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Richard D. Mullins & Margaret Golden Mullins
Parents of Margaret Emmetta Mullins Pfanstiel, wife of Marion Francis Pfanstiel.
Grandparents of Earl Pfanstiel

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Mullins House - Pendleton County, Kentucky
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"Richard Mullins, son of Gabriel (1758 - 1841) and Rachell (Ballard) Mullins, settled at Grassy Creek, Pendleton County, Kentucky, near Demossville in 1791.  He built a large brick house at the junction of Star Route 17 and the Demossville Road in the early 1800's.  The bricks were made on the farm and most of the work done by his Negro slaves.  The large brick house was razed about 1875 and the bricks were used to erect a smaller house (above) which was razed in the summer of 1972.  When the Grassy Creek Precinct was established in 1835 the meetings were held in the large brick house.  In 1851 the Demoss Masonic Lodge was chartered and they held meetings there.  The house, land and the family burial grounds remained in the Mullins family until the middle of 1940's, after which it was sold and willed to the Grassy Creek Christian Church, which grounds now join it."
Source:  Kentucky Ancestors Volume 9, No. 3 - January, 1974
More information about Richard will follow.



"A Brief History of the Mullins Family"

The first Mullins to settle in Virginia was a Huguenot named Moulin or Moulines (given name not remembered) who came hither from France about 1685 with the Huguenot Colony that settled that year at Monakin Town, Virginia.  Other information concerning him may be found in Volume III of the Virginia Historical Society's Publication, The Huguenot Emigration to Virginia.





Matthew Mullins,  great-grandson of  the above, served in the French and Indian War in 1758 in the Albemarle Militia.  He served in Colonel James Wood's Virginia Regiment in the Revolutionary War.  In 1780 he served in Captain John Harris' Company, and in Colonel Holt Richardson's Virginia Regiment.  In the winter of 1780 - 1781, he re-enlisted as a Private and served approximately six months with Captain Hunt's Company and Colonel James Innis' Virginia Regiment.  He enlisted again in April or May of 1781 serving a six month tour with Captain John Miller's Company, Colonel Reuben Linsey's Regiment.  Matthew was in the Battle of Jamestown and the siege of Yorktown.  On August 13, 1832, Matthew was granted a pension.  He married Mary Maupin, daughter of Daniel and Margaret Via Maupin, also of Huguenot descent, and they had nine children.  Matthew died in Albemarle County, Virginia on August 13, 1832.


Children of Matthew and Margaret Via Maupin Mullins


1.  Elizabeth - born 1749, died May 4, 1816;  married 1770 in Albemarle County, Virginia to William Chenault of Huguenot descent.  A marker at Boonesborough State Park lists them as being residents of Fort Boonesborough.

2.  William - born 1751, killed in the Revolution, he left a son, William, who went early to Madison County, Kentucky, where he married Nancy Woods, and they went to Missouri in 1812.

3.  John - born 1753, some reports indicate he may have married Sarah Ballard.  At the time of his death he was unmarried.

4.  Jane - 1754 - 1844, married Benjamin Clark of Albemarle County, Virginia and settled in Madison County, Kentucky.

5.  Gabriel - married in Virginia to Rachell Ballard, daughter of Frances Ballard (female) and niece of Bland Ballard.  They settled in Madison County, Kentucky about 1790, and shortly afterward settled in Pendleton County, Kentucky, at the three forks of Grassy Creek.
Notes for Rachell Ann Ballard:  Some sources report she may have been the illegitimate daughter of Frances Ballard.

6.  Matthew - served 3 years in the Revolutionary War.  He married Sarah Clark in Virginia and settled in Madison County, Kentucky.

7.  Richard or Rubbard - married 1st Mary Clark, and 2nd Susan Woods, they settled in Howard, Missouri.  He drowned in the Mississippi River.

8.  Margaret -1763 - 1803, married Jeremiah Yancey of Albemarle County, Virginia.  One of their sons was elected several times to the United States Congress -- His name was Joel Yancey.

9.  Mary Ann - married Lewis Gillispie of Madison County, Kentucky





GABRIEL MULLINS - was born March 22, 1758 in Albemarle County, Virginia.  He died May 18, 1841 in Boston Station, Pendleton County, Kentucky.  He married Rachell Ann Ballard, daughter of Francis Ballard,  March 7, 1783 in Albemarle County, Virginia.  Rachell was born about 1764 in Albemarle County, Virginia and died August 15, 1829 in Boston Station, Pendleton County, Kentucky.  Gabriel served approximately three years during the American Revolution, enlisting first as a Private in 1777 under Captain Gardner, Colonel Lindsay's Regiment of Virginia then under Captain Hambler, Colonel Taylor's Regiment.  In March of 1833, Gabriel was granted a pension.


  The First 200 Years of Pendleton County
 by Mildred Bowen Belew

"Gabriel and Rachel seemed to have moved about in the first years of their marriage.  In 1799, they were in the Tidewater area of Virginia when son Stephen was born.  In 1785, they were in Albemarle County, Virginia when son Richard was born.  In 1790, they moved to Madison County, Kentucky (then Virginia) and in 1791 settled in Pendleton County, Kentucky at Boston Station.  They came here on a land grant Gabriel received from serving in the Revolutionary War.  They are buried in Bonar Cemetery at Boston Station.  The D. A. R. put a marker on his grave in 1937.  Their tombstones are in the Mullins Family Cemetery at Grassy Creek.  Richard Mullins put the stones there with the intentions of moving their bodies but never got around to it.  They are leaning against a tree in the cemetery.  They had ten children."


On February 26, 1819 Gabriel and Rachell bought from John and Eliza Grant a 226 acre tract of land lying on the west side of the Main Licking River.  This land would later be deeded to their son, Patrick, for their care during their life time.


Children of Gabriel and Rachell Ballard Mullins:


   1.  Mary Rachell - born June 8, 1744 in Virginia.  She married in Virginia circa 1788 to Peter Rush.

    2.  Stephen D. - born December 11, 1799 in Westmoreland County, Virginia.  He married (1) Polly Riddle on January 22, 1800 in Pendleton County.  He married (2) Nancy Thrasher on April 8, 1802 in Pendleton County.  Stephen served as a member of the House of Representatives for many years.  Stephen died January 26, 1842 and was buried in the family cemetery located on his homestead on Fiskburg-Morning View Road, Kenton County, Kentucky.

   3.  Fountain - born 1781 in Westmoreland County, Virginia.  He married Mary Turner on July 31, 1810 in Pendleton County.  Fountain died 1846 in Marion County, Missouri.

   4.  Reuben - born April 19, 1783 in Virginia.  He married Elizabeth "Betsy" Love on November 14, 1805 in Pendleton County.  Reuben died January 14, 1849 and was buried in the family cemetery located on his homestead at Menzie Bottoms, Pendleton County, Kentucky.

   5.  RICHARD - born 1785 in Albemarle County, Virginia.  (See Below)

  6.  Frances "Frankie" - married in 1799 to William McCrea and moved to Missouri.

   7.  Linsey Mullins - born circa 1799.  He married Millie Southard on June 2, 1844 in Pendleton County.

   8.  Jailie - born March 2, 1797 in Pendleton County, Kentucky.  She married Nathaniel Ducker on March 12, 1812 in Pendleton County. 

  9.  Elizabeth - married John A. Miller, they had no children.

10.  Patrick - born Novmber or December 24, 1805 in Pendleton County, Kentucky.  He married Mary Hutchison Turner on May 10, 1828 in Campbell County, Kentucky.





 Richard was born 1785 in Albemarle County, Virginia.  He married (1) Rebecca Berry on January 12, 1809 in Pendleton County.  Rebecca was born June 1, 1789, daughter of Joel and Nancy Berry (See notes for Joel Berry).  Richard and Rebecca had twelve children.  Following Rebecca's death, Richard married (2) Mary Ingram Spencer on November 8, 1852 in Pendleton County.  Richard and Mary had two children.  Richard married (3) Mary Ellen Knight, daughter of Johnson & Tamara Knight, on May 18, 1857 in Pendleton County.  Richard and Mary Ellen had three children.  Richard died July 3, 1868 at Grassy Creek, Pendleton County, Kentucky.  Rebecca Berry Mullins died February 1852 at Grassy Creek, Pendleton County, Kentucky.  Richard, Rebecca and Richard's second wife, Mary Ingram Spencer, are buried in the Mullins Family Cemetery located on his homestead, this property now belongs to the Grassy Creek Christian Church.  Following Richard's death, his third wife, Mary Ellen Knight, married Thornton Easterbrook and they moved to Wisconsin.

Notes for Joel Berry:  "Joel Berry was born in 1754 in King George County, Virginia; and in his pension papers he states he does not know the day or month of his birth, but it was written in his father's family Bible.  His parents are not known, but from his pension records, we know he had a brother, William Berry, whom he served under in the Revolutionary War.  Joel was drafted into the Militia of King George County and worked in the armory at Fredericksburg, Virginia until about 1799.  In 1780/1 he moved to Hampshire County, Virginia, and lived there another two or three years before leaving for Kentucky.  Hampshire County tax lists show Joel was there in 1782.  In 1783 he was issued warrants for 500 acres and 1,000 acres on Upper Howard's Creek; 874 acres and 1,126 acres on Lulligreed Creek, all in Fayette County, Virginia, which was recorded in Richmond in 1788.  In 1787, Joel is listed in the Bourbon County tax lists.  1798 tax lists showed he was in Mason County where he was granted lot #45 in the Town of Washington for L2, and there he stayed until 1797, after which he appears on the Montgomery County tax list.  In 1803, Joel and his wife Nancy sold 174 acres in Clark County to William Thornton; 60 acres to John Ranks and other land to John Congwright.  By 1804, we find Joel in Pendleton County with two males over 21 years of age, William and Holesworth.  Jesse Cayton bought the 500 acres on Upper Howard's Creek in Clark County in 1806, and where Joel is being taxed for 50 acres on the Main Licking in Pendleton County of that same year.  Joel and William Berry are shown on the Pendleton County tax lists through 1814 and then again in 1820-1826.  Joel applied for his military pension in 1833 in this county in which he received $80.00.  Campbell County, Kentucky, Order Book 5, page 36 and 55 mentions Nancy Berry, wife of Joel, having died Nov 1827 and Joel Berry, died 1843 in Rush County, Indiana with Rebecca Mullins, his only daughter, being sent his $80.00 pension.  Joel went to live with his son Holesworth in Rush County in 1840.  Some believe he is buried in the Oak Hill Cemetery, but no stone was ever found.  As a note to the validity to the name of his wife, no proof has been located on his marriage to Nancy Feagan as stated in DAR Bible records nor of a wife named Ann Holesworth."

Source:  Pioneers of Pendleton County, Kentucky
Compiled by:
The Pendleton County Genealogical & Historical Society
A much more detailed outline of the Mullin family can be found in this book.
To purchase this book please contact Eric Nagle,
 President of the Pendleton County Historical Society



Children of Richard and Rebecca Berry Mullins
All were born in Pendleton County, Kentucky


       1.  Anna B. - born 1810; married Benjamin S. Hensley October 28, 1829 in Pendleton County.  Anna died March 5, 1878 in Pendleton County; buried in Mullins Cemetery, Grassy Creek.

      2.  Gabriel Ballard - born October 3, 1811; married Mary Easter Dickerson June 27, 1837 in Campbell County, Kentucky.  Gabriel died August 10, 1872 in Pendleton County.

      3.  Rachell - born 1814; married Robert R. McNay November 6, 1834 in Pendleton County.

      4.  Joel B. - born 1815; married Orph Meshey Fugate October 23, 1838 in Pendleton County.  Joel died in 1897.

      5.  James J. - born 1818; married (1) America Mary Anderson October 6, 1846 in Pendleton County; married (2) Vashti Williams Yelton in 1887.  James is buried in the Mullins Cemetery, Grassy Creek.

      6. Richard Dozier - born June 15, 1821; married (1) Jane Elizabeth Daugherty January 20, 1841 in Pendleton County; married (2) Mary Chandler.  Richard died September 1904 at Grassy Creek, Pendleton County.

      7.  Stephen - born 1823; married (1) Louise Willett December 3, 1844 in Pendleton County; married (2) Tabitha Jane Hardin November 22, 1892.

      8.  Benjamin Berry - born March 15, 1826; married Sarah Ann Daugherty August 26, 1856 in Pendleton County.  Benjamin died March 23, 1897 in Pendleton County.  Benjamin and Sarah Ann are buried in Riverside Cemetery, Falmouth, Pendleton County, Kentucky.

      9.  Matthew - born August 26, 1827; married Anna McGill September 27, 1852 in Pendleton County.  Matthew died April 2, 1903.  Matthew and Anna are buried in Riverside Cemetery, Falmouth, Pendleton County, Kentucky.

   10.  Mary Frances - born January 26, 1830; married William Henry Bullock November 3, 1846 in Pendleton County.  Mary Frances died February 15, 1913 in Pendleton County.  Mary Frances and William are buried in Riverside Cemetery, Falmouth, Pendleton County, Kentucky.

   11.  Margaret J. - born 1833; married Frederick Pfanstiel July 3, 1856 in Pendleton County.  Margaret died July 4, 1856 in Pendleton County she is buried in the Mullins Cemetery, Grassy Creek.  Frederick Pfanstiel was born June 15, 1825, he and Margaret had one child, Rebecca.  After Margaret's death, Frederick married Angeline Smith May 10, 1858, they had thirteen children.  Frederick and Angeline are buried in the Wilmington Cemetery, Fiskburg, Kenton County, Kentucky.  Please see the Pfanstiel Family page for more details.

   12.  Reuben - born February 26, 1836; died January 29, 1841, buried in the Mullins Cemetery, Grassy Creek.



Children of Richard and Mary Ingram Spencer Mullins
All were born in Pendleton County


     1.  Martha - born September 1854; married Stephen G. Mullins January 26, 1871 in Pendleton County.

    2.  Samuel H. S. - born July 20, 1855.  Samuel never married.  Samuel was killed by Indians in Texas in 1873.



Children of Richard and Mary Ellen Knight Mullins
All were born in Pendleton County


     1.  Jalia Tomazine - born February 24, 1858; married Frank L. Billings 1882 in Kenosha, Wisconsin.  Jalia died May 16, 1944 in Pendleton County, she and Frank are buried in the Flour Creek Cemetery, Butler, Pendleton County, Kentucky.  They had no children.

     2.  Emily Sloss - born 1861; married Thomas Holderness.  Emily died May 16, 1935 in Demossville, Pendleton County, Kentucky, she and Thomas are buried in the Flour Creek Cemetery, Butler, Pendleton County, Kentucky.

     3.  Jonathan Knight - born May 13, 1864; married Florence Josephine "Jenny" Holmburg.



Will of Richard Mullins


Jonathan K. Mullins Lot 1--35 acres on east side of Grassy Creek.  $1392.45.

Emma Mullins Lot 2--30 acres on east side of Grassy Creek.  $1392.45.

Joel B. Mullins Lot 6--17 acres on west side of Grassy Creek.  $10085 amount of son Richard's notes $1435.38 make $2441.33.

G. B. Mullins Lot 11--104 acres in Campbell County.  Morris Farm $1539.00.  24 acres part of home farm in Pendleton County.  $902.23.

Ann Hensley and Racheal McNay Lots 9 and 10.  Grist Mill and machinery on home farm and 50 acres surrounding mill.  $4882.46.

James K. Mullins 56 2/3 front in Covington.  1/3 of 200 front ft.  Lot 14 $2441.23.

Frances Mullins Bullock Lot 15--66 2/3 front feet part of 200 front feet $2441.23.

B. B. Mullins Lot 12--132 acres Woodland in Campbell County.  $2067.  1 lot 50 ft. on Elm St. Covington $374.23 Total $2441.23.

Rebecca Pfanstiel 70 acres on west side of Grassy Creek part of home place.  $2441.23.

Matthew Mullins is intitled to the amount of his share in the real estate out of the $6000 note.

Account (apparently) of A. H. Thomas 1867-1868 Balance due $30.80 Demossville, Ky. July 7, 1870.  I, Mary L. Easterbrook late Mary L. Mullins state that the within account is just and true and that a large portion of the articles were purchased during the late illness of deceased Richard Mullins to the best of my knowledge and belief.

Mary Easterbrook

Thomas Reed Undertakers, Covington, Ky.
Metallic case and box bill date June 3, 1868 for Richard Mullins


Sources:  1.  Files of Earl Pfanstiel

               2.  Pioneers of Pendleton County, Kentucky
                                          Compiled by:
        The Pendleton County Genealogical & Historical Society

               3. The First 200 Years of Pendleton County
                                         by Mildred Bowen Belew             



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