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St. Philomena Cemetery
Stonelick-Williams Corner Road @ St. Philomena Church, Stonelick Twp.
N 39˚  07.689   W 084˚  11.142    752 Elev. within 25ft

  Directions: Take Rt. 50 from Milford towards Owensville. Pass through Perintown. Continue on Rt. 50. Take left on 
Stonelick Williams Corner Road. If you come to St. Rt 222 – you have gone too far. Continue on Stonelick Williams 
Corner Road until you pass over a bridge. Get ready to turn right (Balzhiser Lane?) – you will see the church. Good 
parking in church parking lot. Wear appropriate shoes to climb hills. (take some time to continue on Stonelick Williams 
Corner Road to see the Stonelick Covered Bridge and the beautiful valley surrounding this area). 

  Pictures and inscriptions taken by Pamela Smith, CCGS member and Vera Quehl, volunteer, helped 
one day. There are a lot more stones than we could find. I dug a lot-- but the cemetery is located 
on a hill and I think they are embedded deep in the hillside. I have attached a picture from the 1880’s 
on how the cemetery looked at that time. There are hardly any standing stones presently in the older 
section. There were a few monuments that the inscriptions were unreadable, but I could figure out 
who they were by rubbings. I retook the pictures a few times several different days, but they never 
came out readable. Could not locate previously recorded: Bauer, Appolona Bauer, Joseph & Catherine 
Chrisman, Louis Chrisman, Annie Craver, Georgia (I have corrected as Cecelia – same dates as Georgia) 
Gomien, Edward Gostigan, John Powdal, Thomas Slaughter, John Valter, Johney

Original Inscriptions
Additional Inscriptions

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Donald R. Johnson
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