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Volume 20, no. 2

Fall 1997

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Only members of NSGS may order books from the library. On a 3 x 5 card write your name, address and membership number along with the titles of the books you select. No more than three books per order. Enclose four dollars for each book you order from this listing or from the Catalog of Library hoLdings. Include a SASE with each order.

Send your order to the NSGS librarian, Route 2, Box 28, Exeter, NE 68351.

A Catalog of Library Holdings is available for sale from the same address for six dollars plus two dollars for postage and handling.


Clarice Andersen of Blair, NE donated the following 3 publications:

PRAIRIE VIEW CEMETERY BLAIR NE 33 pages of history, plat map, index, tombstone inscriptions, lot owners, war veterans and list of clerks through the years.

ONE HUNDRED YEARS - THE FIRST CONGREGATIONAL CHURCH - BLAIR NE a small 40 page booklet of history, memoriam list from 1955 to 1970 with death date, list of ministers, charter members and 1970 list of members.

BLAIR NEBRASKA CHURCHES 2 pages of Methodist baptisms 1867-1885; 4 pages of marriages in Congregational church 1870-1873; 7 pages of Christian Church History and 90th Anniversary of Grace United Methodist Church at Kennard, NE.

GENEALOGY OF THE BALTZLY-BALSLEY-POLSLEY FAMILY donated by Jim H. Peterson of Vermillion, SD, a 372 page hard bound book also includes."A SKETCH OF MAJOR WILLIAM HAYMOND" who served in the Revolutionary War. Peter, Christian, who served in the Revolutionary War and twin brother, Christoff came to PA from Switzerland. Jacob and Casper came from Holland and William from Germany. The donor is the 6th generation of Peter. He is a descendant of Simon Peter and Elizabeth who are buried in the Ponca, Nebraska Cemetery. Numerous descendants live in the Ponca and Laurel areas of Nebraska.

Sara Firehammer of Granger, IN donated the following 11 books.

WITH WOMEN'S EYES - VISITORS TO THE NEW WORLD 1775-1918 donated in the name of Lauren Leney, a 207 page hard bound book with index, contains the articles written by 27 Europeon women who vistied America during the above years comparing life in the New Work (sic) with those of their country.

COUNTRY TOWNS OF MICHIGAN donated in the name of Marisa Leney, is a 113 page soft bound book with index, has articles of 17 towns with populations of 7,000 or under with interesting histories, geographic features, festivals that out scaled the community size, etc.

MILITARY LEADERS IN THE CIVIL WAR donated in the name of Lauren Leney, is a 251 page soft bound book contains a chapter for each of ten generals who were leaders in the war. Photos of those generals and maps of various battlefields are included.

GENEALOGICAL & LOCAL HISTORY BOOKS IN PRINT donated in the name of Marisa Leney, a 376 poage soft bound book with index of family genealogies and newsletters, is the 2nd supplement to the 4th edition of books published since 1990-1992. Books are listed by general reference, by state, other countries and families.

MIDDLE TENNESSEE GENEALOGY donated in the name of John A. Poetzinger, is Volume VII #1, a quarterly of the Middle Tennessee Genealogical Society at Nashville consisting of 48 pages.

STOLTZFUS CEMETERY donated in the name of Matthew Poetzinger, is a 21 page soft cover book with index, listing the 197 burieals near New Holland, PA beginning with John King in 1831.

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Sara Firehammer donations continued:

A GENEALOGIST'S COMPANION & SOURCEBOOK donated in the name of Philip J. Poetzinger, is a 229 page soft bound book with index, explains going beyond the basics and hands-on guide to unpuzzling your past.

THE BIG BOOK OF AMERICAN IRISH CULTURE donated in the name of Philip J. Poetzinger, is a 287 page hard bound book, contains the history of the Irish in achievements of politics, religion, sports, theater, movies, war, journalism etc.

CREATING CHICAGO'S NORTH SIDE donated in the name of Philip J. Poetzinger, a 338 page hard bound book with index, describes in story, pictues and maps the EIGHT SUBURBS OF Chicago on the north side that were established as early as 1855 when the railroad began its commuter service.

THE MAGNIFICENT 92 INDIANA COURTHOUSES donated in the name of Philip J. Poetzinger, a 192 page hard bound book, has a story in words and colorful photos, architects and history of each courthouse with counties listed in alphabetical order

A WAY THROUGH THE WILDERNESS - THE NATCHEZ TRACE AND THE CIVILZATION OF THE SOUTHERN FRONTIER donated in the name of John A. Poetzinger, is a 382 page hard bound book with index, is the history of what is now Mississippi and Alabama, describes the movement of pioneers and settlers south from Nashville following the American Revolution through Indian Country of the Chicksaw and Choctaw, It describes their struggle to farm, develop communities, churches, schools, politics, law, etc.

DESCENDANTS OF ROBERT & SUSANNAH BARRET AND JEREMIAH & ELIZABETH BARRETT 1770-1996 donated by the authoress, Elizabeth Price of Westminster, Colorado, a 308 page spiral bound book with index and addresses of descendants who contributed information. This is the history of a family who came from Somersetshire, England to Saline County, NE in 1858, than Gage County and Smith County, KS. Family stories, photos, maps, documents and charts relating the American Barrett family with the ones in the United Kingdom. Dewitt, NE is the location in Saline County.

Doris Peters of DeWitt, NE donated the following 2 books:

125 YEARS OF HISTORY OF DEWITT NEBRASKA - ITS FAMILIES ITS COMMUNITY 1872-1997 a 365 page spiral bound book with surname index, topic index and picture index has a history of the town, a chronological history from old newspapers and 185 pages of family histories make up the book.

HISTORY OF AND DESCENDANTS OF HERMAN REHWOLDT VOLUME I & II a soft cover book of 267 pages with index and addresses of informants. He was born in Germany in 1836, married first wife in Germany, came to Wisconsin as a missionary where 4 girls were born. The mother died following the birth of a son so the Rev. put the girls into an orphanage and a parishoner cared for the son and returned to Germany to find a new bride. Upon his return he gathered the children and moved to Montecello, IA to preach and on to Deshler and Byron, Ne where he died.

HISTORY OF DOANE COLLEGE - CRETE NE 1872-1912 donated by the Beatrice Public Library at Beatrice, NE, a 312 page hard bound book with index, is the history of a college established in Nebraska for a Congregational Institute of higher learning which was named Doane College after Thomas Doane, chief engineer of the Burlington Missouri Railroad. Chapters are written for 4 other academies in Nebraska that never survived. Doane College is still active today.

Jan Plambeck of Kenesaw, NE donated the following 38 directories:

1947 ANNUAL REPORT OF THE ST PAUL'S LUTERAN (sic) CHURCH - MINDEN NE 6 pages of vital information like baptisms, marriages, deaths and confirmants. A defunct church and pews at Hampton were purchased to be torn down and moved to Minden for rebuilding. Names of members with their contributions is included.

1951 DEDICATION OF NEWLY BUILT ST PAUL LUTHERAN CHURCH AT MINDEN Officers council, special gift and memorials are listed in the 13 page publication. The old church was moved to Pioneer Village.

Page 77

Jan Plambeck donations continued:

ANNUAL REPORT OF THE ST PAUL LUTHERAN CHURCH AT MINDEN FOR 1952 to 1985 with '64, '65, '67,'68, '80, '81 and '84 missing. Early issues list baptisms, marriages, deaths, transfers, confirmants, pastors and officers of the various organizations and auxiliaries. Names and addresses of members begin in 1969. From 1976 to 1985 they have only names and addresses of members.

BRIEF HISTORICAL SKETCH OF ZION LUTHERAN CHURCH IN WANDA TOWNSHIP ADAMS COUNTY, NE 1878-1928 a small 16 page booklet with photos of church, parsonage, school and teacherage home. First baptisms, marriages, confirmations and deaths along with listing of members at time of 50th Jubilee.

1968 CHURCH DIRECTORY FOR ZION LUTHERAN CHURCH OF WANDA NEAR JUNIANA NE AND ST PAUL LUTHERAN CHURCH AT HOLSTEIN NE has a pictorial section of families from each church with a listing of members names and addresses from each church.

100 YEARS OF GOD'S GRACE IN A COUNTRY PLACE-ZION LUTHERAN CHURCH - WANDA TWP 1878-1978 is a 10 page brochure with history and photos of pastors, teachers and organizations. A list of confirmands for these years along with a list of members at the time of the centennial celebration.

PEACE LUTHERAN CHURCH 25TH ANNIVERSARY HASTINGS NE 1948-1973 a 16 page soft cover brochure with history and photos.

DEDICATION PROGRAM OF GOLDBECK TOWERS - GOOD SAMARITAN VILLAGE - HASTINGS NE has a biography of William and Dagmar Goldbeck in whose name the addition was named. Rev. Goldbeck was born in Ruskin, NE.

75TH ANNIVERSARY OF EMMANUEL LUTHERAN CHURCH - ARAPAHOE NE 1882-1957 a 24 page booklet has a history of this rural church and school. A list of sons who served in the church ministry, teaching ministry, military service and confirmants since 1887.

DEDICATION SERVICE TRINITY LUTHERAN CHURCH LEXINGTON NE 1954, a 19 page brochure with history, officers, building personnel, memorials and special gifts.

DEDICATION OF REDEEMER LUTHERAN CHURCH chico (sic) Ca 1956 with 14 pages of history beginning in 1910, memorials and special gifts with the names "In Memory Of".

EISENHOUER CENTER ABELINE KS a 36 page booklet with colorful photos and stories of the four buildings; the library, museum, family home and resting place of Dwight D. Eisenhouer, 34th President of the United States.

Mrs. GAvin (Dorothy) Muirhead of Beatrice, NE donated the following 11 books:

SAMUEL GORTON OF RHODE ISLAND AND HIS DECENDANTS VOLUNE I & II one book of 1041 pages, hard bound with index, includes the historical biography of Samuel Gorton and his family in England, his arrival in Boston with wife, Mary and small children in 1636/37. This book contains 13 generations of this Gorton Family. Volume II contains the descendants of five of Samuel's six daughters.

DESCENDANTS OF THOMAS AND RICHARD BRUSH OF HUNTINGTON LONG ISLAND a 902 page hard bound book with index contains 12 generations. These brothers, the sons of John Brush of Southold, England came to America in the 1650's. Thomas had 5 children and Richard had 7 Children.

SUPPLEMENT I & II TO DESCENDANTS OF THOMAS AND RICHRD BRUSH, one hard bound book of 313 pages has a chapter listing historic homes and cemeteries where Brush family lived and are buried. Additional further research done in England and revised information with sources to the original book.

HISTORY OF THE TOWN OF MEDFIELD, MASSACHUSETTS 1650-1886, a 556 page hard bound book with index has a chronological history of the town along with its many name changes. There are 247 pages of short genealogies of families of 1651 to 1850 with some photos. Also 12 pages of births, marriages and deaths not included in the genealogies. This book has many, many names.

A GENEALOGY OF THE FAMILY OF HAMPTON OR PLYMPTON IN AMERICA AND OF PLUMPTON IN ENGLAND a 240 page hard bound book with index. The first generation in America is John, born in England in 1620, in Mass, in 1640. There are very short genealogies of 522 descendants.

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Dorothy Muirhead donations continued:

NEW JERSEY GRAVEYARD AND GRAVESTONE INSCRIPTIONS LOCATORS - MORRIS COUNTY a 107 page hard bound book with graveyard index. Three maps of the southeastern, northern and southwestern sections of the county show townships with towns and numbers in locations of the various cemeteries. Each cemetery lists age, number of stones and where gravestone inscription manuscripts can be found. No gravestone information is included.

INDIANS FROM NEW YORK IN ONTARIO AND QUEBEC CANADA VOLUNE_II, a 255 page soft cover bound book has 27 pages of reference and research sources, biographical names in alphabetical order are according to county with reference to where information was found for each person.

PHILLIPS GENEALOGIES INCLUDING THE FAMILY OF GEORGE PHILLIPS, FIRST MINISTER OF WATERTOWN MA a 231 page soft bound book with index that ends with Sibley, This book compiled in 1885 shows 10 generations of Rev. Georg Phillips arid his many branches. Included are Phillips in other states also along with scattered families.

THE GILMERS OF AMERICA a 200 page soft bound book. published in 1897 begins with Dr. George Gilmour of Scotland who practiced medicine in London, came to Virginia in 173l, married 3 times and died in 1757 leaving 3 sons.

LEWIS OF ZACHARY SPOTSYLVANIA COUNTY VA a 14 page stapled booklet begins WITH Zachary Lewis, born in Wales, came to VA in 1692 and had 2 sons, Zachary and John.

THE LEWIS FAMILY EXTRACTED FROM A HISTORY & GENEALOGY OF THE HABERSHAM FAMILY a 12 page stapled booklet about Samuel & Mary Lewis who came to Georgia with sons, Abraham, Samuel, Judah and Elijah, Joseph, Isaac, Jacob, Demmis and John.

A DIRECTORY OF SOME CORNISH RESOURCES IN NORTH AMERICA AND CORNWALL, a 67 page spiral bound book published by The Cornish American Heritage Society at Wisconsin has many addresses in Great Britian and the U.S.A. of Celtic and Cornish societies, organizations, libraries, language, music, internet recources, etc.



Each volume lists names in alphabetical order, date and place of birth or age, oberamt which is equivalent to our county seat in America, emigration application date, not embarkation date, destionation and film number. A map in Volumes 3-6 show the location of each oberamts. Application dates start as early as 1750 with most in the 1800's to 1885. 36 of the 64 oberamts are listed. Will there be more volumes published?

volume 1 of 230 pages contains 11,500 names. It covers oberamts for Becknang, Besigheim, Biberach, Blaubeuren, Baeblingen, Brackenheim, Calw and Horb.

Volume 2 ordered but on back order

Volume 3 has 240 pages covers oberamts for Balingen, Calw, Freudenstadt, Sulz, Herrenberg and Nagold.

Volume 4 had 240 pages covers oberamts for Geislingen, Kirchheim, Leonbcrg and Reutlingen

VOLUME 5 has 240 pages covers oberamts for Gaildorf, Geislingen, Kuenzelsau, Mergentheim, and Welzheim.

Volume 6 has 480 pages covers oberamts for Brackenheim, Gmuen, Hall, Heilbronn, Leonberg, Maulbronn, Neckarsulm, Nuertingen, Oehringen, Schorndorf, Spaichingen, Stuttgart, Urachk Waidsee and Weinsberg.

THE LINCOLN HIGHWAY - NEBRASKA a 196 page hard bound book with index has 677 pages of history and photos of the 13 counties the highway passed through from Omaha to the Wyoming border west of Kimball. The Lincoln Highway was the first transcontinental highway across America from New York to San Francisco. There are 127 full page maps showing the location of the highway with full details showing towns, rural schools, churches, cemeteries, railroads, rivers, creeks and section lines. A Lincoln Highway Association was founded in 1992 to keep this highway from destruction.

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SALINE COUNTY ROOTS a 288 page hard bound book with surname index, contains stories and many photographs published in the newspaper at Crete, NE during Nebraska's Quasquicentennial in 1992-'93. A very short history of Saline County, short stories and photos of 10 schools, stories from Crete and 143 pages of family stories. Most of these were Pioneer Farm Family awards by Ak-Sar-Ben during 1992 and 1993. The title of the book is deceiving since only Crete if featured of the nine towns of the county.


The following information taken from a recent issue of THE PHELPS HELPS NEWSLETTER published by Phelps County Genealogy Society, Holdrege, NE.

HARLAN COUNTY SCHOOLS - EDUCATIONAL DIRECTORY - 1938-1939 - Nellie Booher, County Superintendent, Alma, NE.

Dist. School Teacher Salary
4 Sappa Valley Frances JOHNETTE $495.
6 Bear Velma BYLER $450.
7 Christler Bernice BUSH $495.
8 Prairie Dog Beth ZIEGLER $450.
10 Valley View Ruth SCHLATZ $495.
12 Pleasant Hill Doris SHOEMAKER $405.
14 Turkey Creek Berniece LENNEMANN $378.
17 Plainview Jeanne BOSE $405.
19 Vincent Irma VANDIKE $450.
23 Fairview Mrs. Irene SNYDER $450.
25 Shady Valley Elaine IBSEN $360
26 Springbrook Mrs. B. LUTTON $495.
27 Pleasant Ridge Chrystal ABBOTT $405.
28 Freewater Helen GLANDON $450.
30 Champion Helen TICE $360
31 Salem Mary NORMAN $360.
35 Carter I. Marie SEYLER $450.
36 Dawson Alice MOLZAHN $  "
37 Pleasant Valley Mrs. lnez BOURNE $450.
42 Pleasant View Hazel BENNETT $405.
43 Wide Awake Evelyb LEOPOLD $450.
46 Graft Clementine NU____ $540.
48 Pumpkin Ridge Mary PORTER $315.
49 Black Top Iona DELIMONT $405.
53 Sunny Side Marion SCHLEUSENER $450
54 Sappa Peak Cleda SAMPLES $450
55 Cannonville Cleo POLLETTE $360.
58 Goldenrod Mabel HARVEY $515
? North Lewisburg Ellen WALKER $405
? Sixty Tressie LEOPOLD $540.
64   " Leota DAVIDSON $405.
66 Sunny Side Leota GUSTAFSON $405
69 Flag Creek Vera STURTEVANT $450.
72 Gorman Anona HOSEA $360.
74 Riverside Louise BURKEY $405.
75 Sunny Plain Lela GIJSTAFSON $407.50
76 Midway Doris KERR $400
80 Esterbrook Edith LAVENE $400,

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