond-d 12 Sep 1821/64yy/consort of E W/

Dau of William & Rachel Fullensby Raymond

Flinn, Margaret-d 22 Aug 1844/33y 6m 12d/wife of Moses

Floyd, Elizabeth M-24 Dec 1853-10 Mar 1859/dau of JE & J

Floyd, ____-died 21 Feb 1___/2y 10m 10d/son of James E & __

Hand, Samuel R-29 Apr 1828-26 Aug 1829/grandson of Samuel Raymond

Hoffner, Sarah-d Feb 1834/38y/consort of Thomas

Jessup, Elizabeth-d 28 Dec 1851/55y/wife of David

McCash, Mary-d 12 Feb 1838/21y 5m 15d/wife of David

Musser, Elenor-d 25 Apr 1847/26y 2m 7d/consort of Jeremiah

Raymond, Jane-d 27 Sep 1846/73y 16d/wife of Samuel/dau of ___McMullen

Raymond, Samuel-1 Jul 1773-27 Feb 1861 "came to Hamilton Co. Ohio 1800"

Robinson, Appolene-3 May 1844-2 Jun 1844/dau of William & Julia A

Robinson, Jonothan-d 5 Jan 1855/45y 7m 2d

Robinson, Mary-d 31 Jan 1857/68y 10m 14d/wife of Bradberry

Robinson, Stephen-d 29 Aug 1840/20y 5m 25d

Smith, Daniel-d 10 Oct 18__/44y

Smith, Daniel-d 15 Jan 1850/1m 8d/son of Daniel & Eunice

Snodgrass, Elizabeth-d 25 May 1844/65y 21d

Snodgrass, James-d 11 Mar 1830/19y 11m

Snodgrass, John-d 18 Aug 1868/55y 10m 11d

Snodgrass, William-d 17 Jul 1836/64y 10m 26d

Sprong, David-b 1762 New York-d 22 Apr 1842/79y 2m 9d

Sprong, Lois-d 22 Oct 1851/73y 5m 5d/dau of Ebenezer Ward Finney

Sprong, Ruth {nee Perkins}-d 7 Oct 1845/37y 6m 29d/consort of Cornelius

Townsend, Morris-d 1853/32y

Townsend, Thomas-unreadable

Tway, John-d 13 Feb 1891/69y 8d

Virgin, Harriet-d 19 Feb 1833/25y 4m 1d/consort of Joseph H

Willson, Elizabeth-11 Aug 1795-5 Nov 1872/wife of Joseph

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