Company G 1st Ms Cavalry

Roster of Company G

First Mississippi Cavalry

Noxubee Squadron

"Noxubee Troopers"

compiled and edited by E. Annette Hudson Rose ©2002
on behalf of the MsGenWeb, Noxubee County, Mississippi
Adams, Frank									
Adams, Robert, Sergeant					
Alford, George W.							
Armstrong, William							
Atterberry, C.S.							
Augustus, William B., Corporal			
Ball, I.H.									
Barnham, John								
Barton, Thomas P.							
Beasley, J.R.								
Beasley, W.E., Adjutant					
Binion, A.D.									
Binion, W.									
Boggess, Thomas								
Boswell, A.J.								
Boyle, Robert W.							
Brooks, James F., Sergeant				
Brooks, Thomas S.							
Bush, A.H.									
Bush, Albert, Jr.							
Bush, Anderson								
Bush, John D.								
Cahill, P.F.N.								
Caldwell, Robert L.							
Channing, George							
Carleton, Finnis E.
Caston, Mid G
Cheatham, W.A
Clark, Matthew
Clarke, A.V.
Clemments, Early C.
Coats, James A.
Colbert, William H.
Colbert, Jack
Cole, Washington
Conner, W.D.
Conner, W.S.
Cornelius, R.
Cotton, I.B.
Cox. F.L., Bugler
Cranford, William H.
Daniel, James
Daniel, H.M.
Dantzler, A.J.
Dantzler, Groves H., Sergeant
Dantzler, J.L., Sr.
Dantzler, J.L., Jr.
Dantzler, Thomas M.
Day, Samuel B., 2nd. Lieutenant
Deal, Nick
Deupree, Joseph Lattimore, 3rd Lieutenant
Deupree, Joseph Ellington
Deupree, Joseph Everett
Deupree, John G.
Deupree, Thomas Jefferson, Captain
Deupree, William Daniel
Deupree, William Drewry
Doogan, J.L.
Dooly, William W.
Douglass, James H.
Douglass, William W., Sergeant 
East, Samuel
Eckford, H.G.
Eckford, James W., 3rd Lieutenant 
Edwards, T.J.
Eiland, James O.
Eiland, Lake Erie
Evans, John H.
Fairforce, J.W.
Farrow, W.L.
Foote, Henry D.
Foote, H.W., Captain  
Foote, W. H., 3rd Lieutenant 
Garvin, Robert
Glass, A.D.
Glass, e.
Goodwin, George H.
Goodwin, Thomas J.
Grant, J.A.
Geenwood, J.E.
Greer, Alonzo
Greer, Felix B., Sergeant 
Greer, Fred J.
Greer, John H.
Greer, Julius A., Sergeant
Haley, Daniel D.
Hall, R.B.
Hamilton, T.
Hardy, John C.
Hardy, Louis W.
Harper, A.C.
Harper, J.C.
Harper, R.H.
Hartly, S.B.
Haynes, H.C., Corporal 
Hibbler, J.E.
Hibbler, Robert, Corporal
Hibbler, Tol
Higgins, O.H.
Hinton, George W.
Holbert, Jacob, Sergeant
Howlett, Jack
Howlett, H.C.
Hudson, H.A.
Hudson, William J., Sergeant
Hughes, William A.
Huner, c.M., 3rd Lieutenant
Hunter, Henry M., Corporal 
Hunter, Willis
Ingram, J.
Jackson, Samuel D.
Jackson, william R.
Jarnagin, J.C.
Jenkins, Cyrus
Johnson, Woodson
Joiner, R.H.
Jones, R.H.
Keown, Robert W., Corporal
King, James A., Captain
Lea, Joseph, Sergeant
Lea, Pryor, jr.
Lewis, Clarke
Lewis, Samuel P.
Lindsay, H.M.,  1st Lieutenant
Little, William
Lockett, A.J.
Lockett, R.A
Lynch, Nicholas
Lyon, A.J.
Lyon, Augusus
Lyon, Major
Magee, T.H.
Mauldin, Frank
Mauldin, Jesse
May, Joseph J., Corporal
McCaskill, A.P.
McCormick, Joseph
McDavid, P.
McIntosh, Daniel
McClelland, Robert G.
McMullan, James D.
Menees, I.R.
Minor, H.A. 
Montague, Charles
Muse, J.M.
Neal, J.H.
Pack, Dallas
Pack, J.L.
Pagan, william L.
Parker, William
Pendleton, John 
Perkins, Louis
Pettus, Henry J.
Pierce, Jacob H., Corporal
Randall, John
Rives, James H.
Rives, Robert O.
Ruff, F.M.
Simmons, William H.
Skinner, I.L.
Skinner, K.S.
Smith, E.C.
Smith, Robert
Spann, John
Suttrell, P.T.
Swift, Robert B.
Swift, Doctor J.
Tate, C.M.
Tate, William
Taylor, William B.
Thompson, Robert
Walker, L.W.
Walker, R.J.
Watson, John, Sergeant
Weinberg, Julius
Weir, Robert
Wellbourne, W.H.
Wellborne, Dr. S.G.
Weston, A.J.
White, Charles N.
White, R.E., Orderly Sergeant
Wier, R. O., 2nd Lienutenant
Williams, Hampton, 2nd Lieutenant 
Williams, Henry
Williams, J.C.
Williams, John
Wilson, W.P.
Wright, J.J., 1st Lieutenant
Yates, H.
Yates, Lawrence T., Adjutant

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