An Analysis of the Irish Families Living in Wards 1 and part of 4 the 161st District 1880 South Bend, St Joseph County, Indiana Census

When the 1880 St Joseph County, Indiana census was conducted for the City of South Bend, three districts were included: 161, 162 and 163. This compilation will focus on District 161 which includes Ward one and part of Ward four. The remainder of Ward four is included in District 162. District lines were obviously being redrawn for the city of South Bend.

When the 1882 South Bend City Directory was compiled, Ward 1 included "all that portion of the city lying north of Market Street from the St Joseph River to the City Limits." Ward Four included "all that part of the city lying east of the St Joseph River." When the 1882 South Bend City Directory was compiled, "the 4th ward covered all that part of the city lying east of the St Joseph River."

District 161, especially the first ward, appears to be a diverse melting pot of ethnic backgrounds with heavy concentrations of emigrants from Saxony, Bavaria, Hesse, Canada, Prussia, Hungary, Wirtenberg, and scattered numbers from Ireland, Scotland, England, France, and the Scandinavian countries of Sweden and Denmark. Ward 4 in District 161 is clearly dominated by Irish immigrants with the heaviest concentrations on Notre Dame Avenue.

The Irish in District 161 were living on the following Streets: Michigan Street (Monahan, Gorman, Barrington), Michigan Avenue (Day), Sangan Street (Kent, Callaghan, Ferguson), Ward Street (Byrn), Lafayette Street (OReily, Hodges, Sullivan, Fox), Moran Street (Work), Gen Taylor Street (Vanderhoof), Burrough Street (Messenger, Ireton, Roughan, Johnston), Portage Avenue (McCartney), Madison Street (Graham), Water Street (O'Brien, Bodkins, Sullivan, Skelley) and Market Street (McMullen, Branigan, Graham). They were employed in the following occupations: Keeping Home (6), Keeping Boarding House (1), Laborer (3), Tailor (2), Black Smith (2) 3 without occupations and one in each of the following occupations (Machinist, Carriage Maker, Carriage Painter, Restaurateur, Clerk Restaurant, Nursing Aide- Brownfield?, Varnisher/Polisher, House work, Painter, Plumber, Furniture Finisher, Manufacturer of Varnish, Road Master RR, Dressmaking, Peddler and one servant- home work.

Special Note: There is one family who lived on Notre Dame Avenue in the fourth ward whose surname is cut off on the census page. What is ledgible is Martin age 53 a married Farm Laborer and his wife -la age 50 (both were born in Ireland as were their parents). I believe they are Hilliards as their children are listed on the next page. This family will be found under Surnames G-I

The Irish in District 161 are presented on the following web pages arranged by the Head of Family's Surname. Please contact me if you are a South Bend Irish Family Descendent so that we can share information and work together to determine their origins.

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