Company F 1st Ms Cavalry

Roster of Company F

First Mississippi Cavalry

Noxubee Squadron

"Noxubee Troopers"

compiled and edited by E. Annette Hudson Rose ©2002
on behalf of the MsGenWeb, Noxubee County, Mississippi
Adams, F.M.
Adams, J.B.
Adams, L.M.
Anderson, Benjamin
Anderson, Ephraim
Archer, M.
Aust, J.O.
Barnett, Watt
Barnhill, T.F.
Bealle, John R., Captain
Beasley, H.O., 2nd Lieutenant
Bell, william
Bethune, W.L
Bishop, G.L., Corporal
Black, Joe
Blair, John M.
Boyle, D.C.
Bridges, Thomas E.
Brooks, James F., Sergeant
Brown, C.
Brown, Jesse
Brown, S.M.
Buck, John B.
Burks, J.D.
Cade, Jaff D., Sergeant
Clieuthe, J.
Colbert, Jack
Coleman, William H.
Coleman, C.M.
Coran, R.A.
Cotton, James
Cotton, John
Cox, W.A.
Craven, L. Mirabeau, Captain
Crawford, A.B.
Crawford, G.W.
Crossley, J.W.
Dallas, John
Dancy, Henry
Daniel, Isaac
Daniel, J.T.
Davis, David
Davis, James M., Sergeant
Davis, John H.
Davis, William M.
Dean, William F.
Denton, William, Corporal
Denton, Jonah
Dorroh, J.W.
Dupree, Dr. T.M.
Diggs, Willis
Dowling, Charles, 1st Lieutenant
Dranke, M.A.
Duncan, J.F.
Dyer, J.B.
Eddings, W.W.
Edgarton, J.N.
Edwards, M.B.
Edwards, W.A.
Edwards, W.J.
Erwin, C.H.
Fancher, Augustus A.
Fancher, F.B.
Fancher, N.F.B.
Fancher, J.F
Ferrell, H.H., Assistant Surgeon
Ford, Robert
Freeman, E.B., Assistant Surgeon 
Freeman, W.W.
Gillespie, Lucullus
Garmon, M.M.
Gary, C.F.
Garvin, G.P.
Gholson, Jason L.
Gholson, w.D.
Gholson, W.H.
Gifford, Joseph
Goodwin, G.W.
Grant, John
Gregory, G.W.
Haley, Andrew
Happen, T.W.
Hardy, John e., Assistant Surgeon
Hardy, William B.
Hare, William F., Sergeant
Harris, Noah
Harris, N.S.
Harris, V.F.
Harrison, a.T.
Haynes, A.S.
Haynes, J.M.
Haynes, T.J.
Henly, G.H.
Henry, John
Higgins, O.M.
High, J.M.
Hill, J.B.
Hill, J.C.
Hill, J.V.
Hinton, Lafayette
Holman, J.N.
Hopper, J.F.
Horn, w.a.
Howard, Thomas
Howze, H.L.
Hudson, O.W.
Huges, Thomas
Hunt, W.B.
Hunter, H.M., Sergeant
Hunter, H.D.
Hunter, J.J., Sergeant
Hunter, w.W.
Hunter, Willis
Irwin, f.R.
Jackson, T.F.
Joiner, William
Jones, J.L.
Jordan, J.J.
Jenkins, J.F.
Johnson, B.W.
Johnson, T.w., Corporal
Kelley, w.R.
Lagrone, N.C.
Little, e.s.
Lockett, James
Lockett, W.B.
Logan, D.S.
Logan, w.R.
Long, R.F.
Lovelace, W.T.
Luke, James
Lyle, J.B., 1st Lieutenant
Marshall, W.H.
Martin, J.B.
Martin, J.L.
McDonald, Robert
McKibben, W.A.
McLeod, Randall
McNeal, W.L.
Misso, Roscoe
Montgomery, F.A.
Moore, Andy, Corporal
Moore, W.A.
Moore, Thomas G.
Moore, William
Morgan, Samuel
Morris, S.M.
Morris, Zebulon
Morrow, F.W.
Morrow, G.W., Sergeant 
Mosely, J.T.
Moulden, J.N.
Nicholdson, F.G.
Nix, David, Corporal
Osborne, Egbert
Park, E., Sergeant
Payne, R.C.
Payne, W.U.
Pearre, James, Corporal
Pearre, M.T.
Perdue, J.F.
Permenter, J.S.
Perry, W.W.
Peterson, S.M.
Peterson, W.W.
Petway, M.L., Sergeant
Phillips, J.T.
Prince, E.
Putnam, L.D.
Rives, J.H., Captain
Ries, R.G., Sergeant
Robins, J.R.
Robins, James
Robins, winter
Robinson, J.w.
Rogers, James
Rogers, Nick
Rye, D.W.
Saunders, F.
Saunders, A.H.
Shaw, Wiley
Simmons, J.S.
Sisk, W.A.
Slaughter, Felix
Slaughter, Henry
Smith, G.W.
Smith, Scribner, 1st Lieutenant
Smith, J.J.S.
Sorrell, J.F.
Spann, Frank
Staunton, Thomas S., Sergeant
Stevens, Thomas, 3rd Lieutenant
Steward, T.B., Sergeant
Stone, Samuel
Strickland, J.N.
Swann, M.
Sykes, Smith, Corporal
Thomas, B.B.
Thomas, D.N.
Thomas, W.E.
Trimble, D.E.
Walker, Benjamin, Corporal
Walker, L.W.
Walker, R.J.
Walker, W.J.
Warren, G.W.
Warren, J.B.
Warren, W.E.
Warren, W.s.
Watts, Benjamin
Weathered, James
Weinberg, Julius
Weinberg, Julius
Wheeler, E.G.
White, William G.
White, Frank S.
White, A.J.
Wilder, John
Wilder, William
Williams, John
Williams, D.A., Sergeant
Williams, J.R.
Williams, W.L.
Wilson, T.E.
Wimbish, J.D.
Wooten, J.S.
Wright, E.

Should YOU have information on these soldiers and care to share it, we would be honored to have your information appear on our People Profile pages. If you have information on persons who served from Noxubee county in other units, and can share their military attachments, we can post that on our other pages of Confederate Soldiers. These pages belong to all of us.

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