William Petticoate's Land Grant for Petticoate's Rest

The following are transcripts of William Petticoate's Land Grants for Petticoates Rest. Note that he apparently purchased the rights to this land from George Yates who in turn had purchased rights for the land from Co. William Burgess. Thus this is not land that William Petticoate recieved for completion of service/indentured servitude. To locate this parcel, one needs to know the location of land of Daniel Edge, the only reference given in the metes and bounds description below. This grant is records in two different books at the Maryland State Archives, but it seems the content is the same. One record is on pages 98 and 99 of Liber 21 and the other on page 310 of Liber 20. The dates of 1649 and 1650 in the document refer to the dates of the "Conditions of Plantation", the rules, that Cecilius Calvert, as proprietor of the Province Maryland, had established for the granting of lands on those dates, and are not dates of any of the grants of this land in Anne Arundel Co.

Liber 21 pages 98 and 99

July 8th 1679
Wm Peddicoate
Cert. 100 Acres
Aeul? 4 AR land.

By virtue of a Wart. Granted unto Coll Wm Burges of Ann Arundell County for One thousand and fifty acres of Land bearing date the fourth day of June 1679 to d. said wart was assigned my the Said Burges unto George Yates of the said County and one hundred acres warrt thereof was assigned unto William Petticoate of the said County by the said Yates As appears These are therefore in humble maner to Certify that I George Holland Deputy Surv. Under Vincient Lowe Esq. Survo. Gen. Have laid out for the said Petticoat a parcel of land called Petticoates Rest lying in the said County in the woods beginning at a bounded Hickory of the land of Daniel Edge and running west by South fifty five perches to a bound white oak then South west fifty perches to a bounded white oak then South South East Sixty perches to a bounded white oak standing by a swamp then North one hundred and forty perches to a bounded ead oak then by a straight line to the first bounded tree, Containing and laid out for one hundred acres of land more or less, To be hereto of the Mausso (?) Of Ann Arundell VF we Geo. Holland Deputy Surveyor .

Charles sd. To all persons to whose there present shall come Greetings as our Lord God Everlasting Know ye that we for and in consideraion that William Petticoate of Anne Arundell County in our providence of Maryland hath due unto him One hundred Acres of land within our said Province? assigned from William Burgess part of a wart. For one thousand and fifty acres grant the said Burgess the fourth day of June last past as appears upon ???? and upon such conditions and leavies as are Expressed in the conditions of plantacons of Our Late Father (Cecilus of noble irrevous??? and or his greater seal at armes bearing date at London the Second day of July Anno Domi 1649 with such alterations as witness is made by his declaration bearing date the two and twenteeth day of Septem Anno 1650 & reamining? Upon creord?? In our said province of Maryland do hereby grant unto him the said Wm Petticoate, all that parcel of land called petticoates Rest, Lying in the said County , in the woods beginning at abounded Hickory of the Said Daniel Edge & Sunirrgh??? of and by South Fifty Five perches to a bounded white Oak then South West Fifty perches tp a marked White Oak the South South East Sixty Perches to a bounded white oak standing by a swamp then North one hundred and fourty perches to a bounded red oak then by a straight line to the first Bounded tree, Containing and now laid out for One Hundred Acres of land more or less, Together with all rights, pfetes? And benefits thereunto belonging Royal Mines, expected, To have and to hold the same unto him the said William Petticoate his heirs and assigns forever to be holden of us and Our heirs as of our Manneos of Ann Arundele in fee and couion Soreage by Fealty only for all manner of Services yielding and paying therefore yearly unto us or our heirs or our receiplat?? At our City of St Marys at the leod? ????? ???? feasts in the year viz. At the feast of the Annunciation of the blessed virgin Mary & at the feast of St. Michael the Arch Angle by even and equal portions the rent of of four shillings Sterling in Silver or Gold and for asine upon every alienation of the said land or any part or parcel thereof one whole years rent in Silver or Gold. Or the Full value thereof in such commodities as we or Our heirs or such officer or officers appointed by us or our heirs from time to time to collect and receive the Same may accept in discharge thereof at the Choice of us and our heirs or such officers or officers as afo? Provided that if he the Said William Petticoat his heirs or assignes shall not pay unto us or our heirs or ???? Officer or Officers of the said .....(balance not copied.....

Liber 20 page 310 (must have been continued on page 311).

Certificate for Peddicoats Rest: (partial Copy)

(802) July 8th 1679
William Petticoate
Cert. 100 Acres
Land as Known
Petticoates Rest

By Virtue of a Warrant Granted unto Collo William Burgess of Ann Arundle County for One Thousand and fifty Acres of Land Bearing the Date the fourth day of June last which said warrant was assigned by the sd. Burgess unto George Yates of the said County as appears One Hundred Acres warrtd thereof was assigned by the said Yates unto William Petticoat of the aforesd County as appears. These are therefore in humble waiver to certify that I George Holland deputy Surveyor under Vincent Sowe Esq. Surv. Generall have laid out for the said Petticoate a parcel of Land called Petticoates Rest, Lying in Ann Arundell County in the woods beginning at bounded Hickory beinga bounded Tree of the Land of Daniel Edge and running West and by South fifty five perches to a white oak there South West fifty ???? (South) ...

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