Clough Baptist Cemetery
Clough Baptist Church Cemetery
Anderson Township
Contributed by Beth Graves, March 2000
Located on Clough Pike and Bogart Road, the Clough Baptist Church was established in Feb 1802.  Many of the 1st charter members were Revolutionary War Soldiers, B.G Abbott, James Clark, Jonathan Gerard, Stephen Sutton and Stephen Davis.  James Clark was notable pioneer, a judge of the earliest Common Pleas Court in Hamilton County and a cousin of George Rogers Clark. Josiah and Hulda Crosley came from New Jersey; Samuel and Rebecca Johnson came from Penn. and Stephen Sutton from NJ.  Today only fragements of the old stone church remains


ABBOT, Janett, wife of D. G. Abbot, d. 23 mar 1838 58y
ANDERSON, Iowa, son of Israel and Nancy Anderson,  d. 18 Dec 1840 10m 10d
BETTS, George V.  d. 18 Apr 1846  31y 1d
CLARK, James  b. 3 Sep 1765, Virginia, emigrated west in 1797  d. 4 Sept 1852
                Shelley, son of James and Susanna,  d. 19 Jan 1847 40y 2m 27d
                Susanna, wife of James, b. 12 May 1765 in Va. d. 22 Jan 1837
CORBLY,  Rebecca wife of Paul, dau of Samuel and Rebecca Johnson,  d. 23 July 1845  49y 6m

CROSLEY,  Abel d. 14 Aug 1836  38y 11m
                    Ann Kelly
                    Glervina, wife of R.L.  22 Jan 1827 - 30 Oct 1885
                    Hulda wife of Josiah,  20 Nov 1846  76y 8m 6d
                    Josiah  14 Feb 183162y 1m 5d
                    Lucy dau of Josiah  d. 13 Dec 1833 12y 1m 6d
                    Martha dau of Josiah   d. 22 Jan 1847  20y 1m 6d
                    Nancy wife of Abel,  16 Sep 1847  50y
                    Sarah, wife of Henry,  15 Jun 1787 - 26 Feb 1853
FAGIN, Elizabeth  wife of Aaron Fagin,  d. 17 Jan 1838
GALLAGHER, Mary wife of James,  b. 7 Feb 1802  d. 6 Jan 1848
GERARD, Jonathan  b. 31 Mar 1763 Berkley Co VA,, emigrated to OH in Jan 1792  d. 26 Jun 1837
                    Leah, wife of Jonathan, b. 1 feb 1763  d. 28 Jan 1850

HAHN, Samuel,   b. 2 Sep 1822  d. 25 Feb 1876
HAWKINS, Joseph  d. 20 Jul 1850  20y 5m 16d
HOPPER, William  son of Garret and Elizabeth, d. 27 Aug 1847  15y 8m
HUNT, Benjamin Bowditch of Salem, Mass, d. 7 Oct 1820  25y
                    Achsah, 1838-1890
                    Catherine  15 Mar 1819 - 12 Aug 1886
                    Infant sons of I and G. born and died 13 Oct 1838
                    Isaiah  b. 9 Feb 1812  d. 2 May 1881
                    James C. 21 Dec 1843  35y 7m
                    Jepthah, son of I and G. d. 23 Jul 1866 20y 9m 21d
                    Mary Ann
                    Rebecca, consort of Samuel Johnson,  d. 27 Feb 1850 78y 11m 7d
                    Rebekah, inf dau of I and G  d. 2 Jun 1838
                    Rosannah wife of Mariot, dau of James and Tobitha Noble, d. 19 Sept 1842  28y 10m 17d
                    Samuel husband of Rebecca,  4 Dec 1847, 80y 4m 4d
                    Sara Caralin dau of Wm and Mary Ann, 28 Oct 1850 2y 14d
                    Theodocia  1808-1881
                    Wilton,  26 Aug 1828  29y 3d
JONES, Albert  24 Jan 1875  31y 6m 19d
                Edward G.  son of I E and S M    d. 16 Aug 1841 7y 6m
                Harriet D.  dau of I E. and SM.  d. 21 Aug 1866 16y 6m 11d
                Israel E.  d. 17 Jan 1875  67y 3m 10d
                Mary wife of Israel,  d. 26 Aug 1866  54y 4m 5d
                Rebecca E. dau of I.E and SM  d. 6 Oct 1850 16y 1m 20d
                S.M.   no dates
KELLY, Ann wife of Daniel,  dau of Henry and Sarah Crosley, d. 12 May 1843 23y 9m 23d
                Daniel   no date
MERRELL, Martha  wife of S. Merrell, d. 26 Aug 1896  51y 10m 10d
                    Samuel  d. 24 Aug 1891  60y
MILLER, Halsey
                Jane V
                Mary Eliza, dau of Halsey and Jane V. Miller, d. 18 Sept 1845 8y 1d
NOBLE, James and Tobitha
POOL, William C.  d. 23 Feb 1843  40y 5m 21d
SARGENT, Nancy G. dau of j and s clark,   29 May 1797 - 8 Mar 1879
SILVER, Catherine d. 15 May 1848  52y 10 19d
                John  d. 18 Jun 1846  50y 9m 18d
SIMS, Achsah, wife of Samuel Sims, dau of Samuel and Rebecca Johnson  d. 12 Jun 1847  36y 10m

SPCIER, Ester 14 Mar 1771 - 1 Mar 1848
SUTTON, Benjamin 1 Jun 1823  24y
                George 24 Dec 1823  24y
                Julian d. 5 Jul 1824  22m
                Hannah wife of S. Sutton,  25 Mar 1809  40y
                Stephen 15 Dec 1760 - 12 Sept 1846
VAIL, Thomas  d. 9 Apr 1843  43y
VICKERS, Mary Ann  wife of Garland,  d. 19 Jul 1841  21y
WILSON, Mary Ann  d. 6 May 1846  27y 10m 1d

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