Cuyahoga County Ohio Marriages
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Marriage records have been kept in Cuyahoga County at the county level since 1810. The Cuyahoga County Archives has the marriage volumes through Volume 200 (circa 1942).

The Historical Marriage License Index is part of the Probate Court of Cuyahoga County, Ohio site. It provides a search engine with which you can search using one of the following:

  1. Use the Bride's first and maiden names
  2. Use the Groom's first and last names
  3. Use the Bride's first name with the Groom's last name (Bride's married name)
  4. Use all information - Bride's first and maiden names with Groom's first and last names.
Volumes 1 to 200 are at the Cuyahoga CountyArchives and if you wish to obtain a copy of a marriage record you locate in the search above, you can email the Cuyahoga County Archives at [email protected], giving them the volume, page number and names of the couple along with your name and mailing address. They will send you a copy and bill you $1 for the initial request which covers up to four copies and 25 cents for each additional copy.

The results in the Probate Court search does NOT give you a date, not even the year. This can make things more difficult to judge whether or not you have a record you really want. The Key to Marriage Volumes page on this site will give you an approximate year based on the volume number.

Marriage Records   Have you gotten marriage records from the county? You know, most times, yours is not the only one on the page. One researcher has submitted the names on her pages, names not associated with "her" folks, but names that might help someone else.

On the following page (only one right now), you will find, listed alphabetically, the result of her transcribing those extra names on her record pages. The names the researcher is working on will be highlighted, and linked to a section with the researcher's name and email address.

If you have some extra records, and transcribe them, please send them to me and I'll add them here with your name and email, also.

Cuyahoga Marriage Records

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