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23 October 2005 The Hamilton County Surname Registry has moved back to the Hamilton County OHGenWeb site - this link will get you there.
25 September 2005 Added the Wesleyan Surname Registry and the Hamilton County Surname Registry.
6 August 2005 Added or updated 119 burial records.
23 January 2005 Added a change detection monitor to this page.
22 January 2005 Added Barnickle, Beck, Boeres, Bores, Brand, Daiber, Eger, Etson, Fey, Frank, Huhn, Linden, Owens, Phistner, Pontius, Rork, Sandman, Schmidt, Sigrest, Tyler and Zimpelman researchers to the Hamilton County Surname Registry.
29 December 2004 Added or updated 194 burial records.
7 November 2004 Added or updated 186 burial records.
12 October 2004 Added a new search engine for the burial records to the burials pages.
11 September 2004 Added and/or updated links on the News page.
7 September 2004 Added or updated 146 burial records.
1 August 2004 Added or updated 291 burial records.
6 June 2004 Updated the Hamilton County Surname Registry.
6 June 2004 Added or updated 200 burial records.
6 June 2004 Updated the Hamilton County Surname Registry.
19 April 2004 Updated the Hamilton County Surname Registry.
15 February 2004 Added or updated 127 burial records.
October 4, 2003 Added or updated 115 burial records.
August 9, 2003 Added or updated 144 burial records.
July 10, 2003 Added or updated 33 burial records.
May 20, 2003 Completed update of the Photographic Artists & Studios.
May 7, 2003 Added or updated 105 burial records.
April 10, 2003 Added or updated 75 burial records.
January 30, 2003 Added or updated 116 burial records.
January 1, 2003 Updated and reworked the Hamilton County Surname Registry so the pages would load faster.

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