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Surname Registry

Researchers with family at Wesleyan Cemetery... A growing collection of Surnames.

You are invited to send your info to be added to the registry, as well as photos and other family information you would like to share.

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Surname Researched by Timeframe
ACKERSON Linda Gardner  
ACKLEY Carol Darpel  
ALLEN Kathi Blazek  
ALVES Helen Alves 1840-1860
AMONS Donna St. Felix  
ANDERSON Christine Reinhart Helfrich 1963
ASHMAN Tom Thompson 1826-1950
BAKER Ron Prior 1950's
BEST James Best 1883- abt 1900+
BILKEY James Best 1883- abt 1900+
BLACK Delores Greer
BOTTS Joyce McLean  
BRAY James Best 1883- abt 1900+
BURGOYNE William R. King Early 20th Century
BURKE Elizabeth Plattsmier  
BYARD Robert Byard
CLARKSON Tom Thompson 1826-1950
CONLY Elinor Monjar 1849-1851
CONOVER Kathryn Mereness
Marie Reedy
CRAIL Kaaren Crail V.  
DAUGHERTY Linda Haney Early 20th Century
DAVIS Denise Davis Early 20th Century
DECAMP Carolyn Lundgren  
DISNEY Lucy Townsend Partin 1840-1865
DOUGHERTY Linda Haney Early 20th Century
DOWNS Ann Downs McKown  
DuCHEMIN Sandra Rylander  
DUNCAN Tom Thompson 1826-1950
DUNDES Heather Hargis  
DYER Rita Niemer  
EDDY Cindy Crawford  
FARNASH/FORNASH Nancy Fornash Bray  
FIELD Sherri Copeland
GAILEY Jerry Gailey 1950
GARRETT Donna Stinson 1859-1875
GRANT Melissa Goetz
Mark Bosse
GROVES Ginny Landgraf 1860s-1920s
HAMBLIN Melissa Goetz
Mark Bosse
HENSON Tom Thompson 1826-1950
HEWSTON Christine Reinhart Helfrich 1896-1907
HILL Virginia Weir  
HUGHES Regina Stephens 1885-1982
HUTCHISON Brenda Balint 1996
IHLE Carol Darpel  
JOHNSON Judy Johnson  
JUSTIS Lucy Townsend Partin 1840-1865
KAGEORGE Deana Schultz  
KLINGELHOFFER Virginia Sevester Thier  
KNIPPENBERG Joan Knippenberg  
LACEY Donna St. Felix  
LAKE Don Hartman
MATHEWS Pat Wallman  
McGINNIS Tom Thompson 1826-1950
McPARTLIN Laura Flynn 1918
MUNRATH Heather Hargis  
NOBLE Mary Lou Pease 1810-1870
NUNN Penny Nelson  
NEWCOMB Donna Pelcha  
OAKLEY Margaret St. John Wheaton 1852-1880
OWENS Bev Owens Loman
PARSONS Bob Parsons Early 20th Century
PELCHA Donna Pelcha  
POLLOCK Carole Williams 1850-1874
POWELL Robert M. Scharf  
PRESTON Karen Klaene  
RICHMOND Cindy Crawford  
ROBERTS Debbie Roberts  
ROSE Margaret St. John Wheaton 1852-1880
ROSS Sue Redmond  
SALTER Jean Simon  
SARGENT Carolyn Lundgren
Judy Johnson
SCHLEHUBER Norma Schlehuber Snell  
SCHOLL Arthur Scholl  
SCHULTES Jackie Schultes Gordon
SCHUSTER Melissa Goetz  
SHAW William R. King Early 20th Century
SPARKS Rita Niemer  
SPINNER Kathi Blazek  
STEGMAN Robin Smith Late 19th/early 20th century
STEVENS Tom Thompson 1826-1950
STEVENSON Ginny Landgraf 1860s - 1920s
TAYLOR Diane Schmidt 1830-1875
THOMPSON Tom Thompson
Debbie Roberts
TOWNSEND Lucy Townsend Partin 1840-1865
TUCKER George Tucker  
TYLER Tawnya Tyler Nourse
VAN BURKALOW Robert M. Scharf  
VEITCH Edith Veitch Farris Late 19th/early 20th century
WAHN Carol Darpel  
WALTON Diane  
WARE Ginny Landgraf 1840s-1936
WEDDING Melissa Goetz  
WERKMAN Debbie Roberts  
WILLIAMS Melissa Goetz  
WRIGHT Jane Thorman 1892-1979
WUNDER Robert Wagner Mid 19th/20th century
ZORNES Tom Thompson 1826-1950

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