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Please know, I am not an "expert" at researching in Hamilton Co. I have lived here all of my life & have been interested in Genealogy for I guess near 30 years now. Part of my husband's family was here when it was known as the "Northwest Territory". One branch of my own in 1842. I guess it was 1998 or so, after being told the internet was a great place to do family research, I finally obtained service. I remember my struggles at first, navigating the WEB, & I know trying to show my mom how (w/o success) so I've tried to set up the pages on this site so that you can always find your way back (look for the "Back to:" at the bottom of each page).

More importantly, even though I've been researching here for many years, I don't have all of the answers.  I can only go by my own experience. I have tried to set up pages to guide you, most importantly is the Hamilton Co. Resource page listing every place from the County Court house to the local TV stations; Published Hamilton Co. Resources page, which lists every book I have found about Hamilton Co., & if still available, where you can purchase; the Look-ups page, where people who own some of those books have "volunteered" to do look-ups for you; and I've tried to include assorted guides in other sections, Newspapers on getting copies of obits from the Library, etc.

I have gotten e-mails wanting more info. abt people mentioned here on this web site, I don't necessarily have that information, the person who contributed the information may not even know anything more about the individuals listed,...............

A GREAT place to go, & I have directions on the Main page, but will list again here, is the Hamilton Co. list at rootsweb. There are many subscribers who have many of the published references, many who frequent the library more often than I seem to have time for these days. Not that I don't want to hear from you, but if you are looking for something on a specific person or even many questions about researching in Hamilton Co., the mail list or the message boards are the place to post those questions, or to search the archives of the list or message boards to see if the answer has already been given.

Instructions for subscribing, searching or browsing the Hamilton Co. mail list can be found here:

The Rootseb/Ancestry message boards for Hamilton Co. are here:

Also, the FTM (Family Tree Maker) GenForum boards for Hamilton Co. are here:

Again, if you have anything you can contribute here, transcriptions from books no longer copyrighted, obituaries, bibles, pensions, death & marriage records, pictures of tombstones etc.,  anything that might help another or perhaps even help you find a long lost cousin, please, let me know.

Tina Hursh began this website in 1999 as part of the OHGenWeb Project. Patti Graman assisted her in the early years. In 2000 I started preparing the History of Hamilton County, Ohio, Henry A. Ford, A. M. and Mrs. Kate B. Ford, 1881 with the help of many transcribers to place online as part of the Hamilton Co. OHGenweb Project. & joined Tina in 2003 as co-coordinator for the Website. If it weren't for Tina's guidance & help, I never would have known a single thing about setting up pages or how to get them online! I thank Tina for all of her help over the years. Please also let me know if you find something that needs to be corrected or a link that is broken. I periodically try to go through and check everything, but with the internet what is here today maybe gone tomorrow!

We hope you enjoy your visit here. 
Linda Boorom

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