Rose Hill Cemetery, Mound Gravesite for Civil War Soldiers MS-AHGP site

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Rose Hill Cemetery
Mound Gravesite for
Civil War Soldiers
Lauderdale County
MS-AHGP site

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Gravesite for Civil War Soldiers 1n that State.

Rose Hill Cemetery
Mound Gravesite for Civil War Soldiers



12th LA Infantry
Private Hugh E. Anderson
Corporal Zachariah Childers
Private Thomas Fogg
Private William Rose
Private Archibald H. Skinner
Private Marion Tullis
Private George W. Williamson

19th LA
Private William Ray

25th LA
Private Jacob Keller
Private Pat Mulholland
Private J. A. Ross
Private W. C. Shanks
Corporal J. L. Sheperd

Cons. LA
Private J. D. Jinks




2nd Arkansas Cavalry
Private S. S. Belton
Sergeant Luther E. Morgan
Private W. W. Woodward

5th Arkansas Infantry
Private Frederick B. Bandy
Private Gustavus Harris
Private Thomas Hopson
Private R. N. Jetton
Private W. H. Tarpley
Private John T. Temples

8th AR
Private John N. Hill

9th AR
Private T. J. Ross

12th AR
Private C. W. Crawford

15th AR
J. R. F. Gilbert
Corporal Anderson H. Hubbard

18th AR
Private David Crotts
Private H. J. Walker

21st AR
Private William H. Fletcher

23rd AR
Private John Haney
1st Lt Moses W. Lewis

31st AR
Sergeant William M. Gresham




1st MS Artillery
Private John C. Goosey
Private Uriah Price

2nd MS Cavalry
Rev. M. Wilson Frierson
Corporal H. M. Smotherman
Private F. M. Smotherman

3rd MS Infantry
Private Edwin O. Reynolds

14th MS
Private Micajah S. Boothe

30th MS
Private John Ryals

32nd MS
Private William M. Barnett
Private Sampson B. Settlemoir
Private James H. Wilkins

36th MS
Private Sol Blackman
Private William W. Weeks

40th MS
Private John A. Barnes
Private Samuel E. Bates
Private J. W. Esters
Private S. J. Jenkins
Private S. Gray Johnson
Private Charles Musgrove
Captain William S. Parrott

Private Thomas Phelps
Private P. M. Pliver
Private T. B. Sanders
Private Robert Slaughter
Private G. B. Smith
Private Hugh F. Ulmer
Private N. B. Ulmer
Private John L. Williams

44th MS
Private S. Herron
Private M. L. Langston
Private John M. Shelton

46th MS
Private W. W. Lee




2nd TX Infantry
Sergeant John L. Killough
Private Henry Stockhadt

9th TX Cavalry
Private John Taylor

6th TX
Private John H. Scurlock

10th TX
Private R. R. Flournoy




3rd KY MTD Infantry
Private J. K. Brame
Private Luther R. Brame

7th KY
Private William E. Baldwin

9th KY
Private F. G. Patterson




1st Alabama Infantry
Private David Clark
Private Elijah Frudge
Private Charles Gardner
Private Thomas Freen
Private George W. Harris

16th Alabama
Private George W O’Rear
Private James Sargeant

17th Alabama
Corporal William R. Andress
Private D. A. Daggert

19th Alabama
Private John Hensley

24th Alabama
Private William Jones
Private James McLelland

25th Alabama
Private John W. Joiner

28th Alabama
Private James P. Shadix

35th Alabama
Private Thomas L. Bagley

37th Alabama
Private E. B. Owen
Corporal Jonathan B. Smith

38th Alabama
Private Henry Hane

39th Alabama
Private James B. Brady
Private Aldolphus Hall
Private John E. Parsons

40th Alabama
Private John J. Sheffield

55th Alabama
Private John W. Armstrong
Private Samuel F. Miller

57th Alabama
Private Edward Bowen




41st GA
Private Jermiah W. Coker
Corporal J. G. Fowler

43rd GA
Private N. Cantrell

46th GA
Private N. C. Allen

47th GA
Private D. W. Brower
Corporal George W. Hurst

52nd GA
Captain Lewis B. Beard
Private John Davis
Private Robert H. Jackson

8th GA Infantry
Private J. S. Fuller

39th GA
Lt James M. Bates




1st FL Infantry
Private John Branch
Private Oliver Davis

4th FL
Private John H. Wren




10th TN Infantry
Private John Keaton

25th TN
Private Joseph Rogers

27th TN
Private J. W. P. Daugherty

29th TN
Sergeant Henry C. Moss
Private John Strone

40th TN
Private William Buchanan

49th TN
Private J. L. Thompson

60th TN
Private Bala Collins
Private George W. Phillips

62nd TN MTS
Private Marley Hall


South Carolina

South Carolina

10th S C Infantry
Private Joseph Barnhill
Private M. Clark
Private James Floyd
Private James Turner
Leonard Woodarad

16 S. C.
Private W. H. H. Lee
Private Joseph Lewis

18 S C
Corporal Wiley M Lawson

19 S C
Captain Joseph H. Cunningham
Private Seaborn S. McAnn

Halcomb’s Legion
Private C. N. P. Briant
Private James J. Johnson

Culpepper’s Battery
Private Robert E. Timmons


North Carolina

North Carolina

29th N C Infantry
Private Alfred Frisbe

39th N C
Private Robert Gentry




1st MO Calvary
Private James W. Newby
Corporal Owens Williams

2nd MO Infantry
1st Lt William G. Biggs
Corporal Robert D. Prichett

5th MO
Private John S. Campbell
Private Solomon M. Jefferies
Private A. M. Roebuck
Private Abraham Watson

1st/4th Cons. MO
1st Lt Thomas T. Tunstall


"Read" Naval hero of the Confederacy

Lt. Charles W. “Shavez” Read
Naval hero of the Confederacy
b. 5-13-1840~~ d. 1-25-1890

Nebraska Read
Wife of Charles W. Read


Submitted by David Pickett Poster-#-65-
Submitted by
Elizabeth Hagwood Poster-#-4-

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