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Northeast corner of Road A and Road 155, Pike Twp, Emporia, Lyon Co., KS

The following is a correct copy of the information on the blue print of Grandview Cemetery Plat as is recorded in the Register of Deeds Office in Emporia, Lyon County, Kansas. We, J.H. MAKEMSON , President, Bert HYLE , Secretary and Gape STUDEBAKER , Treasurer of the Association do hereby certify that the above plat to which this certificate is attached is a correct plat of Grandview Cemetery situated in N.W. Quarter of the N.W. Quarter, Section 19, Township 19, Range 10 East, in Lyon County, Kansas and accurately describes all streets and alley intended for public use and all lots intended for sale by their number, length and width, and we do hereby dedicated the same to use as above set forth.


Bert HYLE , Secy.


The exact date of the first laying out of the cemetery is not known. According to Miss Florence HANCOCK , Emporia, Kansas, daughter of C.A. HANCOCK , her family lived in Chase County, and this was the only cemetery near the home when her brother died Dec. 23, 1861. Eddie HANCOCK , a child of C.A. & Mary C. (first wife) HANCOCK was Florence's brother.

On the reverse side of a large Monument erected for several children of A.A. and J.J. ALLEN is found, "George H. died Mar. 7, 1853". On the reverse side of the JUSTICE family Monument is found, "Willie, son of Elijah and Elmira JUSTICE died Nov. 17, 1854". There were no settlers in this part of the Kansas Territory on these dates so these records must be of deaths occurring in a place other than in this Plymouth neighborhood. Bodies may have been moved here for burial later.

The Grandview Cemetery is on the east side of the Lyon and Chase County Road, about two miles south of Highway 50 on Road A and Road 155. The name is displayed over the gateway to this neatly kept cemetery. A few lovely old cedar trees remain from the early planting date. The Grandview school house can be seen to the south. (NOTE: school house was there at the time of this writing, and may not be there today {June 2000})

A.A. ALLEN purchased the land surrounding the cemetery in 1868. He came from Rottingham, VA, married a half sister of the HAYNES Brothers (who became prominent in the Hardware business in Emporia). The ALLENS built a large interesting house on the homestead. The house was still standing at the time of this writing. (maybe not be there today)

Many graves in this cemetery are unmarked, as it is the case in all Lyon County Cemeteries. Grandview is now under the care of the Pike Township Board of Trustees.

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