Lyon County, Kansas

Breckenridge County, Kansas was established August 25, 1855 and named for John C. Breckenridge, who was a Kentucky congressman and later was the United States Vice President under President James Buchanan, 1857 to 1861. Breckenridge served as a major-general in the Confederate Army.

In 1855 the Territorial Legislature attached Breckenridge County to Madison County for civil, criminal and military purposes. Agnes City was the first county seat, followed by Americus from 1858-1860. After that Emporia became the county seat.

In 1861 Madison County was abolished with Breckenridge County receiving the northern portion. Breckenridge County was renamed Lyon County February 5, 1862 due to Breckenridge's political alignment. Lyon County was named for General Nathaniel Lyon who was killed in the Battle at Wilson's Creek in the Civil War.

Counties surrounding Lyon County are Wabaunsee, Osage, Coffee, Greenwood, Chase and Morris counties.