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Descendants of William PETTICOATE of England and Anne Arundel Co., Maryland - 350 Years In America

Welcome to this web site which provides information on the descendants of William Petticoat of Anne Arundel Co., MD who arrived in Maryland from England 350 years ago. and his son John Petticoarte of Anne Arundel and Baltimore Cos., MD. The spelling of the name has taken many forms from the 1660s to today among them are Petticourt, Petticoarte, Peddicoarte, Peddicord, Peddycoard, Pettichord, Peddycord, Pettecord, & Petticord. There is one claim of hard evidence that John was William's son, in an Anne Arundel Co court document that is claimed to name guardians for John and Ruth, the orphans of William Peddicoate. . The information on this page has been compiled with the help of many researchers. There is still a lot we do not know. To help in this effort, a Peddicord genealogy research mailing list has been established on the internet. to subscribe to this list send an E-mail to with the message "Subscribe".

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Several Descendants of William Petticoate in the Maryland had a Family Reunion 10 years ago back in July 2007 in Annapolis MD, About 60 persons were in attendence from as far away as Washington State and Alberta Canada. to celebrate the 340th anniversary of the Transport of William Petticoarte from Bristol England to Anne Arundel County, in the Province of Maryland It was wonderful to meet so many cousins and perhaps we should think of something for the 350th aniversary of his arrival this year.

Note: The data presented on this site is a combination of factual data, accepted lineages, and hypothesis, so not everything may be correct. If you have questions about particular people or comments, let me know. It has been difficult to find documented proof of relationships in many cases, particularly from 1750-1850. I suspect in some cases there just is none existant. Some of the relationships given are based on various clues, including geographic locations. There are listings for over 4000 descendants of William Petticoate on this website.

Some data came from information about the recollections of Laura Peddicord (b. 6 Feb 1849) the daughter of Charles C. Peddicord, provide some insight on the children of Morris Peddicord and Keturah Bond, her grandparents. Previous unknown without her data is there was son named Joshua who went west and not heard from again. Otherwise, the information confirms what we have long suspected on this branch of the family. One interesting point, is that based on the surrounding persons in the 1810 census around Morris Petticord, he appears to be living in the same neighborhood where a Dorsey Peticoat is listed in the 1790 census of Baltimore County.
Based on ca. 1912 letters of Ida Ford daughter of Zachariah Peddicord of OH to William Jasper Peddicord of Portland OR., it can be stated that Dorsey Peddicord (1777-1853) was the eldest sibling of: Joshua, Caleb, Zachariah, Nicholas, Humphrey, and Perry Peddicord. However, Mrs. Ford states her father did not know his grandfather's name. However, based on the 1790 census of Baltimore Co., MD the likely father is Humphrey and the mother Rachel Barnes. There is proof that Caleb b. 21 Dec 1778 was the son of a Rachel Peddicord. This letter also establishes which of Dorsey's children where by Ann Banks (first wife) and Elizabeth Brown (second wife).
A fresh look at the census indicates that Adam Peddicord and Catharine Fowble probably had several children born between 1810 and 1820. Possibly these children could include: Thomas Petticord who married in Howard dist of Anne Arundel County to Susan Kendal , David Petticord and John Petticord, the latter two are found in Allegheny Co., PA, but where born in MD as was Thomas.

Recent Research has included work on going through the recent census records methodically looking for all soundex entries under Peddicord to find most everyone in the census, and also indentify the families of Peddicord daughters, and also where possible the parents and familie of spouses. However there still are a number of persons that seem lost in census records. Particularly frustrating are cases where we find marriage or other records of persons that do not appear in the census data. In addition more public records are becoming available on the internet which adds to the knowledge base. In particular there is now a lot of data from North Carolina archives, Tennessee records, California vital reoords and Texas vital records, and birth, marriage, and death records from other states being used to update the website.

Factual Data Linages of the Family Miscellanies
Bullet New Feature for 2016 is this experimental link to Glenn Peddicord's Google Earth files. Here you will find images for hundreds of Peddicord documents Here are birth and death certificates, marriage licenses and other documents
Bullet Land Grant to Cornelius Howard for Transport of William Petticoate
Bullet Land Grant to William Petticoate for Petticoates Rest
Bullet Last Will & Testament & Codicil of William Peddicord Sr. of Clark Co., KY dated 11 Dec 1843
Bullet The 1796-1800 Forclosure on Peddicoats' Hope Nicholas Petticoarts estate, Baltimore county, MD.
Bullet Peddicord Marriages in Maryland from various sources
Bullet Peddicord Marriages in Illinois from various sources
BulletPeddicords in Maryland Land Records
BulletPeddicord Burials
Bullet18th Century Land Records for Baltimore Co. MD

Bullet Descendants of William PETTICOATE of Anne Arundel Co., MD. This part of the web site is a set of over 2000 family group sheets with information on the descedants of William Petticoat for which a linkage exists or are presumed. There are other "pieces" of the family for which I have not yet established a proposed or proved linage. This set of linked group sheets on Peddicord descendants will be updated periodically. For other branches of the family that have been not connected to William and his son John, the following are links to several linked group sheets for various of these branches of the trees.
Descendants of Morris Petticord and Keturah Bond of Baltimore County.
New January 2016
Descendants of Adam Petticord and Catharine Fowble of Baltimore County. Children appear to include David and John Petticord who settled in Pittsbugh PA between 1850 and 1860.
Descendants of Keelon Peddycord and Grizella Ledford of Forsyth Co. NC. Here are about 150 family group sheets for five generations of descendants of Keelon Peddycord. It is assumed, but no known records show, that Keelon was a grandchild of Nathan Peddycoarte and Sarah Lucas.

Updated April 2017

Descendants of Thomas Petticord and Susan Kendall of Anne Arundel Co., MD and Ohio Co., WVA

Bullet Descendants of Joseph P. Peddicord and Catharine Young

Bullet updated Feb 2016n The Descendants of Nicholas and Sarah Peddicord of Indiana Co., PA and notes on Dorsey Peddicord of Huntingdon Co., PA

Bullet The descendants of Dorsey (born before 1775 in MD) and Sarah Petticord of, MD, Bedford Co., PA and Fairfield Co., OH

Bullet updated Feb 2016 The Descendants of David Wilt and Anna Peddychord He and their older children were born in Pennsylvania and she was born in Baltimore MD circa 1818. about 1843 the family moved to Ohio and is found in Auglaize and Van Wert Counties

Bullet updated Feb 2016 The Descendants of John Lydick and Elizabeth Pettacoard This is another entry based on Elizabeth Pettacord being named as mother on a death certificate and another family that went to Ohio from Pennslyvania

Lucy Ellen, William D and John Albert Peddycord were orphaned in the 1860s There parents are not known. There is one record that indicates their father was named John. But the family stories state that the father died and the widow placed her children in other homes .

Bullet The descendants of Melvina Isham, wife of Rash Baxter Peddycord These include step-children that assumed their step father's name.

Bullet Updated April 2017 BRICKWALLS Peddicords with unknown or uncertain parentage. Some of the people in this list may have change their called names over time to add to our confusion, such as being addressed by the first name when found with their parents in the census and than later in life using their middle name or a nickname. Therefore some of the people in the list may also be included in the main linage listings available through the linked family charts. There are also orphans, cases where someone died or was divorced between a mariage and the next census, and many other situations where readily available data does not provide any lineage for these people. One frustrating riddle is where there is a marriage record for a couple, but then, they do not appear in any census record. The updates include the solutions to many previous unknowns, but there are still a lot of unknown or uncertain relationships

Bullet Peddicords of Kentucky and southern Ohio Information on the Peddicord family in Kentucky and southern Ohio. .
Bullet The Peddicords of Emittsburg, Frederick Co., Maryland, probable descendants of {George} Greenburry Peddicord and Sophia Dorsey.
African-American Petticords

Bullet How do you spell your name? & where the family was. A listing of variations of the family name found in the 1790 to 1870 censuses by state
Bullet Peddicord Information from the Federal Census and other Government and private Records

BulletPeddicord Portriats

Bullet Please Check these Photographs . Here is a photo believed to be of the Peddicord family in Winston Salem NC. If you might recognize any of these people please let the the contributor know.

Bullet Other Web Sites with Peddicord information (Unfortunately a changing situation all the time:
Faye Moran has a site with a collection of data about the Moravians in North Carolina that includes the descendants of Nathan Peddycoard. (This is an updated link)
Another on-line collection of Peddicord genealogical information was PEDDYCORD JUNCTION that had been placed on the INTERNET by Gray Harmon (deceased) who was particularly interested on Keelion Peddycord of North Carolina who married Grizzilla. I have not been able to determine if there is a new link for her data since familytreemaker was discontinued.
The site maintained by Glenn Peddicord has been discontinued by Glenn is working on two alternatives, one is posting files of Google Drive that is accessible with the link listed at the top of this page. The other is an Israeli based company, My Heritage that seems to be competing with,
Additional information on related lines, such as the Dorsey, Belt, Shipley, and Barnes families are available on the first families pages on the Baltimore County and Anne Arundel County USGenWeb/MdGenWeb Country Pages.

Bits of Peddicord of History:
John Carleton Peddicord (will dated 2 July 1842, proved 2 July 1842) and his wife Lucy Harriett (will dated 26 Sept 1842, proved 12 Oct 1842) of Montgomery Co., MD left their estate to their slaves, with the provision that Lemuel Clement was to act as trustee and purchase a lot of land for the slaves.

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