Bedford-Indiana County Peddicords - Descedants of Nicholas Peddicord and Notes on Dorsey Petticoat of Huntingdon (Blair) Co. PA

The parents of Nicholas Peddicord (born ca 1750) are not known. There is a strong possiblity he was a brother of Dorsey Peddicord (born between 1755 and 1760) who also appears in Huntingdon County PA in the late 1700s and early 1800s. The most likely options for the parents are the from the lines of Dorsey Petticoat and wife Sarah, or Nicholas Petticoat who married Ann Jacks. I have not been able to find any record for children of either so these sons of John Petticoat and Sarah Dorsey, except it was documenedt that Dorsey had a child out of wedlock in the 1740s with Mary Barns.
There seems to have been several Dorsey Peddicords around in the late 1700s, perhaps four based on the 1790 census records, three in Baltimore County and One in Pennsylvania.
It seems the last records in Baltimore County for Dorsey Petticoart (of John and Sarah Dorsey) and wife his Sarah were the 13 March 1768 indenture conveying the 368 tract Boring's Range to Samuel Tipton in Baltimore County for 25 pounds current money of Pennslyvania and on 15 Nov 1785 In consideration of 5 shillings in hand paid Dorsey Petticoat farmer of Baltimore County conveyed to John Foster of Baltimore that tract of land Petticoat's Meadows ... containing 31 acres of land more or less being also included in the tact Borings Range conveyed by James Boring to said John Foster. In both cases Sarah wife of Dorsey Petticoart agreed to the transactions.

There was a Dorsey Petticoart moved into PA in lates 1760s. Glenn Peddicord found on tax lists for 1769 (with enties of 1 hog, 1 cow, 50 W and 3c.] a Dorsey Petticourt listed in Hamilton Twp. of Cumberland Co. And then in 1770 as Dorsey Peddycort with 1 hog and 1 cow, At that time Cumberland County encompassed about one-fourth of Pennsylvania, the entire south-west corner including what became Bedford Co, Fayette Co., Green Co., Washington Co., Indiana County, Cambria County, Huntingdon County among others. (There were only 8 counties in the Commonwealth of Pennslyvania at that time). The question is what Dorsey is this? Dorsey the third generation son of John Petticoart and Sarah Dorsey or is this Dorsey a fourth generation being the son of the later or Nicholas and Ann Jacks?

Pennsylvania tax lists are a major source of information , but from from 1773 to 1776 survivng recordsI do not find any Peddicords listed in Bedford County Records.

As mentioned above there was a Dorsey Peddicord who was a contempary of Nicholas Peddicord b ca 1750s. This Dorsey Peddicord lived in HuntingdonCo., PA in the late 1700s to early 1880s. Therefore he is kin to Nicholas and perhaps a brother.
Assume that he is the Dorsey Pettycoat who is listed in the 1798 federal tax assessment of Frankstown Twp. in Huntingdon/Somerset Co.

occupant Dorsey Pettycoat, owner Dorsey Pettycoat, 1 house 18' by 20' valued at $25 and one stable 12' by 18' valued at $8, 200 acres of land valued at $633. another record lists 2 houses worth $33 and the 200 acres at $633.

In the 1800 Federal census he is in Allegheny Twp., of Huntingdon Co., PA
Dorsey PETTICOAT 3 males under age of 10, one male 26 to 45, one female under age 10, 2 females age 10-16, 1 female age 16 to 25, one female age 26 to 45.
and also listed in the Pennsylvania tax lists for 1800 as PETTECOAT, Desy a farmer
He is also found in the 1810 census of Allegheny Twp., of Huntingdon Co.,
Dorsey PETTICOAT 3 male under age 10, 2 males age 10-16, 1 male 16-25, one male over age 45, 2 females age 10-15, 1 female age 16-26, one female age 26 to 45

So one might assume from the census data this Dorsey Peddicord was born between 1755 and 1760 and possibley had 6 sons and 4 daughers. So what happened to the family? There does not seem to be a record of them in the Huntingdon County probate files available on-line. Perhaps there might be some clue on the land records of Huntingdon County. Today the area described above would be in Blair County PA. Overall Frankstown Twp., was divided in 1785 to form Woodberry Twp., Allegheny Twp. was formed by further divison of Frankstown Twp. in 1793.

Nicholas was certainly not alone in migrating from Maryland to that area of Pennsylvania, for I find other families from Baltimore County who did the same. One Baltimore family with a Peddicord connection is Isaiah Boring who ended up in Indiana Co., PA. (Rebecca Boring married John Peddicord in St John's Parish and moved to KY, but here parents remain a mystery. ) Many other Baltimore County families can be found in Huntingdon County in late 1700s such as Nathaniel Gorsuch.


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