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If YOU have deeds, bible records, family histories, ANY information that you might share with all of us, please do use the GenConnect Boards to post it. Thru sharing, we may all find our missing ancestors.

These Clues......bits and pieces may help, but please do remember, these are Clues only, to take the names and put them into your family tree is not some research and prove or disprove the relationships. Although most of this is given in good faith, from research notes, from personal knowledge, and memory, we must keep in mind that some people "remember" it differently?

Alice F. Permenter <>

Thomas J. Lockler married Delilah Davis in Noxubee Co., Jan. 9, 1856.

Are these the parents for Josephine Georgina Lockler who was born in Dec. 1856? In 1877 Jo Lockler married my great-grandfather James Stacy (Bob) Permenter in Noxubee Co.

[We could use a good look-see of the 1860 Noxbuee County census on this one.......ear] <> had this to share after being contacted about a post on the guest book:

Yes, someone is "really from Mashulaville," though most do not comprehend that "Shulie" is the center of the universe, and that they are living in the center,or have been fortunate enough to have once lived there even if only for a brief time. This is a common phenomenon throughout the country now, no sense of place anymore, no clear identity as to what the land means, the rivers, creeks, birds, animals, trees, and even the memory of people who once lived and loved and died there.

Mashulaville was once filled with Spirits, people from recent times, as well as some from ages past, Choctaws and those who were there before them. But, sometime during the 1960's, the Spirits departed, and the sense of place began to fade, recede into meaningless mediocrity and sameness. Love and compassion between people also disappeared as did bluebirds, wildflowers, and the early morning sound of Choctaw drums which I often heard as a Child. Funny, isn't it, how the little things are often the most remembered and perhaps the most important?

Noxubee High, home of the Tigers, the rusting silver water tower, the Vo-ag shop, Pep rallys, but no Art classes. Art was not important to the powers that were back then I suppose. Imagine a life with no Art, or a school. Well, we made billfolds in Coach Bob Smith's leathermaking class. Prison Art. No liscense plates though. My favorite teacher in high school then was Mrs. Barrett. Literature and English. A kind of written Art I suppose. She, Mrs. Barrett, had a strong Spirit within- a sense of Soul. Kindness and humility and respect for another's dignity, even a teenager's. I go back there 3 or 4 times a year. Stay a month sometimes. Go on long walks along the Noxubee River or Hashuqua Creek. Fish for Spirits. Any kind will do. Some sign that all is not lost forever. A tiny spark. A remnant from childhood days. The Bluebirds are back, so there may be a chance for other things long since frozen in time and memory.


Jeff & Val Tice <> wrote about family members from Noxubee:


I'm looking for Peter Hudson. I'm not sure if the one on page 31 Township 13 is the same one. My gggrandfather James Andrew Murdock married Julia Ann B. Hudson in Bibb County Alabama on March 29, 1953. I then lose him until 1880 in Texas. The only Hudson I've found in Alabama with a daughter named Julia is a Peter Hudson in the 1850 census. But Murdock joined the confederate army from Noxubee County, so I'm hoping that maybe this Peter Hudson is the one who is Julia Ann B. Hudson's father. Until I can start ordering the Noxubee records, I'm not sure exactly whether all these people are there. Can you tell me when Noxubee County was formed?

[The answer to that question is "1833". The area had been considered to Lowndes County just prior, if you have reason to believe your family may have been there that early, be sure to check records in Lowndes County.]


Linda Jenkins <> was looking for a cemetery location:

Looking for the location of Fern Springs and Mashulaville. I was told there was a family cemetery near that area known as Lovorn Cemetery. It is in pasture land and all grown up.

[Well, folks, before we could ask if anyone knew where this cemetery is located, we got an answer!]

Mike and Mary K Johnson <> provided a helping answer to the above:

Fern Springs community is in southeastern Winston County near Noxubee County (approx Secs 34/35 of Twp 14N and Secs 2/3 of Twp 13N of Rng 14E). Mashulaville is on the border between Winston and Noxubee Counties, off of MS Hwy 14 (perhaps Twp 14N of Rng 15E?). The Lovorn Cemetery is in the Nanih Waiya area of southeastern Winston County, off of MS Hwy 397 (approx S21 T13N R14E). According to Hazel Garrett Crenshaw and Louis Taunton's book "Winston County, Mississippi Cemeteries", Lovorn Cemetery is very small and contains the surnames Lovorn, Foster, Slawson, and Sanders. You can contact the publishers at
G&T Publishers, P.O. Box 700, Louisville, MS 39339.

[Many thanks for this piece of information! See how well these mail lists work?...ear]

Don & Janie Goddard <> had more to say in regards to Fern Springs:

An old map in Louisville Court House shows Fearn Springs store where an intersection came into the main hwy. We believe that to be what is now marked as Sardis Road where the Fearn Springs Store was located. We were trying to locate the Holmes property where a small Holmes Family Cemetery was. There was supposed to be only one headstone left. That of Jamaima Stampley (Reed) Holmes. We found the area so overgrown we were unable to locate the headstone though we felt we were quit close. The Fleetwood home is located at this intersection. The actual Fearn Springs was by a small Church's cemetery. It was a hundred yards into the deep woods from the edge of the cemetery. The undergrowth was to heavy to venture into those woods. If anyone has knowledge of the exact location of the Holmes cemetery we would be eternally grateful.


Sharon Hunter <> needs some help with the family of Welsh:

Isreal Welsh. b. 1/20/1822 d, 5/18/1869. He was on the Confederate Congress and a MS Legislature in 1858.

[In the Hudson Family cemetery, just south of Shuqualak, a family of Welsh will be found. I don't know if this your family or not, but they are there....ear]

froggie <> asked for some help:

I have found my mothers grandfather listed on the 1920 Washington Co. Ala census. It list his birthplace as Mississippi as well as his parents. But I need to make a connection to be sure.
John DEARMAN b.1871 Miss., wife Edna b.1880 Ala. There are several children listed: Annie,Mary,Henry,May,Agness Estell, Vardy,

The next two households have George DEARMAN and James DEARMAN They do the same work etc. Have to be related. John Henry was the son of John Dearman. He married a lady by the name of Ola Mae BARRY/BERRY or Johnson.

Murphey Dare
<> had some things to add to a posting that came up on the mail list:

" wrote: searching for information on John T. Richardson who married
Cornelia W. Brown of Columbus, MS 18 May 1869, married in Noxubee County. They might have had 2 children: Willie M. Richardson b. 1870 buried in Columbus, MS and Charles B. b. 1877 buried in Columbus, MS. They probably also had other children. Her father was Charles W. Brown of Columbus."

Murphey responded: Robert RICHARDSON lived near the Noxubee and Lowndes County line.

	1  	Robert Richardson,Sr b:Abt.1770 VA,d:Bef.1850 (maybe Pickens AL)	
	+Mary Johnston??m: 1789 in SC per IGI??
 	   2  	Robert Richardson, Jr b: 5/20/1809 in GA/NC?; in Bibb in 1830,
            Pickens in 1833, Noxubee in 1850
        	d: 10/15/1870  in Brooksville, Noxubee, MS
        	+Susan Martin	b: Abt. 1811 in SC	
			d: 10/06/1896 in Houston, Harris Co.,TX	m: 9/30/1830 Bibb, AL
        	3  	Mary Richardson					
            	+Isaac Jettuma  m: 5/19/1859 in Noxubee, MS
         	3   Mary A. Richardson				
            	+Tom C. Henderson m: 5/08/1854 in Noxubee, MS
        	3  	Cynthia Alice Richardson b: 1/10/1833 in Pickens Co., AL
			    d: 6/26/1904 in Noxubee, MS, Soule Chapel	
        		+James Sterling Jones b: 9/21/1817 in Pickens Co., AL
            	d: 12/07/1904 in Macon, Noxubee Co. MS, Soule Chapel Cem.
			    m: 7/18/1849 in Noxubee, MS
	        3  	Emily A. Richardson b: Abt. 1834		
            	+Young H. Greer	 m: 9/15/1849 in Noxubee, MS
        	3  	Nancy Richardson b: Abt. 1835 in Pickens Co., AL
		    	d: 1924 in Houston, Harris Co., TX	
        	3  	Martha P. Richardson b: Abt. 1836		
	        	+William R. Gholson  m: 4/03/1851 in Noxubee, MS
        	3  	Mary A. Richardson b: Abt. 1837		
        		+William W. Cockrell m: 2/04/1852 in Noxubee, MS
        	3  	Julia Ann Richardson b: 1838 in Pickens Co., AL
		    	d: 1/1929 in Yonkers, Weschester Co., NY	
            	+Leonidas L. Bridges m: 4/03/1848 in Noxubee, MS
        	3  	Eliza Liza Richardson b: Abt. 1840 in Pickens Co., AL		
            	+Mitchell Martin m: 12/23/1855 in Noxubee, MS
	   2  	William Richardson? b: 1812  (Son of Robert Sr.??)		
       2  	Jonathan W. Richardson?	b: 1813 (Son of Robert Sr.??)		
        	+E. A.					
        	3  	Annie Richardson				
            	+William Curtis WILLIAMS b: 1850 in AL
			    m: 12/04/1879 in Pickens County, AL
	        3  	Dupree D. Richardson	b: 1863 in AL
			    d: 4/1901 in Columbus, Lowndes Co., MS	
            	+Mary Etta Williams	m: 12/02/1880 Carrollton, Pickens, AL
        	3  	Marietta Richardson		d: Aft. 1904	
        		+Berry F. Duncan m: 10/29/1874 in Pickens County, AL?
        	3  	Sallie E. Richardson				
        		+D. M. Richards	m: 4/12/1872 in Pickens County, AL?
     	2  	H. A. Richardson? b: 1816 (Son of Robert Sr.??)	

[The above are good CLUES for some of us looking for ties to Noxubee.]

Brian Pearson <> noting a request on information on a WATSON family, shared his findings:

"Our Links To The Past" 1833-1996 Neshoba Co., Ms. cemetery records "

pg. 57 Carolina Presb. Ch. Cem.
Watson,Sudie Lorene 3 May 1924-29 July 1935

pg. 104 Cedaar Lawn Cem. Block 2 Sect. D
Watson, Willie McLain 1899-1949 (Mother)-(Father listed above is Archie W.

pg. 186 Golden Grove Cem.
Watson,Andrew J. 16 Mar 1891-26 Jan 1957
Watson,13 July 1914 Inf s/o A.J. & Onie Watson
Watson,16 Sept 1915 Inf s/o A.J. & Onie Watson
Watson,15 March 1918 Inf s/o A.J. & Onie Watson
Watson,Willie J. Co. A 20 Inf. Regt. WWII
Watson,L. No other information

pg. 226 Herbert Missionary Bapt. Ch. Cem.
Watson,Nellie Jean 13 Feb. 1943-10Dec. 1943 d/o M/M J.C. Watson
Watson,J.C. 29 Aug 1915-30 Mar 1980
Watson, Nellie K. Ward 12 June 1919-7 Nov 1990

pg. 292 McDonald Cem. (Black)
Watson,Freddie L. 8 May 1945-21 Feb 1991

pg.326-327 Mt. Olive Bapt. Ch. Cem. -House Community
Watson, John W. 11 Dec. 1951-20 Feb 1990 PVT US Marine Corps - m. 1 Mar 1985
Watson, Linda K. 3 July 1950- married Mar. 1985
Warson,Kelly Ann 30 Nov 1982-3 Feb 1983 Inf. d/o Robert and Pam Watson

pg. 461 Spring Creek Bapt. Ch. Cem.
Watson,Glenda Faye 25 June 1950-25 June 1950 d/o M/M H.A. Warson
Watson,Claudine R. 23 Mar 1925-4 Feb 1977
Watson, Judy Elaine 21 Apr. 1947-Jan 1950


Caren <> posted:

Are there any McLeod researchers on-line? Mary Elizabeth Dantzler b. 1838
married Dr. John F. McLeod in 1857. In the Macon Beacon Obits it stated she
died at Rogers, AR on 21 Feb. 1917.


libba <> gave more info. on the families she is searching/researching:

Charity A. (maiden name unknown) married (1) William L. Moore of Lowndes County

Their daughter Elvira D. Moore married Charles W. Brown about 1848 in Lowndes Co

Their daughter Cornelia W. Brown married John T. Richardson in Noxubee County on
18 May 1869.

Richardson children are buried in the same square with their grandmother in Friendship
Cemetery, Columbus: Willie M. Richardson d. 1870 and Charles B. Richardson 1877

Charity A. Moore married William W. Goodwin of Macon after the death of William L. Moore. Charity and both of her husbands are buried in Friendship Cemetery in Columbus.


Emiley <> shares an obit from "long ago."

Rebecca Beavers Pratt Glass, wife of Ebenezer Robertson Glass. She was b.July 12, 1824 Bibb Co., Ala., Marr Sept. 22, 1842 Bibb Co., Ala., D. Feb. 19, 1869 Shuqualak, Noxubee Co., MS. She was the dau. of Absalom Pratt and Mary P. Dickerson.

Obituary of Rebecca Beavers Glass:

"For the benefit of our little brothers who have been deprived of a mother's love and tender care are they scarcely know how to appreciate it, we are induced to write for their perusal, when older, the obituary of our loved mother, Rebecca B. Glass, wife of E. R. Glass, who after a short but severe illness died in Noxubee county, February 19, 1869, in her 44th year of age.

The deceased was the oldest daughter of Col. A. and Mary Pratt, of Bibb county Alabama. She lost her father, to whom she was devotedly attached, soon after her marriage, lived near her mother, brothers, and sisters and the friends of her childhood, to live among strangers for the sake of those that were dearer. There was no sacrifice she did not willingly and cheerfully
make for those she loved. Words are inadequate to describe her as a wife and mother. She was an affectionate and dutiful wife, an indulgent and tender mother, and partook of the yous and sorrows of her husband and children with her cuning and gentle meekness. It may be said of her with malloyed truth, that if she had anything she praised highly iit was worthless to her until
she shared it with her loved ones. The greatest of all earthly desires was to see her children noble and good. She always admonished them to spurfi a little act. She was ever ready to sympthize with the suffering to alleviate anguish, to sofeten the sorrows of those around her. She loved her friends and their society, and there were many in this world that were dear to her and to whom she was dear indeed. To know her was but to lvoer her. It was said by an intimate friend visiting us not long since that ours was the happiest little group she ever saw. Our mother was there then, but now she is ot(sic) , she is to Heaven.

She was a member of the Baptist church and a zealous and ade_nt(sic) Christian. She said to us on entering her sick chamber, the morning of her first illness "children, I don't think I will ever be well again, my dear children you will soon be without a mother and I want you all to pray that I
may see my way clear." She was very patient during her short sickness and when the angel of death was hovering close around her she said to one of her children "you think I am dying" and "I have no pulse and asked if we did not think so, and when told that she was very sick and that we feared she would die she did ------- but not for her little son who had violated the Sabbath prior and said to him, "remember my son there are six working days in a week and the Sabbath you should keep holy." When asked if we could do anything far her, she said, "take care of my little children", and gave to each a last and parting kiss, tellin us to meet her in Heaven. She sent the same comforting request to an absent son, who, hearing her illness, waste not a moment in hastening to her side after two days and nights hard travel, not stopping for rest or food, he came too late to received her last blessing, and only to see how desloate home is without our mother. A few moments before she breathed her last she requested us to sing the --antilias hymn which begins with the words "Jesus my all to Heaven is gone," and other songs. She said she saw Jesus.

Even after speech left her, she made sings satisfying us that she was conscious till life was almost extinct. A noble and generous mother is gone to a home above where there is no more sorrow, sickness and pain not death.Our loss is her ------ gain.

"Dearest mother thou has left us, and thy loss we deeply feel; But 'tis God that hath bereft us He can all our sorrows heal. Ye! again, we hope to meet thee when the day of life fleed-; There is Heaven with joy to greet thee, Where no farewell tear is shed."
Mollie and Nettie

Descendants of Rebecca Beavers Pratt

1.  Rebecca Beavers Pratt b:7/12/1824 in Bibb Co., Alabama d: 2/19/1869 
    Shuqualak,Noxubee Co.,Ms
	+Ebenezer Robertson Glass, Sr.	b:11/15/1819 Newberry Co., SC
	d: October 06, 1907 in Travis, Falls Co., Texas
	2  	Felix Drayton Glass, Sr.	b: October 21, 1862 
        Shuqualak, Noxubee Co., Mississippi	d: August 01, 1947 in Austin, Travis 
        Co., Texas
	    +Georgia Messina Phillips	b: April 08, 1869 Pontotoc Co., Ms.
	    d: February 26, 1952 in Austin, Travis Co., Texas
	2  	Absalom Pratt Glass	b: 1843 in Bibb Co., Alabama	
        d: 1911 in Grosebeck, Limestone Co., Texas
    	+Mary Ann (Minnie) Shields	b: Bet. 1844 - 1845 in Alabama	
        d: Bef. 1895 in prob. Koose, Limestone Co., Tx.
       *2nd Wife of Absalom Pratt Glass:		
		+Edmonia Lynn Brown	b:1857 d:1938 Grosebeck, Limestone Co., Texas
    2  	Mary Jane (Mollie) Glass	b: January 08, 1845  Bibb Co., Ala
    	d: October 11, 1936 in Ft. Worth, Tarrant Co., Texas 
        (also Nov. 10, 1936)
		+John Hinnah Dew b:1846 Miss.d:December 10, 1875 Falls Co., Texas
	2  	Ebenezer Robertson Glass, Jr.	b: 9/29/1846 Bibb Co., Ala.
    	d: April 02, 1943 in Marshall, Harrison Co., Tx.
    	+Matilda E. Roberts	b: 1857 in Grimes Co., Tx.	
        d: Abt. 1897 in poss. Marshall, Harrison Co., Tx.
    2  	James Melford Glass	b: May 07, 1848 in Bibb Co., Alabama
    	d: May 12, 1936 in Bur Riesel Cem., Riesel, McLennan Co., Texas
    	+Agnes Evelyn Shields b: 9/21/1872 d: 9/24/1951 
        Bur. Riesel Cem., Reisel, McLennan Co., Tx.
    2  	Elizabeth (Nettie)(Anetta) Glass b: 1849 Bibb Co., Ala.	
    2  	Eugenia (Jennie)Caledonia(W.C.)Glass b: 10/25/1851 Six Mile, Bibb Co.,
        Alabama	d: March 30, 1924 Birmingham, Jefferson Co., Alabama
		+Sidney Aldolphus Dew b: 9/14/1847 Hale Co., Alabama
    	d: October 08, 1924 in Birmingham, Jefferson Co., Alabama
	2  	Edward C. Glass	b: 1854 in poss. Alabama d: Aft. 1880 
	2  	Louella B.(Ella)(BLTA)Glass	b: 7/18/1855 Bibb Co., Alabama
    	d: January 07, 1937 in Ft.  Worth Tarrant Co., Tx. 
        (Bur. Mt. Olive Cem.)
    	+John Baker	b:1850-1865 in poss. of Earth Co. Tx.d: Bef. 1932
	2  	William L. Glass b: 1858 in Ala. d:Aft.1860 in of Bibb Co., Ala. (died young)
	2  	John Andrew Glass b: April 12, 1859 Shuqualak, Noxubee Co., Ms.
    	d: November 08, 1943 in Travis, Falls Co., Texas
    	+Leannah Phillips	b: 2/20/1862 Macon, Pontotoc Co.,Ms.
    	d: November 07, 1936 in Travis, Falls Co., Texas
	2  	Thomas Walter Glass	b: 1/13/1861 Shuqualak, Noxubee Co., Ms.
		d: August 21, 1945 in Waco, McLennen Co., Tx.
        +Parks Phillips	b: September 15, 1866 in Macon,Pontotoc Co., Ms.
		d: November 21, 1902 in Travis, Falls Co., Texas
    	*2nd Wife of Thomas Walter Glass:		
    	+Blanche Kilborne	b: 1861-1890 d: 1935-1970

Kevin S. Merritt <> also has some ancestors that he needs help with:

Surname - Higginbotham
Father - John Lawless Higginbotham
Mother - Mary Emma Bateman
Daughter - I think it is Melvina Emiley Bateman Higginbotham

[Kevin thinks someone might locate them on the 1870 census?]


Jenny Swanner-Terry <> gave a "run down" on her husband's ties to Noxubee County:

                          Stennis and Terry
His mother,    Mary Loudon Stennis of Noxubee MS  m. Duane Richard Terry
His gf,        Jessie Patty "Big Dad" Stennis b. 3/8/05 Kemper Co MS 
               d.Noxubee MS  m. Mable Lee Roberts
His Great gf.  William Eugene Stennis b. 4/29/1868 Kemper Co. MS 
               m. Lizzie Pearl/Perle Evans
2nd G gf       Adam Turner Stennis b. 9/3/1819 Greenville SC d.5/6/1878
               Kemper Co.  m. Julia Edwards
3rd G-gf       John Stenhouse Stennis b. 1785 Scotland d. 3/14/1845
               Greenville SC
               m. 1st. Rebecca Peden  2nd Mary Peden

Vicki Permenter <> has a REAL missing man!

JAMES ROBERT PERMENTER born abt.1853, married Nancy Magnolia Smith in 1871
Tuscaloosa Ala. and he left her shortly afterwards. The family always assumed
he died "somewhere"????? I have my doubts. He had a step father named
J.K.Wilson but I do not know where he originally lived.


Kathy Barefoot <> is excited, hopefully we can help her more?

My mother's maternal grandmother, PERMELIA ALICE FRANKLIN is found in the 1860 census of Noxubee County.

1860 Noxubee Co., MS census, Dist.3, Macon P.O.", Reel # M653-588, page 11, lines 31-35. The family is listed as Alfred, 34/m farmer SC; Mary, 22/m (I think not!) SC; Rebecca 6/f MS; Ella 3/f MS; Alice 1/f MS. We believe this is the correct family although we understood Alice's father's given name was Rubin/Reuben. The age differences are right between Ella and Alice.

We had no real expectations of finding her anywhere! If anyone has information on the Franklin family who resided here during this time we would LOVE to talk more. Also, we know that the SCHRIMPSHIRE family is related to the Franklin family. We have just started researching this site so we are hoping to find more information as we go.

[The following Franklin families are to be found in the 1850 census...ear]

Household #548
Isaiah Franklin, age 53, m, Planer, b S.C
Martha Franklin, age 40, f., b. SC
Bonner Franklin, age 70, m, b. NC

Household #769
Columbus Franklin, age 23, m, Planter, b. Geo
Elizabeth Franklin, age ?21?, f, b. Geo
Thomas Franklin, age 30, m, Planter, b. Geo

Household # 820
William Winfry, age 67,m, Planter, b. Va.
Judy Winfry, age 67, f, b. Va
John Franklin, age 27, m,

John Beasley <> hopes to locate his grandmother's family:

I am trying to find my grandmother's family. All of them left Ms. expecpt Georgia Murry Gore.
The last information I had was that she had one son left and his names is Hulon Gore and that he lived in a retirement lodge named "Poor Boy Lodge" around Dekalb, Ms. He still has an address in Philapeplhia. The reason I am checking in this county is because I think my grandmother was born there in 1887. Her parents were George Louis Murry and Martha Louis "Bethanany" Murry . My grandmother's name: Elizabeth "Lizzie" Murray Beasley.

Jeff Ingram <> needs some help with the Civil War:

Was wondering if anyone knows what civil war units most of the county men went to? I am looking for John Barrong(variations-Barang/Berrong/etc.). He is in 1860 Noxubee census. I
can't seem to find anything on his service.


Marleen Van Horne <> offerred some help for those researching Watkins and Germany families of Kemper county, just to the south of Noxubee.....including it here with knowledge of so many close ties between the counties:

Two obituary notices from Neshoba County for families originating in Kemper County.


John W. White acquired property in Kemper County in 1841. He had two brothers, Willis D. and Samuel , and six sisters, Henrietta, Leah/Leanne, Mary, Harriet, Martha and Lucinda.

Henrietta married Leven Watkins in Sumter County, Alabama about 1832. They had the following children:

Kinond 1834
Samuel 1836
James 1838
Mildred 1841 married John Cox about 1868
Charles 1843
Willis 1845
Theo 1847
John 1849
Marion 1858

Lucinda married Benjamin Cam Germany about 1853 in Kemper County.
They had the following children:

Frances 1855 F
Jas. W 1857 M
Adelade 1858 F
Mary 1862 F
Wm. D 1866 M His obit appears below.
M. E. 1870 F
Benj. C. 1873 M


William D. Germany--hand dated 1/18/44

William David (Bill) Germany, age 79, passed away at a local Hospital early Sunday morning, January 16, after a weeks illness. He was born and reared in Kemper County and moved to the Spring Creek Community in 1900 where he made home since that time. He was a prominent and successful farmer and took an active part in the Community and County affairs.

He is survived by two sons, R.[Reginald] N. Germany of Memphis, Tenn., and Hillman Germany of this city, sister Mrs. Tom Watkins of New Augusta, Miss.; brother Cam Germany of Arkansas; three grand children also survive.

Funeral services were held Monday Morning at 10 o'clock at McClain-Hays Chapel with Rev F. G. Wilborn in charge.

Pallbearers were Grady Eakes, Hoyt Jernigan, James Germany, C. T. Germany, John Ford and Lat Watkins.

[He is probably buried in the Jones Cemetery with his wife Ella L..]


Homer D. Watkins, Prominent Winston Physician, Passes
Survivors Include Sister and Brother of this City

Funeral services for Dr. Homer B. Watkins, 63, were held at 4:30 o'clock Monday afternoon at the Noxapater Methodist church. Dr. Watkins for 25 years a resident of Noxapater, died suddenly of a heart attack.

The services were conducted by the Rev. E. B. Sharpe, pastor of the Noxapater church and the Rev. H. Wallace of Drew. Interment was in Mt. Carmel Cemetery at Noxapater.

One of the civic and religious leaders in this section of the state, Dr. Watkins was a graduate of a medical college at Louisville, Ky. He was a Steward in the Methodist Church and a Mason.

Survivors include his wife, Mrs. Sybil Watkins; and two sons, W. Everett Watkins, Noxapater; and Dr. H. Stribling Watkins, Coal Valley, Ala.; three sisters, Mrs. Les Haskins, Philadelphia; Mrs. Sudie Shiner and Mrs. J. L. Donald, both of San Antionio, Texas; and one brother,
Dr. W. L. Watkins, Philadelphia.

Pall bearers included Sam Myatt, W. D. Darby, T. R. Kilpatrick, T. H. Stevens, W. E. Woodward, C. A. Jones and W. F. Wood.

These obituary notices are from a scrap book made by a descendant of John W. White's son, Elias Oden White. It is my assumption that Dr. Homer Watkins is a descendat of Leven Watkins and Henrietta White, but I have not documented the connection.

[Thank you Marlene, you have contributed so much to everyone's search.]


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