Hartman Cemetery Clermont County Ohio

Clermont County Genealogical Society    
Hartman Cemetery
St. Rt. 50 and Aber Road, Jackson Township
GPS:   N39° 08.145  W084° 03.013   891 Elev within 73ft.

  Take St. Rt. 50 from Milford towards Owensville. Pass through Owensville. Pass Clermont Northeastern High School on left. 
Cross St. Rt. 133. Continue on St. Rt. 50 until you come to Aber Road, turn right. Hartman Cabin right on corner. Park behind 
the cabin. Walk toward right near picnic tables – not the shelter. You will come upon a bridge. Walk over bridge – you will see 
the cemetery on a hill. Easy access. Good parking for cars -- paved lot. 

  Pictures and additional inscriptions taken by Pamela Smith, CCGS member, and Vicky Kellum, volunteer, 
in April of 2007. Well kept cemetery and we enjoyed this one very much. There are two very large trees 
on the hill that are dead. We probed to make sure there were no additional stones, as the lots are spread 
apart and a lot of vacant space. We did have to dig a few and only found a few unrecorded (one Civil War Vet). 
This would be a fun adventure for someone to spend the day probing for stones.

Stones we could not locate previously recorded
Blangy, Rebecca



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Hartman Cabin
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Abernathy, Amanda
Abernathy, J. J.
Abernathy, John
Abernathy John, died 1860
Abernathy, John Harvey
Abernathy, Mary wife of John Hartman
Abernathy, Sarah
Abernathy, Sarah closeup
Abernathy, William
Abernathy, William closeup
Arandall, Ann
Arandall, Charles
Arandall, Emma
Arandall, Ida
Arandall, Lydia
Arandall, Lydia, Ida, Ann, Charles, Vada, Emma
Arandall Monument
Arandall, Vada
Boyce, Gracie
Boys, Elizabeth
Boys, Francis M.
Boys, Mary A.
Boys, R. T.
Boys, Rebecca A.
Boys, Richard
Boys, Sarah Ellen
Brown, Mary
Cramer, Mary wife of F. M. Hartman
Curlis, Nath'l
Glancy, F. M.
Glancy, Hugh B.
Glancy, Mary
Gorman, Catharine
Gorman, James
Gorman, James closeup
Gorman, Rachel
Gorman, Rachel closeup
Gorman, William
Hadley, Mary A.
Hall, Lulu
Hall, Mary
Hartman, C. J.
Hartman, Cassius M.
Hartman, Christopher
Hartman, Christopher D.
Hartman, Christopher Vet
Hartman, Dora
Hartman, Elizabeth
Hartman, Elizabeth C.
Hartman, Elizabeth, wife of John
Hartman, Elizabeth, wife of W.T.
Hartman, Elvira dau
Hartman, Elvira (Heartman,Elvira)
Hartman, Emaline
Hartman, George W.
Hartman, Infant dau of M & M
Hartman, Isaac
Hartman, Isaac W.
Hartman, Isaac W. son
Hartman, Izella
Hartman, J.(John) K.
Hartman, James
Hartman, James M.
Hartman, John H.
Hartman, Lilly D.
Hartman, Lorenzo D.
Hartman, Malissa A.
Hartman, Mary
Hartman, Mary wife of Chistopher
Hartman, Mary wife of F.M.
Hartman, Mary, wife of John
Hartman, Nancy
Hartman, Nancy closeup
Hartman, Nancy wife of Wm.
Hartman, Paully R.
Hartman, Rachel wife of Hutchinson
Hartman, Rebecca J.
Hartman, Samuel
Hartman, Sarah
Hartman, Sarah dau of F.M. & M.
Hartman, Sarah Ellen
Hartman, Sarah R.
Hartman, Sarah wife of C.J.
Hartman, Thomas J.
Hartman, William
Hartman, William closeup
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