Frederich Phanstiel Family

Frederick & Angeline Smith Pfanstiel




Angeline Smith Pfanstiel and eight sons

Left to right:  Marion Francis, Franklin Pierce, James Garfield, Frederick Alexander, Mother Angeline, Albert Grant, Robert, Benjamin Franklin and William.



Marion Francis Pfanstiel & Margaret Emmetta Mullins Pfanstiel



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Frederich Pfannstiel(our spelling Frederick Pfanstiel) was born January 2, 1825 in Saxe Weimar Ersenach, Germany.  He was one of five children, was raised by his mother as his father died when he was quite young.  He left Germany on May 2, 1853 from Bremen and arrived in New York, June 25, 1853.  He resided in both Pendleton County and Kenton County, Kentucky, first at Demossville and later at Morningview.  He operated a blacksmith shop in both places.  An 1883 map of Magisterial District No. 5, which included Morning View, contained the following business reference:

"Fred Pfanstiel, Blacksmith, Repairing and Horse Shoeing neatly done.
Shop near Morning View"



Frederick became a citizen in Hamilton County, Ohio, July 5, 1858.  Some time later, he served as the Justice of the Peace for District No. 5.  He was a 32nd degree Mason and for many years and served as secretary of the Masonic Lodge in Demossville. On July 4, 1856, he married his first wife, Margaret E. Mullins, daughter of Richard Mullins, Sr.  They had one daughter, Rebecca.  Margaret died when Rebecca was a baby, only a few months old.  Frederick married his second wife, Angeline Smith, May 10, 1858.  Angeline was born June 2, 1843 and at the time of marriage to Frederick, was not quite 15 years old. Frederick, at the time was 33 years of age.  Angeline was born near California, Kentucky.  Her mother died when she was quite small and she and her brother, Ben, were raised part time by her father and part time by her aunt.


Frederich Pfanstiel served as a Home Guard for the Union during the Civil War.



Frederick and Angeline had thirteen children of their own in addition to Rebecca, the child of Frederick's first wife.  The thirteen children were:

Name Birth Death

Frederick Alexander  



Benjamin Franklin  



Charles H.  



Marion Francis  






Albert Grant  


 06/_ _/1956

Anna M. 10/12/1873 03/21/1879
Margaret May 07/19/1875 03/16/1879
Emma 04/23/1877 04/02/1879
Franklin Pierce 07/21/1879 01/20/1939
James Garfield 07/29/1881 01/09/1943
Frederick Joseph 10/18/1883 06/23/1885
Robert 02/07/1886 12/20/1981



Frederick died March 18, 1898 and is buried at Wilmington Cemetery, Fiskburg, Kenton County, Kentucky.  Angeline died February 23, 1924 and is also buried at Willmington Cemetery.



Eight of Frederick and Angeline's children lived to adulthood as did Rebecca.  The children married as follows:

Child Spouse Date
Rebecca William Stull  
Frederick Alexander Virginia "Jenny" Barker 04-14-1881
Benjamin Franklin Lyda Forehan  
Francis Marion Margaret Emmetta Mullins 03-03-1893
William Lily Hitch  
Albert Grant Minnie Hester Mullins 07-24-1902
Franklin Pierce Josephine Mullins 08-05-1903
James Garfield Marie Cunningham  
Robert Louella Gretchi  



Grandchildren of Frederick & Angeline Smith Pfanstiel

Children of Frederick Alexander& Virginia Barker - Minnie, Pearl, Lillie, Harley, Frederick, Jr., Edna& Beueah.

Children of Benjamin & Lyda Forhan - Tom & Stella.

Children of Francis Marion & Emma Mullins - Everett, Ruth, Virgie & Vivian.

Children of William & Lillian Hitch - Wilma & Eva.

Children of Albert Grant &Minnie Mullins - Mary, Nell Temple & Benjamin.

Children of Franklin Pierce &Josephine Mullins - Edith, Clarence Frederick, Franklin, Jr., Marie, Albert Earl& Evelyn.

Child of Robert & Louella Gretchi - Irene Angeline

Note:  James and Marie Cunningham had no children.

Note:  Charles, Anna, Margaret, Emma & Frederick Joseph all died young.


Rebecca Pfansteil Stahl - 1856- 1896

Rebecca Pfansteil Stahl was theonly child of Frederick and his first wife, Margaret Mullins.  She was the grand-daughter of Richard Mullins, Sr. & his first wife, Rebecca Berry.  Please refer to the Mullins page.  Rebecca married William Stahl, they had the following children:

Maggie, married Tom Gibson - they had no children.

Fred, married Myrtle Ackman -their children were:  Pascal, Edna, Clara, Fern, Mildred, Fredricka, Edward& Henry.

Ben, married Nola Vastine - their children were:  William, Margaret, Sylvester, Herman, Benjamin, Clarice, Eileen, Donald, Gene, Leo, Raymond, Mona Fay & Robert.

Charles, married Laura Melton -their child was Albert Charles.

Edward - never married.


Obituary For Fredrick Pfanstiel

Friday morning, March 13, 1898,while all was tranquil and at peace, Fredrick Pfanstiel, familiarly called Uncle Fred, fell asleep at his house in Kenton Co., to awake on the cloudless day of a painless home.  He was 73 years of age and has been a member of the Grassy Creek church for a number of years.

His union with the noble woman who survives him, and whose short path to the end will be clouded with loneliness and grief, was a most blessed one.  To them where born thirteen children, eight of whom are living, and cherish the grateful love, and noble character, the consecrated personality, and the beautiful life of an almost ideal father.

For a greater part of his life has belonged to the eldership, in which office he worked, in the church where he has long been a member until his death.  Our church has lost one of its most faithful and useful members.  He loved the church and much of his life was absorbed in its interest.  He had continually made his way of living simple and his personal expenses few that he might have more to give to every good work.  His benefactions were all made too, with that single view to the good that could be accomplished, and never for praise that might be gained.  In life no opportunity for doing good found him unprepared and even death was anticipated with good deeds to live after.  His life has been one of marked devotion to the culture and welfare of his family, being a devoted busy husband and affectionate father.

Uncle Fred has passed over the threshold to return no more forever, and his many friends deeply regret the loss of this nobleman, for whom life held so much and who occupied and adorned so useful a position in it.

Those who gather there sorrow indeed, but not as those that have no hope.  In his death they saw the close of a long, earnest Christian life, and doubted not that he has passed to the Christian's reward.  He had long been making preparations for the great change and he met it not merely as one who lies down to pleasant dreams, but as one who goes expectant of triumphant immortality.

His wife and eight sons grieve truly over his loss, but rejoice also in the memory of a life that had "For its glorious moment seen The brightness of the skirts of God."

Bro. Stewart, of Lexington, conducted the funeral services, basing his remarks upon the closing verse of I Cor. chapter 20, after which his large circle of friends and relatives viewed that which was mortal, and then his remains were deposited by six of his sons to the Fiskburg cemetery to await the glorious resurrection.

The bereaved relatives have the heart felt sympathy of the entire community.
E. C.

Demossville, March 22d. 


Resolutions of Respect for Frederick Pfanstiel

Demossville Lodge No. 220 F& A M

March 21, 1898

Whereas it has pleased the Grand Master of the Universe to call from labor to refreshment our beloved Brother Frederick Pfansteil who died March 18th 1898 aged 73 years.
Therefore let it be resolved 1st that in the death of Bro. Pfansteil our Community loses one of its best Christian Men the family a kind and indulgent Father the Church one of its most faithful Officers and our lodge one of the best officers it has ever had and whose place it will (be) impossible to fill.
2nd that while we deeply deplore his loss yet we fully realize that our loss is his eternal gain.
3rd that we extend to his bereaved Family our deepest Sympathy.
4th that a copy of these resolutions be spread upon the minutes of our Lodge a copy be sent to each member of his Family and a copy be sent to each of our county papers.
5th that we wear the usual badge of mourning for 30 days.
W. S. Clark
R. D, Thornton
B. M. Mullins
R. M. Mullins


Marion Pfanstiel's Teacher's Certificate

Descendants of Franklin Pierce Pfanstiel

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