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  Magoffin County Historical Society 
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The Magoffin County Historical Society has announced our annual
Magoffin County Founders Days Celebration has been postponed indefinitely,
due to an overwhelming number of unfinished projects that have accumulated over the years.
We need some time to catch up!

In place of the Founders Days event, the City of Salyersville has chosen
to hold a new annual event!

Week before Labor Day - each year


Founders Days Celebrations Through The Years

What Is Founders Days?


Magoffin County KY Founders Days Festival Committee of Interested Citizens


A county festival for the people of Magoffin County and those who have roots in eastern Kentucky and others who are interested in the genealogy and history of our area, was sponsored by the Magoffin County Historical Society.

The Festival offered young people opportunities to enter contests and win prize money for excelling in academic subjects such as math, spelling, essay writing, and art. Pageants were held for young people from age one day to age 14 for boys and girls and for young women from age 17 to age 26. Entrants gained confidence and poise by speaking and/or performing before an audience. The parade, drama, fashion shows, pet shows, clogging and other dance exhibitions, and specialty acts offered other opportunities for young people to perform before large appreciative audiences.

A family surname was selected each year and that family was honored for their contributions to the development of our county. A book of genealogy was prepared and the family surname was engraved on a marker on the Community Center lawn. These markers also serve as historical landmarks for visitors to our area. The markers, along with our printed publications and log cabins, bring many visitors to our county all year long.


The festival was previously held in the fall during the week before Labor Day.


The festival was held in Salyersville, KY, the county seat of Magoffin County. Most activities took place at the Magoffin County Historical Society Log Cabin Complex located beside the Lloyd M. Hall Community Center.


Our county was established and named in 1860. Before that we were part of Floyd, Johnson, and Morgan counties. Our area was settled mostly by the families of Revolutionary War soldiers and pioneers from the Carolinas, Virginia, Pennsylvania, and other states who wanted to find a good place to settle and raise their families.

Our residents today are, for the most part, descendants of these hardy pioneers who carved from the wilderness homeplaces and livelihoods for their families. These descendants continue to live on and love the land of their illustrious ancestors. The Magoffin County KY Founders Days Festival works toward honoring these ancestors and allows us to show our pride in our eastern Kentucky heritage and our county.

Here are some great photos documenting a few of our past Founders Days celebrations.
Just click on any listing that is

We currently do not have photos for some of these events due to unfortunate circumstances. 
If you'd like to send us some of your own,
click here to attach your photos to an email.

**Be sure to tell us during which Founder's Day your photos were taken!**

2011 - Joseph Family  <need your photos!>

2010 - Magoffin County's 150th Birthday Celebration

2009 - Manns Clan
2008 - Fletcher Family
2007 - Carpenter Family
2006 - Salute to Our Veterans
2005 - Hammond Family
2004 - Whitaker Family
2003 - Gullett Family
2002 - Miller Family
2001 - Vanderpool Family
2000 - Homecoming! <need your photos!>
1999 - Shepherd Family
1998 - The Civil War
1997 - Jenkins Family
1996 - Helton Family
1995 - Williams Family

1994 - Lykins Family

1993 - Risner Family
1992 - May Family
1991 - Minix Family
1990 - Reed Family
1989 - Allen Family
1988 - Montgomery Family
1987 - Wireman Family
1986 - Bailey Family
1985 - Howard Family
1984 - Conley Family
1983 - Arnett Family
1982 - Patrick Family
1981 - Salyer Family
1980 - Prater Family
1979 - Adams Family

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