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Through email, the following "little facts" have been shared. The intent of this page is to pass on and record what others know of persons with ties to Noxubee County, Mississippi. We will not post ged-coms, however if you have a family that you can share informaton on, please pass it on.

You must realize that just because it is someone's file, the information may NOT be correct, although it is as they believe it to be. Once you get these little CLUES, please take the time to research the material and arrive at your own conclusions. Repetion of names, same time frames, locations, with all that in mind, here goes:

Sharon Black <> shared the following:

William G. LITTLE married Lucy BOYKIN in Noxubee Co. in 1857. His first wife, Dulcina
Little, died about 1856. Elizabeth A.FREEMAN who married John TIPTON in 1863 may be William Little's sister. [A check of the 1860 census was requested. At this time, I don't have any information to help her.......ear] Elizabeth apparently had been widowed, her first husband, Hugh FREEMAN.


William S Smith <> had this to say:

William George STEVENSON in Noxubee approx. 1860--1865. Saw mill/flourmill or
related machinery. From Clinton, Al, to Meridian, MS. Born Newberry, SC,
1829. Spouse Eliza Jane. [Mr. Smith is looking for "leads".] <> gave a "good report":

My great great grandfather, Thornton A. TAYLOR and his wife, Elizabeth KIRK
TAYLOR, lived in Noxubee County. He died in 1877. His death notice says that he is buried in Taylor Cemetery. [Anyone know where the Taylor Cemetery is located?]

Thornton and Elizabeth had two sons: George T. who moved to Winston Co., and
William S. who, as far as I know, stayed in Noxubee Co. William S. TAYLOR
married Matura COTTON.

William S. TAYLOR and Matura COTTON had the following children:

1. George W. Taylor
m. Ella Brantley HOLMON
Raymond Taylor
George Walton Taylor

2. Betty Kirk Taylor

3. Florence Taylor

4. Melvin Taylor
m. Manurah HUNTER
a. Leona Taylor m. Jim HAMBY
b. Eva Simpson Taylor m. Otho COMMON
c. Bessie Mae Taylor m. J.B. COTTON
Mary Ann Cotton m. Hall Allen MOODY
d. Ruby Ethel Taylor m. L.W. COTTON
Charles Cotton
Geraldine Cotton

e.Nannie Waters Taylor

Thornton TAYLOR married Ann DAVIS after the death of Elizabeth KIRK.


Rev. Robert E. Walker <> is looking for:

Mitchell B. ANDERSON who married Martha E. LYLES 14 October 1841, they lived in Noxubee County.


Charlene <> has a "missing family":

My great grandfather, Judson Standford LLOYD was borned in Salem, AL, 21 Jan 1841. He
married Nancy Elizabeth EICHELBERGER. She was borned in Charleston, S.C. , Mar 12, 1844. They moved to Macon AL. They had Mattie, David, Alice, and Alma before leaving Macon and coming to TX. They had Sue Holmes and Harriet Egnar in TX. [I believe we have some EICHELBERGER researchers out there?]

Then, a check of the census provided this:

The 1850 census of Noxubee County, Miss:

William B. Lloyd, age 42, m, Baptist Minister, b. Ga
Ann C. " , age 27, f, b. S.C. (possible it was N.C....?)
William " , age 16, m, Planter, b. Ala
James " , age 14, m, b. Miss
Franklin " , age 11, m, b. Miss
Richard " , age 9, m, b. Miss
Mary E. " , age 7, f, b. Miss
Judson " , age 4, m, b. Miss
Ann E. " , age 6/12, f, b. Miss

Dace Dorough Martin <> also has "missing family":

Looking for land or probate records for Willis R. Dorough, also for the parents of Emily Ann Lane b.April 12 1847 D. Feb. 02 1937 <> has a "common tie" to some you :

Looking for surnames Eichelberger. [I know that there are "more of you" out there.]


Linda Hess <> requested a look up and gave me this:

Linda Hess-CALHOUN, Joseph T. in Noxubee Co. about 1845-1876, died in Noxubee
Co. in 1876. Parents CALHOUN, George W. and Elizabeth, known siblings, George
C., Robert, William C., Albert I., and Mary.


Linda Jenkins <> asked a good question, of which I do not have an answer:

While traveling through Macon on my way to Atlanta....My GGGrandfather is listed at being named on the Confederate Memorial and I wanted to see it. However I was not able to locate his name - C. TOLE. Are there some on the list who are not inscribed on the monument or did I just miss his name? He was medically discharged in Jan. 1863 and died Nov. 1863 in Summerville MS. Not knowing where Summerville was located Linda asked if she could obtain a list of cemeteries nearby. [I was able to tell her that Summerville "became" Gohlson.]


Louise Heiselman <> offerred so much info. that I thought might benefit others:

Esther SLAUGHTER & Moses FLEMMING were married 22 Dec 1839 in Winsotn Co. Ms. Moses had been married before and had 2 daughters already; Lucinda and Martha. Moses
and Esther were listed in the 1850 census Winston Co. [With knowledge that the Slaughter family has resided in Noxubee county, I included this post. Also, the boundries are so close.]

Moses Flemming 66
Esther 39
Dan 20
Samuel 20
George Washington 17
Sarah 15
Angeline 14
Sevilla 11
Lloyd 6
Fredonia 4

In the 1870 census they had another son listed Moses 9, One of Moses
daughters listed before must have married andd died because they also had 2
grandchildren listed in their home Ellen Evans 15, Laurena Evans 12.

Rachel SLAUGHTER & Alfred G. REED married 18 Dec 1843 in Winston Co Miss.
They were listed in the 1850 and 1860 census in Kemper Co. In Pickens Co
in 1870 and then in 1880 Noxubee co. Choctaw Twsp.
From the 1860 census:
Alfred Reed age 35
Rachel 32
Mary 15
Martha 12
Syphronia/Triphonia 10
Easter 8
Ophelia w. 6
Alice 4
Benj. F. 2

and by 1870 census 2 more children:
James Mat 8
George 2

In 1880, had grandson,John Rine, age 5, in the home.


Marleen Van Horne <> has many resources and volunteers to do some look ups for our county. In one of her posts, she gave the following info. on relatives just to the south of Noxubee.......she also has these same surnames in Noxubee:

My family lived in Kemper County from 1834 to about 1907. The first to arrive was Elias ODEN and his brother, George. They were followed by their father, Thomas Bussey Oden and another brother John Harvey Oden. Elias Oden acquired a substantial amount of property about a mile south of DeKalb. He is mentioned in Pioneer Days of Kemper County.

My WHITE ancestors arrived in Kemper County about 1838. John W. White purchased property in Section 33, Township 10-N and Range 14-E. John W. White married Nancy Oden about 1848. It is believed that John's sister, Mary, married Nancy's brother, James.

The Oden line is well documented. The Whites are a bit of a mystery. John had six sisters and two brother. The brothers, Willis D. and Samuel are believed to have died in the Civil War. They last appear in the 1860 census. Of the sisters, Henrietta married Levin C. WATKINS; Harriet married Ervin BROWN, the step-son of Michael ROSS; Leann married Wm. C. MEEKS [?]; Mary married James J. ODEN [?]; Lucinda married Benjamin C. GERMANY. The only one I have not identified is Martha who married a BARKER or PARKER.

Most of the courthouse records prior to 1880 have been destroyed.


Janice McCoy <> had some questions on a family she is tracking, then Marlene (from the listing above this one) had some answers:


Searching Noxube Co, Ms for Mathew MYERS b about 1844?? possibly died in 1900. A daughter Anna Jane MYERS born 1-21-1864. Wife may have been Mary, Mary was divorced,
could be under MARLER/ MCCRORY/ OR LANG by 1870. Have no idea what happened to Mathew. Anna Jane was married by 1900 and living in Scott Co.MS

Then, Marlene gave this report: In the 1850 Noxubee Census, there are no listings for MYERS, MARLER, MCCRORY or LANG, according the the SK index. There is on entry for
MCCRARY, Household 156:

Mathew McCrary 30 M Mechanic SC
Mary M. McCrary 22 F Ala


Marleen Van Horne <> sent the following interesting story:

The 1854 McKee Deed is on our GenConnect Deed Board.

William McKee was my ggg-grandfather. My own analysis of him is that he was a hard man, probably lacking compassion for his fellow beings. His children seem to have left home as soom as they came of age, and some did not maintain contact with him or their brothers and sisters.
In 1849, when his wife's mother applied for her husband's revolutionary war pension, she did not know if her daughter was alive or dead.

I have tried to find out the circumstances of the murder mentioned in the deed. Unfortunately, the criminal court records for Noxubee County, covering 1854-55 were lost in 1950, after the courthouse burned down. They were apparently thrown out as trash. The Macon
newspapers are also missing for that period. The information may be in the newspapers of Kemper Co., or Sumter Co., AL, but I do not have easy access to those, here in California.

I make the assumption that William McKee was not found guilty of the murder, he appears in the 1860 census, more prosperous, and with more slaves than those listed in the deed. He died in 1867 without a will.

My ggg-grandfather William McKee owned property on both sides of the Noxubee/Kemper County boundry. In December of 1854, he was indicted for murder in Noxubee County. A
bond of $10,000.00 was posted on his behalf. In order to insure the bond holders against default, he placed all of his property in a trust, until the trial was over.

The Noxubee County Criminal Court records were apparently lost in 1950. There are no Noxubee County newspapers available for the period from December 1854 to June 1855.

Does anyone know of Kemper County newspapers covering this period that might have covered the story?

Lastly, for those of you researching you black ancestors in Noxubee Co. I sincerely hope you find them in this document,[the deed]. If you do, please contact me, I can give you more information on the McKee family that might help you trace you family further back in time.

One name in the deed, which I transcribed as Jamotane was unreadable. If you know the correct name, please advise and it will be corrected.

If you make a connection to any one mention in the document, please let me know, I really want to hear from you.

E. Annette Rose <> responded:

Love it! This is what we need to have us all do, share these precious documents amongst us and while doing it, learn some wonderful history!

Just for the record: The John H. Gear mentioned is in fact John Haynes Greer. (*he is one of mine, and I got his middle name from Land Records) H.O. Beasley, is Henry Oscar Beasley, brother-in-law to John Hudson, my great great grandfather (John's wife was Elizabeth). The Simpson families, the Beasleys, and the Greers, all lived near Shuqualak, or just to the east and southeast of it. My Hudson family lived just south of Shuqualak, sec. 22 & 28 of T13R17 ....(later, in other sections as well). There are Simpson family members buried in the Hudson Family Cemetery on the Hudson Plantation. The Greers were bordering them to the east, the Hardiman family lived just to the northeast of the Hudsons according to land records. This puts the McKee family within "riding" distance of my family.


Jim Adams <> has names, but not sure which is which?

Actually I am trying to trace my gg-grandfather John ADAMS born 1815 in North Carolina. He married Parnetta ANDLETON Dec. 30, 1846 in Noxubee County. Then I found him on the 1850 Leake County Census where he died in 1872.

I found a marriage between John T. ADAMS and Mary W. PORTER July 12, 1838.
I am trying to determine if this is my gg-grandfather John Adams. I have never known his middle initial, but he named a son John T. I am told neighbors often married in those days.

I do not know the name of John's father, but I think it was either Abraham Adams or John Adams which are both shown on the 1840 Noxubee County census. My question for you is-------please see if either of these men had a Porter family living near them. [Would need access to land records to comply with this request....ear]

1840 Noxubee County Census:
1. Abraham Adams on Page #097. The 1850 Census gave his place of birth as
South Carolina in 1791. He was the son of Francis Adams that was born 1763
in Ireland and died 1846 in Noxubee County.

2. John Adams on Page #101. He moved to Leake County before the 1850
Census. He was born 1770 in South Carolina. His wife's name was Rachel.

[ There was another, John T. Adams, who was on the 1840 Federal Census at age 70. Not sure, but I think he is my John's uncle and a brother to Francis.]

I am trying to prove one of these men is the father of my gg-grandfather, John Adams. He was born 1815 in North Carolina (county unknown). He married Parnetta Andleton Dec. 30, 1846 in Noxubee County. He moved to Leake County before the 1850 Census and died there in 1872.

The following could be my gg-grandfather's brothers or cousins (I do not have proof).
1. William Adams born 1819.
2. Amos Adams born 1822
3. Wiley Adams Birth date unknown
They were all born in North Carolina
These three and my gg-grandfather John were shown on the special 1845 Noxubee County State Census. William & Amos was on the 1850 Noxubee County Federal Census. <> posted this to the Monroe county, Mississippi mail list. With so many WHITE and NEAL reserachers checking Noxubee county, and knowing that just prior to the formation of Noxubee, some of the land was considered to be Lowndes county, I thought it be "appropriate" to list it here.

WHITE, Virgil Solomon b 1872 Monroe Co. Ms. mar. Ethel P. SMITH and moved to Winston Co. Ms.
WHITE, Maggie L. b. 1833 Monroe Co. Ms. mar. S. A. HONEYCUTT 1901 in Aberdeen and was living in Columbus in 1950.
WHITE, Nancy b. 1892 Monroe Co. Ms. mar. Lonzo THOMPSON and was living in Columbus, MS in 1950.
WHITE, Robert E. Lee b. 1888 Monroe Co. Ms. and went to Cincinnatti, Ohio before 1950.
WHITE, ELLA JANE born 4-13-1880 Monroe Co. Ms. mar. 8-2-1902 in Aberdeen Ms. to Thomas Argarl Neal(son of Francis Marion Neal and Eliz. C. EASTER). She d. 1-1-1950 in AK and body i. in Center Hill Baptist Cemetery, Hamilton, MS.

All the WHITES above were the children of NEWTON M. and LaMINDA/MINDY
WHITE of Monroe Co. Ms., formely of Kemper Co. Ms. <> offerred some ADAMS info. in the attempt to aide in the search:

I have Lemuel Morgan Adams, Jr. m. to Louise Stuart. They were married March 04, 1886, I do not have his birth date or any other information on him. The Stuart line is my line.

I believe that there are a lot of Adams buried in the Old Salem Cemetary outside of Macon, MS in Noxubee County. Perhaps someone could do a lookup in a Cemetary book for you. I also have a Madison Adams in Kemper County, no birth or death dates, his daughter Levicie Rebecca Adams was born in 1846.

M. Elizabeth C. Zimmer <> shared a bit of history:

My mother always said that her father, John Wilkinson Wootten, was Mayor of Brooksville when the sidewalks were laid. [Anyone know when this was?]

I also have my grandparents Family Bible if anyone was interested. They were John Wilkinson Wootten and Charlotte Helen Beck who married in Brooksville on November 15, 1882.

She also volunteered to do lookups in publications of the Historical Society.


Jo Ellan <> has a problem with the "correct name" of an ancestor:

I have ggg-grandparents, ELIZABETH DABB and Warrin Robbins whose marriage is registered in the Noxubee County Marriage Records for 1835. They were in Pontotoc Co., MS from 1840. The problem is this:

Family bibles record that Elizabeth was a COBB not DABB. I have searched high and low to establish Elizabeth's parents' identity. They MUST have been with her in Noxubee prior to her marriage in 1835. Some later census records suggest she was born in 1817, others say 1823.

Linda <> is searching:

Does anyone have a list of cemeteries around the area of Summerville, MS (now extinct) I am searching for burial place of Charles TOAL who died Nov. 1863. [This area is now known as Gohlson...ear] Then, Marlene gave us some information in regards to cemeteries:

Just a word about Noxubee Cemeteries. All of the known cemeteries in Noxubee county are listed, and the graves inventoried in the Nocubee County Cemetery book published by the Noxubee County Historical Society. If your ancestor is not listed there, he or she was buried
in a private family cemetary and the location is not known.

My McKee and Dew ancestors lived and died in Noxubee County from 1834 to 1900. Not a single one is listed in the book--we know they had private cemetaries, but no one knows where they are.


Surname of BROOKS:

Request info. on Brooks in Noxubee County, Ms......

From the 1850 Census of Noxubee County, Ms, as published by S-K Publications:
Brooks, pg 203b, 207, 241b
Brook, pg 239

Household #128/128
Catharine Puckett, age 54, f, b. Va
Mary E. " , age 39, f, b. Missouri
William H. ", age 26, m, Planter, b. Missouri
Thomas BROOKS, age 9, m, b. Ala
Sarah J. " , age 8, f, b. Ala

Household #192/192
Mayfield Bell, age 42, Planter, b. Ga
Sarah " , age 31, f, b. S.C.
James " , age 14, m, b. Ga
Madison BROOKS, age 37, m, Planter, b. Ga
Nancy " , age 30, f, b. Ala
Mary E. " , age 15, f, b. Miss
Shady " , age 13, f, b. Miss
Sarah B. " , age 11, b. Miss
Charles ", age 9, m, b. Miss
Jack B. ", age 7, b. Miss
James K. ", age 5, b. Miss
Peter " , age 1, b. Miss

Household #193/193
Micajah Brooks, age 62, Planter, b. Ga
Caty " , age 62, f, b. ga

Household #194/194
Matthew Brooks, age 28, m, Planter, b. Miss
Rodny Smith, age 28, m, Planter,, b. Miss


Household #709/709
Jonathan Brook, age 44, m, Planter, b. Ga
Sidney, age 39, m, Planter, b. Ga
Samuel, age 21, m, Planter, b. Ga
Sarah J, age 18, f, b. Ga
Ann, age 16, f, b. Ga
Louisa, age 15, f, b. Ga
Mary, age 14, f, b. Ga
Caroline, age 13, b. Ga
George Ann, age 12, b. Miss
Lucy, age 10, b. Miss
Alfred Barnes, age 15, b. Miss
Wesly " , age 8, b. Miss

Household #742.742
In the household of R.R. Bridges...mary Ann Barnes, age 25, f, b. N.C.


In response to this posting, the following was received:

Bonnie Reach :

Macajah Brooks. Is he related to the Revolutionary War soldier, Macajah Brooks of Polk and Paulding Co.s, Georgia? That Macajah Brooks is buried in Polk Co., Georgia, as found in
Brooks and Kindred Families by Ida Brooks Kellam, 1950.


Troy Harper <> tried to make a connection to an earlier post:

I could not help notice that your 3rd cousin is descended thru Owens Paulette Fleming. My 3g-grandfather's dau, Lucinda HARPER married (1) a PAULETTE, and later, (2) Spencer MCHENRY in May, 1863 in Nox. Co., MS. I wonder if there is a relationship. Several
descendants had the middle name of Paulette.
1 Thomas B. PAULETTE, Sr. b: 1816 in VA d: 1859 in Noxubee Co., MS
+Lucinda HARPER b: Aug 15, 1826 in AL d: Oct 1, 1914 in Noxubee Co., MS
m: Bef. Nov 1845 Father: Robert HARPER Mother: Sarah (Sally) HEWITT
... 2 Sarah J. PAULETTE b: Bet. 1844 - 1845
....... +R. B. MCHENRY m: Jan 31, 1875 in Noxubee Co., MS
... 2 Thomas B. PAULETTE, Jr. b: Dec 2, 1847 in Noxubee Co., MS d: Mar 5, 1911
... 2 Virginia PAULETTE b: Apr 15, 1851 in Noxubee Co., MS d: Dec 2, 1884
....... +------? GRAY
... 2 John W. PAULETTE b: Sep 21, 1853 in Noxubee Co., MS d: Apr 12, 1917
....... +Susan E. LONG b: Sep 10, 1855 d: Mar 4, 1911 m: Oct 11, 1877 in Noxubee Co.

Marvin M. Janeway <> was looking for relatives:

Looking for any HUCKABY surnames for 1840 or 1850. Searching for parents
of my Grandmother, Emily Jan HUCKABY, born 1872. Thank You, Marvin
[There is some Huckaby records in the early probate records...........remember that these can be accessed on microfilm thru a local branch of the LDS Church's Family History Center.]


Lesley <> from the Mississippi-L mail list offerred:

I have the 1837 Kemper Co. Census on my web page.

Surnames I'm researching ( Adams, Baird, Barnett, Brumley, DeMars, Fitzgerald, Lammendola, Lang , Lassiter, Macaluso,McGrath, Pallidino,Stone and more.)

Lynda Spann <> along with a question gave us some good news:

Am looking for SPANN -- however, I think in the 1840 Cenus it could have been listed as SPONN, Mrs. in Noxubee -- am trying to find the information that is attached to this name -- eg # children etc. Does anyone have this microfilm or print out and could give me the information attached to this individual.

GREAT NEWS -- Ancestry.Com has put online all census for all states 1790 - 1870 -- it is wonderful. You must be a subscriber to access this. Go to --

Does anyone have access to a MS 1845 State Cenus and could look up ROBERT E. YATES Page 000 ID#MS42 am trying to find the information attached to this individual. I am trying to track down a guardianship of LAWRENCE T. SPANN and his siblings.

Jeanne Charles <> wondered:

I requested information on William Denton and Amanda in another email however would be interested in any information you might have on a J. R. Denton who is possibly the father of William Denton. J. R. Denton was listed in a newpaper article "Muster Roll of the Noxubee Troopers" dated March 29, 1862, Columbus Mississippi. My Great Grand Mother Mary Alice Denton had this article and indicated to another family member that this was her Grandfather.

Virginia Hale Tate
<> wrote:

My grandmother Willie Anna Sudbury was born in Shuqulak, Mississippi on 4 January 1866. Looking for marriage of James Madison Sudbury and Martha Burrage.


Caren McNeill <> had this to say, then heard from Marlene:

Looking for any information on the Dantzler's of Noxubee County. David Andrew Jackson Dantzler came to Noxubee County in 1840's or 50s. I have seen the name spelled Dancellar in Noxubee County also.

Also looking for the Wellborn surname of Noxubee County. Other Noxubee surnames: Boggess, Murray, Groves Howard, Barnett

Marlene responded with: My ggg-grandmother's sister, Jane Daniel married a Hugh Barnet in Green County, Alabama. He died before 16 May 1818. She married second Alfred Tann.

My White ancestors lived in the SW cornor of Kemper County. When John W. White got his land a cousin, James D. Barnett provided an affdavit for John. The Whites married the Dews and McKees of Noxubee County.

Then, SususuzeeQ came up with:

Noxubee County, MS General Index to Estate Settlements and Guardianships
L. N. Dantzler guardianship Case number 893
D. A. J. Dantzler Case number 713
Leslie E. Dantzler Case number 2707
William B. Willbourn Case number 484
Martha J. Welborn Case number 1664

Dantzler, Tho. M. H. and Emma M. Bracey m. 17 Nov. 1868 by Wm. C. Ross, M. G.
Book B page 270.

There are several Wellborn and Willborn marriages listed in the Noxubee County, MS Marriages books by the Noxubee County Historical Society, Macon, MS.

27 Oct. 1911 - John L. Dantzler, 67, died Oct. 22 at Prairie Point. Native
of Noxubee County, the son of D. A. J. Dantzler. Served in CSA. Bur. Odd
Fellows. Surv. by one bro. and one sister.

There are several other Dantzler and Wellborns (also Wilberns) mentioned in
the Abstracts of Death Notices from the Macon Beacon. 1871-1912.
The Noxubee County Historical Society had copies of these books and it was a great source of information for me as a lot of my families are in their books. You might check your local library to see if they have copies or contact the Noxubee County Historical Society for copies. <> did a look up on the Sudbury/Sudberry name:

In the books by the Noxubee County Historical Society.

1.Sudbury, James M. to Elizabeth Shields on 4 Feb. 1868 by S. H. Cox, M. G. recorded in book B page 230.
2.Graham, Abner to Sudberry, Fannie V. on 16 Sep 1868 by A. J. Coleman, recorded in book B page 280.
3.McGee, T. J. to Sudberry, Mary A. date of marriage 1869 BookC page 22.
4.Burrage, T. M. to Greer, Sallie by M. E. Tumlin, M. G. on 21 July 1898 Book 10
page 408.

There are other Burrage marriages in the books.

Also, there is a will mentioned in the index to will book C for E. W. Burrage and it is on page 252 in the will book.

In the General Index to Estate Settlements and Guardianships there is something for George V. Sudberry on page 337.

Alice F. Permenter <> added the followint to the search.

In the Abstracts of Wills of Noxubee Co., MS, 1834-1910:

Will Book C, p. 254
Will of E. W. Burrage, Copiah Co., MS. Date of will: 7 January 1904; Executor:
None named: Legatees, Sister Amanda F. Rives; Witnesses: W. B. Alford, Ben
King, A. J. Burrage. Filed 14 May 1904. <> noticed these postings and asked:

Does anyone know of this Elizabeth Shields that marr. James M. Sudbury in
1868. I am researching Shields family...

Patricia McNamee <> asked a real good question:

I am trying to locate where Civil War Prisoners went. I am looking for information on Peter Doran (2nd Ill Calvery) who was captured at Holly Springs Mississippi early in the war. He was paroled before the war was over. Maybe in a prisoner exchange. But, where do I look in
Mississippi? [Anyone know where the prisoners were "kept"?] <> after helping so many, put in a request for help that gives us more names:

On a recent trip to Noxubee County MS, I found some information on my ancestor William E. COTTON. I had hoped to find something to prove his middle name - but did not find that. I found probate records beginning in 1843 and going until about 1854. Some names mentioned in the estate papers of William E. Cotton are: John R. Cotton (administrator), A. D. Cotton, W. R. Cotton, J. T. ROBERTSON in right of his wife Nancy (my ancestors), Arthur ANDERSON? in right of wife Martha, J. R. Cotton guardian of Caroline Cotton, J. R. Cotton guardian of Priscilla Cotton, Margaret Cotton, James R. WATTS and his wife Jane, Minerva FERGUSON, N. C. Cotton, J. F.? Hanoly or Hunely, James F. DUGAN and wife Frances C. Dugan (late Cotton) and other names that I have not been able to understand at this point.

The guardianship papers for John BREEDLOVE, Mary Ann BREEDLOVE and Lemuel BREEDLOVE in 1838 were signed by William ROBERTSON, Thomas ROBERTSONand Lemuel WYNN.

Sheryl Ellerman <> posted only the following...when posting, you might want to give what little "history" you know, or how you make the connection?

Levi WARTSON married Jane TEER on December 22, 1876 in Noxubee, Mississippi


R. Davis <> posted these names and questionable dates:

CARR surname in the Brooksville area between 1870 and 1900.

Katherine CARR: b. 1836, NC - d. 1880 nr Brooksville, MS
Jane b. 1870
Susan b. 1874
Ella b. 1876
Allen b. 1878

Elaine Oakes <> was surprized to find her ties to Noxubee county:

I found information on that indicates that my grandmother's grandparents, Robert Glover LANHAM and Caroline Elizabeth HARRISON, were married in Noxube Co April 7, 1864 (this was something of a shock, since he was from South Carolina and I think his regiment was in Virginia). I will be getting a copy of the records, but am looking for more information on this Harrison family. I found census information for 1840 on-line showing three Harrison families at that time, but Caroline was probably not born until a little later. Robert and Caroline moved to Greyson Co, TX around 1870 and since it looks like the Harrisons left Mississippi, it is possible that some of them went to Texas, too.

Again, <> came up with:

April 7, 1864 Capt. Robert J. Lanham to Caroline E. Harrison performed by J.
H. Buck, M. B. Recorded in Book B page 103 Noxubee County, MS

September 4, 1866 Wesley Norwood to Bettie D. Harrison performed by James B.
McLelland M. G. Recorded in Book B page 175 Noxubee County, MS

November 3, 1850 John G. Nordike to L. C. Harrison performed by Elisha
Callaway, M. G. recorded in Book A page 288 Noxubee County, MS

September 10, 1843 Calvin Greer to Mary Harrison performed by Leroy
Massengale, M. G. recorded in Book A page 159

December 24, 1839 James Calcot to Rebecca S. Harrison performed by H.
Williamson O. M. recorded in book A page 81

April 30, 1856 D. S. Dismukes to Salina A. Harrison performed by W. T.
Harrison M. G. recorded in Book A page 412

November 12, 1835 Charles W. Allen to Sarah F. Harrison performed by William
Callaway, M. G. recorded in Book A page 15

September 21, 1865 George W. Castles to Sarah J. Harrison performed by W. T.
Trotman J. P. recorded in Book B page 113

June 23, 1842 Jonathan H. Harrison to Caroline Ragsdale performed by William
C. Ross, M. G. recorded in Book A page 121

February 11, 1858 Nathaniel H. Harrison to Celeste A. Bush by G. H. Martin,
M. G. recorded in book A page 459

January 1, 1866 Joseph Harrison to Sarah E. Frazier performed by Thomas
Crymes, M. G. recorded in book B page 152

May 12, 1868 Thomas G. Harrison to Harriet Sykes performed by Thomas P.
Crymes, M. G. recorded in book B page 246

Also found the following in the Abstracts of Wills of Noxubee County MS:
Estate settlements and guardianship
N. H. Harrison, Jr. #318
Lawrence Harrison #595
N. H. Harrison #608
N. H. Harrison, guardianship #931


Joelyn James <> wrote an interesting piece:

William DOOLEY. I believe that his daughter Mary Elizabeth married Francis C. JERNIGAN in 1849 in Noxubee county. He was listed in the 1870 census in Noxubee county and had a William V. Dooley age 30, Henry G. Dooley age 22 and Thomas Jernigan age 21 living with him. William and his wife are in their 60's in this census.


Elaine Oakes <> had something to say about the Harrisons after receiving my census look-up:

Even though it turns out that my family doesn't show up in 1850. Surrounding counties are possible. I guess the RAGSDALEs were in Noxubee when Caroline Ragsdale married Jonathan HARRISON, but he may not have lived there, or they may have moved where more land was available some time after the wedding (and that doesn't tell us whether they were the right couple or not). And if it happens that Jonathan and Caroline were the parents of my gggrandmother, it is also possible that they died and she was living with her Ragsdale grandparents or other relatives by 1864 (of course, that could apply to one of the Harrison families, too).

Harrisons from the 1850 census of Noxubee County:

Mary Harrison, age 75 f, b. Va in the household of Horatio N Spooner

Household #826/826
B.A. Harrison, age 42, m, Planter, b. Va
Julia " , age 23, f, b. Ala
Ann e. Pratt, age 25, b. Ala
S.R. Clanton, age 22, m, Overseer, b. S.C.

Household # 862/862
Dennis C. Harrison, age 31, m, Planter, b. Ala
Emily " , age 26, f, b. Ala
Sarah J " , age 7, f, b. Ala
John " , age 5, m, b. Ms
Mary L. " , age 3, f., b. Ms
Martha F. " , age 6/12, b. Ms

Household # 957/957
Sarah Harrison, age 75, f, b. Va

That is all the listings for the surname of Harrison in the 1850 Noxubee County, Ms. census.


George <> was trying to locate his great grandmother:

My ggrandmother, Francis Peavey, b.14 May 1849 Place?. She came to Bibb Co., Al. in the late 1860's m. Samuel Hubbard. She came from Shuqulak , Mississippi. Do not know father or mother. These may be her sisters and brother. Louisa E. Peavey b. Feb. 19,1848. Margaret Peavey b.Feb.12,1851. Sarah E. Peavey b. Apr. 19,1856. Ezekiel L Peavey b. Jan, 9 1858.


Bettye <> has ties that several on this list may find interesting:

I published a family history "James LUKE Family" (my mother's line - Kemper Co). My husband's grandmother also was a I have both lines. Just getting into the DAR here in Louisville MS. ; very active in Roswell GA prior.

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