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This page features some of our favorite sites as well as links of some of our members' favorites. 
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Links to some of our Favorite People and Places    
Magoffin County, Kentucky Rootsweb Page
Johnson County, Kentucky Rootsweb Page

Salyersville Funeral Home

Magoffin County Funeral Home (obits found here also) 

Salyersville Funeral Home (obits found here also)

Magoffin County News : Salyersville Independent Newspaper
Southeast Kentucky Tourism
Magoffin County Schools
Magoffin County Muzzleloaders Club




Tuesday, August 26 Monday, September 1, 2014
Salyersville, Kentucky

Honoring the Heritage of our County and it's Roots!



Over 4,000 names with emphasis on the surnames WRIGHT, WHITAKER, WIREMAN, SPRADLIN and allied surnames from the counties of Eastern Kentucky, now with website search engine. Thank You..
Ron Wright

email:  [email protected]   or  [email protected]

Lorene Whitt
Appalachian Folk Artist

Lorene Whitt's website, she is the granddaughter of Deed Adams, Sr. of Lick Creek here in Magoffin County. She is doing some beautiful Appalachian Folk Art .

Lorene has also created a new Blog called "Appalroot Farm" and you can read it at the link here: .


We locate and obtain UK (England & Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland) birth, marriage or death certificates. There is a charge for these services, but I think that these services would be great for someone who needs official documents from these countries.

James Frank: [email protected]
BMD Certificates
2nd Floor
145-157 St John Street
London EC1V 4PY
United Kingdom

  Litteral Family

For Litteral family members in California (also lots of other surnames):

For Litteral family members world wide and some connecting surnames:


Tommy Whitaker's Art is now available online!!
Check out his site and order your favorite print today!!
Other items also available.

Whitaker Arts                           
3460 Burning Fork Road                           
Salyersville, KY 41465                           
Telephone: 606-349-7200

You will all find this an interesting site and very informative. The webmaster will be Danny Akers who is a current re-enactor of the civil war, and has graciously agreed to do this site for us. If anyone has questions, please contact Sharon Cox or Danny at the email address on the site. It is very impressive and a fine job done by Mr. Akers.

The Civil War in Morgan County, Ky


I have been tracking the locations of online census data for many years now... it's quite an effort! Here are a couple of links:

Census Online - Links to Online Census Records
Census Online - Kentucky
                   Mark Reed
[email protected]


Welcome to the Conley Corner. There are many Conley families throughout the United States but this web site is dedicated to the descendents of Captain Henry Connelly, the Revolutionary War officer.

Doug Conley's website, Conley Corner


Email: [email protected]

Jerry Conley's
Web Site
My site has the descendants of Captain Henry Connelly, in general, and in more detail, the descendants of his oldest child, Edmond. I hope to eventually research and add all Captain Henry's family.

Email: [email protected]

Paula's View

Paula Brown-Arnett's website: Paula's View

E-mail: [email protected]

Reed & Stapleton 
Family Genealogy

Bill Reed's website: Reed-Stapleton Genealogy

 [email protected]


Crager, Cole, Irvin, Bailey, Bowman,
Runyon and many more

Mrs. L. Reilly's website:
Crager, Cole, Irvin, Bailey, Bowman, Runyon and many more.

  [email protected]

Lena Auxier's Art Lena's art is now available online!  Many paintings, sketches, cards, and other items to choose from:


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