Milford Cemetery

Milford IOOF Cemetery
Carriage Way-Riverside Park II, Miami Township, Milford
GPS Coordinate (fenced area) 
N 39 10.767, W 084 17.448.    Elev: 587, Accuracy 18ft.

You may take St. Rt. 28 or St. Rt. 50 into the City of Milford.  As you enter the intersection of St. Rt. 28 and St. Rt. 
50 continue on Main Street-Rt. 50.  You will pass St. Andrews Catholic Church. As you descend down a small hill 
entering Old Milford you will turn right on High Street.  This will dead end into Carriage Way which is not a road, 
just a walking path.  I parked at the Lila Chateau Apartments to the right and walked over to the park. Access:  see below.

Pictures and additional inscriptions taken by Pamela Smith, CCGS member, and Cathy Kemplin, volunteer on 
November 6, 2006.  Please notice the fenced area of the cemetery.  This is not actually the cemetery.  There may 
have been a few burials located within this fence but the majority of the burials are on a steep hill, in the woods, 
along the Little Miami River and within the park grounds.  As stones are found they are carried to the fenced area 
and placed anywhere. There are a lot of monument bases still in the woods and I am sure buried stones - somewhere.  
This would be a tremendous task for me and I may attempt to do in the future.  Most monuments have been vandalized 
and broke, lost in pieces throughout the park located around the play area.  We found bases located in the ground 
where the children play.  You can imagine what the neighbors were thinking as we were digging up the childrens 
playground.  If you plan to visit please walk the park grounds and then go into the woods. This cemetery has been 
neglected and the site misused as a playground.

Original Reading
Stones not found 
Additional Inscriptions

Cemetery View
Cemetery View
Cemetery View
Cemetery View
Cemetery View
Cemetery View
Cemetery View
Monument bases in woods
Baldwin, John W.
Broadwell, Ira
UB Footstone
Carpenter, Julia A.
Combs, Catharine
Combs, James B.
Combs, Mary
Conkling family monument
Crane, Susan J.
Cunningham, Cylina B.
Dascomb, Benjamin A.
Dascomb, Benjamin footstone
Davis, Elisha
Davis, Elisha 2
Davis, Jane
Davis, Mary Ann
Erwin, John
Gatch, Lewis, Jr.
Gatch, Maria H.
Geisler, Otto E.
Griffith, Ruth Davis
G, JFOG footstone
Hance, Robert
Herrmann, Jacob
Highlands, Anna E. top
Highlands Family monument
Highlands, George W. top
Highlands, Lot L. top
Highlands, Mary E. top
Highlands, William top
Hill, Benjamin A. G.
Hill, Samuel
Hill, Sarah A.
Holmes, Christiana Smiser
Howard, Michael
Hughes, Sarah
Illegible,Erwin, Hannah Ann
illegible - large monument
illegible, Erwin,Margaret Louise
illegible, Erwin, Martha Ann
Illegible, maybe John G. Ready
Illegible see inscription list
Kugler Family monument
Kugler, John
Kugler, Matilda Caroline
Marriott, John
Miller, Malinda J.
Miller, Malinda J. Footstone
Milner, Maria Davis
Mount, Mary
Mulford, Mary
Nold, Valentine
Pancoast, Enoch, bottom
Pancoast, Enoch top
Pancoast, Maria Louisa
Pancoast, Martha A.
Pancoast, Martha A. bottom possibly
Peckingpaugh, Mary
Ready, John G.
Ready, W. L.
Ready, William, Sen.
Riffle, Paul E.
Sabrey, William
SabXXX, Richard
SabXXX, Richard, possibly bottom
Smiser, David
Smiser, Ruth
Smysor, Abram
Smyzer, P.
Smyzer, Philip
Snead, Alonzo
Sparks, Joseph
Sparks, Sarah Lizzie
Sullivan, George
Townsend, Rebecca J. E. Footstone
Townsend, Rebecca J. E. on Kugler Monument
Turner, Michael
T, JudXX
Vuotto, John Joseph
Y, EWY Footstone
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Donald R. Johnson
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