Place Names W
Watford City-Watford

This GNRR terminus founde in 1913 as Banks, but was soon thereafter renamed Watford. Because of confusion with Wolford in Pierce County, it was renamed Watford City on May 13, 1916. John C. Zeller pm (1881-1960)continued as pm. The villiage became a city in 1934 with Dr Harry U Winner as the first  mayor, and in 1941 it defeated Alexander for county seat honors, taking the court house away from Shafer. The elevation is 2084, the Zip Code is 58854, and a peak population of 2114 was reached in 1980. Historian and author Erling Nicolai Rolfsrud and former Lt. Governor and Labor Commissioner Orville West "Ike" Hagan are natives of Watford City.

White City

Capt. Ed Seneschal came to McKenzie County in 1910 from Fort Pierre, SD and founded a townsite in NW 1/4 Sec. 28-154-97, Twin Valley Twp., twenty four miles NNE of Watford City, naming it White City because all of its buildings were painted this color.  In 1911 the Seneschal post office was established just to the SE, taking this name only after postal officials had rejected White City, which continued to use local usage.

White House

This name is found in early accounts to denote a building in Sec. 6-152-100, adjacent to the Stroud post office, that served for a short time in 1905 as the first McKenzie County courthouse.  The county seat status was never officially recognized, and within a few weeks Alexander received the honor.  Some sources call this place Stone House, thought to be erroneous.


This was a rural post office established  February 27, 1905 with Wilbur H Rogers, pm. Wilbur is an Anglo-Saxon name meaning beloved stronghold.  It was located in NE 1/4 Sec. 9-153-101, Wilbur Twp., three miles SW of Williston on the south bank of the Missouri River.  It moved two miles south in  1910 to NW 1/4 Sec. 14-153-101, and closed November 30, 1912 with mail to Williston.


This was a rural post office established March 19, 1906 with John E "Jack" Williams (1861-1937), who came here in 1898, as pm. It was located in SE 1/4 Sec. 13-149--96, Bear Den Twp., nineteen miles ESE of Watford City, and closed May 31,1907, with mail to Schafer.