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EARLY SETTLERS OF BETHEL COMMUNITY (located l7 miles East of Crawford, Dawes County, Nebraska.

Submitted by Carol Lange Doyle from stories told her by her father Carl LANGE.

One of the first settlers in this area was John HAMILTON, He was born in Morgan County, Illinois in 1829, left home at age 22 and farmed in his home state until 1865 when he moved to Livingston County, Missouri, He came to Nebraska by covered wagon in 1884 and built a log cabin about 1/2 mile east of Bethel Church. His widowed sister, Mary Jane Gill MARTIN lived with him. (Garold Smith now lives there).

Fremont T. BUCHANAN was born in Henricks County, Indiana in 1863 to a farmer and a school teacher, T. M. BUCHANAN and his wife Christina WHITE. His father died when he was a small boy and young BUCHANAN came to Nebraska in 1885 by team and wagon settling 2 miles northwest of Bethel. He built a log cabin and farmed along Indian Creek for many years.

James and Elizabeth (LEMON) WILSON came to the area in 1880 and settled on a farm about 1/2 mile east of Bethel. In 1882 Mr. WILSON donated about 3 acres of land to the community and in 1893 Bethel Church was built with a cemetery adjoining the property on the north. Ray ILIFF lived on this farm in-later years and Alva MILLER has lived there for over 50 years. This farm is located along Indian Creek.

Levi and Emma RICHARDSON came to this community in 1884 from Lyons, Nebraska. They journeyed by train to Valentine and freighted the household goods by team and wagon. They purchased a large farm and ranch about 2 miles south of Bethel on East Ash Creek. Their family consisted of Charles, William, Shannon, Eliza CRIPPS, Emma (Ed HOEVET) and Nellie (STUMPH-CRIPPS). The sons, Charles and William later owned the farm and it is now owned by Levi, son of Charles.

James W and Mary A. BRITTON came to the community about 1885 bringing their sawmill. They located on land along East Ash Creek about 5 miles south of Bethel. Mr. BRITTON donated the lumber to build the Bethel Church. Their family consisted of John, George, Jim, Mary (Charles BALL) and Jennie who later married Charles RICHARDSON, listed in the paragraph above.

Charles E. BALL and his wife Mary BRITTON came by train from Blair, Nebraska to Chadron in 1885. They filed on a homestead located on Fast (sic) Ash Creek about 5 miles south of Bethel. Mary BALL was a midwife and also served as a mortician since none were available in those early days. Mr. Ball died July 12, 1898 and the family continued to live on the homestead until 1912. They had eight children: Ethel (CONNELL) John W., Harry, Nellie (SLIDER), Nettle (GROVES) Earl, Charles and Frank.

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Early Settlers of Bethel Community (continued)

John and Mary BRITTON also lived in the same area along East Ash Creek. He did some farming and also had sawmills in the area. Their family consisted of Minnie (Wyatt HOLDER), Bell (William LEETCH), Mary (Bill HOLDER), Alice (Dan LEETCH) Dee (Lawrence LEETCH), James, George, Wallace, Eva (John WOLF) and Ralph.

Isaac and Mary SEEGRIST moved to the area about 1886 and farmed one mile north of Bethel. They had formerly lived near Firth, Nebraska Mr. SEEGRIST was also a blacksmith and certainly was a welcome member of the community. Their family consisted of Harley, Leonard, Winifred., Ebner, Alfred, Bessie (Andrew VETTER), Laura, Ida and Cloyd. Henry MOTZ now owns this farm.

Mac IMEL was an early resident of the communtiy (sic) and lived about 2 miles Southwest of Bethel. Little is know of Mr. IMEL except he sold his farm to Philip and Cecelia (SMITH) ALLOWAY and Isabelle LANGE now resides there.

Carl and Caroline (HEMSTEDT) LANGE emigrated to the US in 1868 from the Magdeburg, Germany area with their five children. They settled in Illinois and then moved to the area near Firth, Nebraska in about 1872. In 1889, they moved with their son Charles and wife, Augusta (NIEMANN) to the Bethel Community where they farmed about 2 miles southwest of Bethel along East Ash Creek. Augusta LANGE was a midwife in the community and also helped when anyone was ill. They had the following children: Fritz, William, Adolph, Richard, Otto, Martha (AHL), Carl and triplets who died in infancy. Mel GERHOLD now owns the buildings with granddaughter Carol LANGE DOYLE retaining the farmland.

William H. and Annie C. (PHILLIPS) BETSON came to Dawes County about 1888. Mr. BETSON was born in Montgomery Co. Pennsylvania about 1858 to a farming family. He left home at age 10 and in 1881 moved to Jackson County, Kansas. In 1888, He filed on a homestead 4 miles southwest of Bethel. He also freighted for some time between Crawford and Newcastle, Wyoming. He owned a 12 hp steam threshing machine and did custom work for the neighbors. They were parents of 5 children: Charles, Alfred, Katie, Earl and Alice. Earl lived on the farm for many years and now Alfred's grandson (Mark BETSON) lives there.

Charles HOEVET was born in Mechlenburg, Germany in 1832 and emigrated to the US in 1852 living first in Indiana and then he settled in Kankahee County, Illinois. He married Elizabeth RITTER daughter of Jacob and Sarah (HAMMOND) Ritter. They were parents of 9 children: Louis, Charles, Delia (STANTON), Otto, Edward, Albert and Floyd. Dale BRITTON now lives on this farm.

Anthony SMITH was born in Jackson County, Tennessee in 1830 to Calvin M. and Susan (PENNINGTON) SMITH. He moved to Iowa in 1851 with his parents and in 1870 to Nebraska. In 1900, they moved to Dawes County and purchased their farm and ranch about 1 mile south of Bethel along Indian Creek. He married Missinda CRIDDLEBAUGH of North Carolina in 1859. They were parents of two girls, Chelesta (Alfred WHITIES) and Celia (Philip S. ALLOWAY). Walter RICHARDSON, grandson of Levi and Emma, lived on this farm for many years and now his grandson Walter WASSERBURGER farms there.

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Early Settlers of Bethel Community (continued)

Isaac GRIFFITH lived along East Ash Creek 4 miles southwest of Bethel. He farmed and and his children were Elmer, Roy, Charles, Ida and Henry.

William J. KAISER lived along Trunk Butte Creek and Indian Creek where he homesteaded. This is about 2 miles north of Bethel. The farm was a Post office for a time as mail was brought from Whitney and left for the neighbors to pick up. Son, Otnar, was the next owner and upon his death, Omar left the land to two sons of his brother Fred.

in (sic) 1891 William McGANNON moved from Fountin, Minnesota where he had a butcher shop to a farm about 3 miles north of Bethel. He lived there with his wife and sons, Art and Dave.

Isaac YEARNS moved to the community in 1900. Hew as born in Marion County, Iowa in 1861 to James B and Nancy (PORTER) YEARNS. After his father died in 1882, Isaac moved to Valentine, Nebraska and then to the Bethel community. He lived about 3 1/2 miles south west of Bethel and he was also a chiropractor, along with farming.

Some of the other early settlers were STANTON (first name unknown) who lived 2 miles southwest of Bethel. Also Mont M. SCHAFFER, who lived 1/2 mile west, Harry GILLISPIE, CUMMINGS, M. SMOCK (east of Bethel), M WALLBRIDGE (5 miles south of Bethel) in a large canyon. Halsey CRUM lived 5 miles west, Mike BERGMAN who came to the area in the late 1880's lived 3 miles north along Trunk Butte Creek. Bergman's children were: Ernest, Fritz, Charles, Maude, Katie, Annie and Polly.

John and Fredricke (LANGE) SCHMIDT lived about 2 1/2 miles southwest of Bethel and left the area in 1900 when they moved to Idaho. Adolph LANGE later lived on this farm for many years. Godfried and Dorothea (LANGE) SIEFERS lived on several farms in the area in early years.

Mike CASSIDY, a bachelor, lived in a canyon about 3 miles south of Bethel. He farmed a bit and cut piling for the county. The story is that he could make biscuits that were as soft and light as cotton candy.

A man named CUNNINGHAM lived in a canyon along Indian Creek 2 miles south of the church. This canyon was also notorious (not due to Mr. CUNNINGHAM) for being a hide-out for cattle rustlers. The rustlers would bring the cattle from South Dakota to this canyon, hide out for a few days, and then drive them to the Sandhills. They also reversed the process. This canyon is very long and remote, making it an excellent place to hide. They also dug a deep well, butchered the cattle, and threw the hides in the well. A butcher in Chadron would buy the stolen beef from the rustlers and they all made money. This well, full of old hides was discovered in the early 1930's.

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Early Settlers of Bethel Community (continued)

Coxville was a postoffice about 1 mile south of Bethel around the years 1900. Mail was brought from Whitney and then distributed to the neighbors of the area.

There were also several schools in the area: Trunk Butte about 2 miles north of Bethel and was used until the 1950's. Another schoo1 was located several miles south of Bethel and served those who lived in that area along East Ash Creek. This was abandoned in the 1930's and this area is now government land. District 84 or Hardscrabble began as a log school in 1892 and a few years later was replaced by a better building which is still used today. This school is along East Ash Creek 2 miles west of Bethel.

Bethel Church celebrated its Centennial July 25, 1993 with a very special guest present. She was Eva (BRITTON) WOLF born in 1894 the daughter of John BRITTON and Granddaughter of JAMES W. BRITTON who donated the lumber for the church when it was built. She lived in the Bethel Community until the mid 1930's when she moved to Crawford.

Some information for this story also obtained from: Western Nebraska, History, Reminiscence & Biography, published 1909 by Alden Publishing Co.

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Fillmore County Nebraska

This is the complete listing of men, ages twenty-one to thrity (sic), who registered June 5, 1917 at several polling places in Fillmore County. A total of 1.250 men registered in accordance with the act passed by Congress. This list was abstracted and indexed from the Nebraska Seminal published in Geneva, NE on June 14, 1917 by Rose Marie Hulse of Exeter, NE. Township abbreviations following the name are:

Belle Prairie--bp Exeter--ex Geneva City--gc Liberty--li
Bennet--be Fairmont--fa Glengary--gl Madison--ma
Bryant--br Franklin--fr Grafton--gr Momence--mo
Chelsea--ch Geneva--ge Hamilton--ha Stanton--st
West Blue--wb

Page 51

BETHEL CEMETERY - located 17 miles East of Crawford, Dawes Co. Ne

submitted by: Carol Lange Doyle, Rapid City, SD

In 1892-1893 the men in this community cut and delivered logs to a saw mill owned and operated by John Britton. He sawed the lumber for the new church building and this was done in the spring and summer of 1893. The cemetery is just to the north of this church building.

James W. Britton Levi Richardson
1832-1911 D. 9-8-1905 (75 yr 10 mo 4 da)
Mary A. Britton (wife) Emma Richardson (wife)
1836-1918 D. 12-3-1900 (61 yrs 8 mo 12 da)
Bernice Britton Charles Levi Richardson (their son)
     dau of C & L Britton B. 7-7-1870
D. 1 Nov 1894 (1 yr, 2mo. 7da) D. 9-12-1956
Isaac L. Yearns Jane Lucetia Richardson (wife)
1861-1925 B. 1-9-1876   D. 9-8-1953
LeRoy Griffith Shannon A Richardson (son of Levi)
1903-1967 B. 9-28-1878    D. 10-8-1955
Charles Lawson Griffith William Luther Richardson (son of Levi)
B. 12-10-1899    D. 12-13-1910 B. 3-23-1868     D. 8-1-1956
Alma Griffith John Hamilton
B. 12-25-1908 B. 5-8-1819
D. 1-4-1909 D. 9-24-1925
Frank Crowell Mary Jane Gill Martin
1869-1950 B. 3-4-1827
  D. 1-1-1919
Halsey Crum      (sister of John Hamilton)
B. 4-7-1852  
D. 5-11-1919 Caroline Lange
B. 8-28-1822
Mrs. Halsey Crum D. 4-1-1902
     (no marker)  
Carl Lange (husband)
Mother of Halsey Crum B. 5-9-1821
     (no marker) D 2-15-1910
Bertha B. Sprague Charles F. Lange (son of Carl)
     dau of A & B Sprague B. 1-11-1856
D. 3-14-1894 (6 mo 7 da) D. 9-19-1949
Jossie L. Raymond Augusta J. Lange (wife)
dau of G.L. & O.L. Raymond B. 11-22-1866
D. 1-27-1891 (l4 yr 4 mo 7 da) D. 8-28-1947
Gertie Smock Frederick C. Lange (son of Charles)
     dau of M & M Smock B. 1-8-1884
D. 3-1-1897 (1 mo 12 da) D. 4-6-1922

Page 52

Bethel Cemetery (continued)

Lange (triplets 2 girls & 1 boy) Emma E. Hoevet (wife Edward)
B & D 1906 1884-1956
     (Ch. Charles & Augusta) Dau of Levi & Emma Richardson)
Carl C. Lange (Son of Charles) Ted Hoevet (son of Edward)
B. 10-1-1902 1906-1965
D. 12-5-1981  
  Wilbur Hoevet (Son of Edward)
Lillian Rennau Lange (wife) 1905-1965
B. 1-4-1909 D 1-26-1974  
  Beverly Ann Hoevet (dau Arthur)
Charles E. Ball
1858-1898 Stanton
D. 5-22-1906 (3 yr 10 mo 10 da)
Mary E. Ball (Wife)
1859-1951 Honnald, Ruth (ch of Guy & Florence)
B. 3-8-1914
Charley W. Ball D. 3-17-1914
(Co. c. 48th Eng) M. Walbridge (Lot 37)
no marker
William H. Betson
1858-1931 Grammer (dau George Grammer)
B. 2-27-1907
Annie L. Betson (wife) D. 3-20-1907
Charles Zeller
Alice Betson (dau William) B. 10-1-1894
B. 2-5-1907 D. 10-17-1974
D. 2-26-1907
James Wilson, Lot 22
Charles Eston Betson (son of William)      No marker
C. Wright (Lot 42)
Charles W. Hoevet      No marker
D. 1-6-1905 (72 yr 7 mo 3 da)
Lloyd Hutton (son George & Cora Hutton)
Edward H. Hoevet      no marker


Harlan County Schools . Educational Directory . Harlan County NE, (See Page 79)

1938- 1939 Enrollment in High School Districts, Harlan Co. NE

H.S. Total
Grade Total

Page 53

BELMONT CEMETERY - located Sec 27, T30N R51W. Dawes County about 3 miles east of Belmont, Nebraska

Submitted by Carol Lange Doyle, Rapid City, South Dakota

Ferdinand Wendt William M. McHenry
B. 5-13-1875 B. 12-12-1833
D. 3-2-1950 D. 8-11-1887
Jessie R. Wendt Thomas W. McHenry
     wife of Ferdinand Wendt B. 8-10-1863
B. 2-3-1880 D. 6-18-1943
D. 11-10-1910
Laura J. McHenry (wife of William)
Bertha P. Wendt B. 4-23-1868
1879 - 1967 D. 7-30-1945

Eddie F. Wendt

Roy Forbes

B. 7-25-1900      son of A & C Forbes
D. 9-2-1910 D. 8-30-1890 (6 mo 17 da)

John H. Wendt

Andrew P. Forbes
B. 9-20-1908 B 1857
D. 8-29-1938 D. 1905

Joan Wendt

Clara Mae Forbes (wife of Andrew)
     Dau of John H. Wendt B. 4-18-1871
B. December 1934 D. 5-13-1891
D. April 1935
Vina Forbes
Margret J. Hack      Dau of A & C Forbes
1851 - 1923 D. 8-16-1891 (3 mo 10 da)

Lewis A. Hack

Daniel W. Wikert
1857 - 1937 B. 12-15-1860
  D. 11-4-1907
Orval B. Porter  
B. 10-14-1896 Ida E. Wikert (wife of Daniel)
D. 11-13-1917 B. 3-3-1863
D. 1-17-1907
David T. Porter
B. 7-14-1861 Jennie C. Gould
D. 12-15-1935 D. 4-24-1891 (54 yr 10 mo 4 da)

Mary R. Porter (wife of David)

Belemous Hayden
B. 2-4-1866 1838 - 1917
D. 8-25--l954
Sarah Hayden (wife of Belemous)
Idac Webster 1843 - 1918
B. 8-12-1903
D. 4-20-1946 M. E. Bacon (wife of I. W. Bacon)
D. 6-12-1890 (age 4l yr 2 mo 21 da)
Idab Webster
B.10-30-1931 John D. Boulden
D. 2-1-1947 1882 - 1944

Page 54

Belmont Cemetery (continued)

George Boulden Annie M. Plymate
1849 - 1934 B. 3-12-1868
D. 7-6-1898
Nancy C. Boulden
Wife of George Levi H. Williams
1858 - 1945      son of W.F. & l.A. Williams
  D. 12-9-1887 (age 9 days)
Catherine Diehl  
B. 10-2-1834 William J. Williams
D. 7-24-1916      son of W.F.& I.A. Williams
  B. 12-1-1887
Andrew Diehl D. 12-1-1887
     son of A & C Diehl  
B. 6-6-1874 Preston S. Herrington
D. 6-6-1891      husband of F.A. Herrington
D. 7-25-1894 (Age 52 yrs)
Joseph Diehl
1877 - 1977 William Herrington
     son of P & F Herrington
Mary B. Diehl (wife of Joseph) D. 11-29-1894 (2 yr 6 mo)
1881 - 1972
Joseph A. Diehl Frank E. Hamaker
1907 - 1952 B. 4-9-1894
D. 12-16-1918
William R. Mengel
D. 2-14-1906 Ray C. Hamaker
(84 yr 11 mo 14 da) B. 7-3-1882
D. 11-4-1918
Harriet Mengel  wife of William
1831 - 1909 Daniel W. Hamaker
       Son of R.S.Q & A Hamaker
Marion Loerene Fink   D. 12-18-1898 (11 yr 4mo 19da)
     dau of W. H. & Ann Fink  
B. 5-23-1919   D. 1-16-1920

Page 55

HIGHLAND CEMETERY - icateci (sic) about 20 Mi. SW of Chadron, Dawes Co Sec 1, T3ON, R50W

Submitted by Carol Lange Doyle, Rapid City, SD

PECK, Silas W. BRITTON, James C.
1858 - 1899 D Sept 2, 1920 (age 25 yrs)

PECK; Ellen J. (wife of Silas)

JACKSON, Mrs. Hannah P.
1860 - 1942 B. April 8, 1837
D. July 20, 1908
1852 - 1892 COIL, Infant son F.J. & R. Coil
B. Sept 16, 1909 (age 1 day)
D. Oct 1, 1890 (1 yr. 2 mo 13 da) COIL, Rosa Lee
1872 - 1953
UHLKEN, Infant son B & E. Uhiken)
Age 9 days (yr not shown) COIL, Franklin J.
1857 - 1932
UHLKEN, Johanne
B. July 20, 1891 COIL, Sarah E. (wife of Franklin)
D. Jan 6, 1909 1858 - 1935
ASCHWEGE, Johanne H. COIL, Berton E.
B. Sept 19, 1905 1884 - 1902
D. June 3, 1928
COIL, J. Earl
ASCHWEGE, Elizabeth 1888 - 1898 .
COIL, Robert M.
ASCHWEGE, Gerhard Bernhard 1897 - 1968
1867 - 1945   (Husb. of Elizabeth)
COIL, J. George
SCHERBARTH, Carol Ann 1878 - 1947
B. July 29, 1968
D. March 2, 1969 COIL, William L.
1883 - 1959
B. Dec 22, 1889 COIL, FRED R.
D. April 14, 1973 1885 - 1969
STEFFENSEN, Mary C: COIL, Laura A. (Wife of Fred)
B. Aug 25, 1903 (Wife of Henry) B. 1891
BRIJNS, Martin F. COIL, Kenneth F.
1915 - 1974 B. Oct 4, 1926
      Marr. Dec 8, 1938 to D. Sept 3, 1956
BRUNS, Ester L. (Wohlers)      Nebr. GM3 USNR WWII
B 1918  
BRUNS, John F. COIL, Genevieve B.
1889 - 1965 1928 - 1929
BRUNS, Alma H. (wife of John) BRUNS, Roy
1396 - 1963 1932 - 1945

Page 56

Highland Cemetery (continued)

HEADDEN, Mary Fernetta BELIEU, Fern A.
B. Feb 20 1921 B. May 18, 1898
D. Oct 9, 1923 D. Aug 17, 1898
B. Mar 18, 1884 1878 - 1973
D. Sept 28, 1940
  HEBBERT, George W. (Husb. of Maude)
HEADDEN, Isabella (wife Frank) 1874 - 1932
B. Aug 29, 1887
D. May 4, 1967 FARRINGTON, Clarence
1895 - 1970
ROBERTS, Roberta R.
1932 - 1942 FARRINGTON, Myrtle, Wife of Clarencc
D. Feb 8, 1900 FARRINCTON, Doris
80 yr 11 mo. 2 da. 1921 - 1942
     Husb of Ann G. Frampton
ROBBINS, Ilah Pearl (Grigler) FARRINGTON, Joseph C.
B. April 13, 1881 B. Dec 26, 1859
D. Dec 12, 1905 D. Nov 19, 1913
     Wife of Alva Robbins  
  FARRINGTON, Veola (wife Joseph)
TIMBREL, Walter Edward B. Sept 23, 1871
B. Dec 22, 1902 D. March 26, 1931
D. Dec 27, 1902  
MAYFIELD, Clara B. Oct 23, 1907
D. Dec 17, 1896 D. Feb 6, 1908
     Dau of L & H. Mayfield  
BELIEU, William L. B. Oct 4, 1898
D. June 28, 1900 (26 yr 9 da) D. Aug 23, 1900
B. Dec 3, 1897 1877 - 1942
D. Dec 3, 1897  
  WHETSTONE, Hattie (Robbins)
BELIEU, William 1877 - 1957 (wife of Fred)
B. Dec 20, 1901  
D. Apr 28, 1902 TYREE, John S.
  B. July 15, 1869
SIEFERS, Dora M. D. Sept 22, 1903
D. Sept 24, 1907 ( 4 da)      Son W.W. and M. H. Tyree
Dau C.H. & M.F. Siefers      Co. E.S. Iowa Vol.
SIEFERS, Clarence JORALEMON, Nicholas A.S.
B. June 28, 1923 D. May 13, 1906 (23 yr 5 mo 23 da)
D. July 5, 1923      Husb of Clara Joralemon
     son of C.H. & M.F. Siefers  
  JORALEMON, Martha N.
KLEEMAN, Clark D. Feb 28, 1904 (52 yr 5 mo)
1879 - 1970      wife of Charles C.
KLEEMAN, Harold B. JORALEMON, Charles C.
B. Nov 17, 1912 D. June 24, 1910
D. Apr 30, 1965
     Neb Pvt Co. M 354 Inf. WWII JORALEMON, Griffin
D. Aug 21, 1896 (56 yr 1mo 12da)

Page 56

Highland Cemetery (continued)

AHRENs, Rudolph O. KLEEMAN, Amelia
B. June 16, 1918 B. Dec 25, 1847
D. April 30, 1973 D. July 27, 1911 (wife Fredrick)
AHRENS, Shirley M. (Nowlan) KLEEMAN, Fredrick
B. May 12, 1922 (wife Rudolph) B. July 26, 1842
D1 July 25, 1919
AHRENS, Dorothy M.O.
B. Nov 25, 1924 BRUNS, Henry
D. Nov 23, 1934 B. April 25, 1924
D. May 10, 1924
AHRENS, Henry C.
1889 - 1971 HIXSON, Louie
  D. Nov 16, 1901
AHRENS, Johanna M. (Wife Henry)      (Son R.L. & M. E. Hixson)
B. 1893
CARD, Cory Don
STEWART, George A. D. Jan 18, 1892 (Son D & E Card)
1856 - 1928 (Husb Ella)
  CARD, Lee
STEWART, Ella Elnora 1874 - 1958
1860 - 1900  
  CARD, Mrs. E.C.
WHETSTONE, Carrie Luella D. Dec 7, 1900 (51 yrs 4 mo 2 da)
B. Jan 19, 1907  
D. Feb 27, 1907 DEANS, Malvin Alvan
     dau Fred Whetstone B. Feb 11, 1925
  D. June 23, 1931
WHETSTONE, Cynthia A.      (Son Wm C. & Lula Deans)
B. Aug 10, 1834  
D. May 19, 1901 (Wife William)
JACKSON, Son of Byron & G. Jackson
WHETSTONE, Wiliam J. D. Aug 6, 1904 (3 mo 12 da)
B. May 21, 1832
D. June 25, 1909 JACKSON, Mannie A.
D. Oct 28, 1903 (9 mo 9 da)
HARRIS Thomas H.      son Byron & G. Jackson
B. July 3, 1833
D. Dec 23, 1896 (Husb Grizell) JACKSON, William
B. Aug 1, 1901
HARRIS, Grizell D. Aug 19, 1901
B. Mar 21,1836      son Byron & G. Jackson
D. May 8, 1906
KRAUT, Maria S.
D. June 31,1891 (2 mo 6 da)
     dau A.H. & G. Kraut

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