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Bismarck Tribune

1926 Sep 28

Eight Buildings Are Burned at Glenburn

Glenburn went to bed with oil lamps, lanterns and candles last night, and awoke this morning to again survey the ruins of a $25,000 fire which yesterday swept away all of the buildings on one side of Main street in the biggest conflagration in the history of the town.

Eight buildings were destroyed by the flames, which originated in the meat market owned by Nick Holes soon after his son had lit a fire in a stove and had gone out to get his breakfast. When he returned the building was in flames, and the fire was spreading to an adjoining structure.

The garage of Sharp and Bean, which is owned by J. E. Thayer of Grand Forks and which houses the village's light plant, was in the path of the fire, and all of the equipment was removed. The flames did not reach the building, but it was impossible to again install the lighting equipment, so the residents last night brought out their old oil lamps, lanterns and candles, and used them after dusk.

That a number of the buildings destroyed in yesterday's fire will be rebuilt is a certainty, it is declared.

Of the various losses, the heaviest probably will be that sustained by F. W. Peglow, prominent local merchant.

1935 Oct 11

Glenburn Woman Dies

Minot, N.D., Oct. 11. - Miss Mary E. Woodburn, 57, resident of the Glenburn vicinity, died at a hospital here Thursday after a six weeks illness. Burial will be at Almont, Mich.

Mohall Independent

1905 May 06

Amandus Olson Dead

On Wednesday morning Amandus Olson, who was teaching parochial school for the Brethren church northeast of town about 4 miles was suddenly stricken with death. He was boarding with P. Satran here in Mohall and rode a bicycle out to his school each day. On Wednesday morning he appeared to be in his usual health, and started for his school about 8 o'clock, on his wheel facing a very high northeast wind. He was seen to pass by the intervening farmers, but in most instances it was noticed that he was walking and leading the wheel. The pupils who were at the school saw him only a short distance away, but after waiting some time for him and not knowing what to do notified some of the near neighbors of his nonappearance. No one seemed to be alarmed, as Mr. Olson always appeared to be in the best of health. After some hours of waiting, some of the larger school girls and Mrs. Halvorson started out to ascertain what the cause might be, and about 40 rods from the school house, cold in death. His wheel was nearby, and he apparently had died without a struggle.

The people nearby were notified and the body was brought to town. The coroner at Minot was notified who instructed Dr. Fitzmaurice to make an examination and if there was no indication of violence, it would not be necessary to hold an inquest. After a thorough examination, Dr. Fritzmaurice pronounced that death was the result of heart failure which had probably been brought on by over exertion.

Mr. Olson was an intelligent, quiet, Christian man about 38 years of age and a good citizen and his sudden and unexpected death cast a gloom over a large circle of friends and will be a severe loss to the entire community. The body will be interred in the cemetery here.

1905 May 06

Fire Sunday morning burned Thos. W. Huff's house and all contents at his house 3 miles from Glenburn. Mrs. Huff was severely burned all over her body and may not live. In case she does live, it will be four months before she can be about. She was taken to the home of her uncle Mr. Burnell.

Ward County Independent

Date of issue: unknown

Veterinary Surgeon: W.T. Glass will be in Mohall at Clifford Bros, barn every Saturday for the practice of my profession. Leave orders at the barn or at my farm, N.W. 12-160-84 near railroad tracks.

1920 Jan 08

Loraine Couple Married in Minot

James H. Davis, well known grain dealer from Loraine, N. D., was united in marriage in this city Tuesday to Mrs. Eva Crowell, the ceremony being performed by Rev. P. W. Erickson. It was just seventeen years ago to a day that a license was issued for the marriage of Mr. Davis to his first wife, whose death occurred some time ago, and Tuesday's marriage was the third time that the bride had appeared before the altar of Hymen. Mr. and Mrs. Davis are a very estimable young couple who have the best wishes of a host of friends.

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