Irish Born Individuals in the South Bend Portage Township 1860 Census Surnames A-C

There are 13 different Surnames represented in this section, with 27 individuals being born in Ireland and 10 of those documented (above the age of 20) were unable to read or write. I believe that this number might be higher than is actually recorded. Neither of my Great Grandparents could read nor write (they signed their legal documents with an "x") but there was no notation made for Catherine in this section that acknowledges this in the Census record. The following Surnames were listed under South Bend: Benan, Boyne, Brown, Burns (only Sarah), Cacy, Clifford, Conley and Cristy. Ann Byersly was listed as being from Portage Township and the rest were listed as South Bend-Portage Township. Sarah Burns is not listed as part of the Burns family in the census record.

Name Age Born Occupation Read/Write
Benan, Thomas 28 Ireland Laborer No
Benan, Margretta 19 Ireland   No
Benan, Edward 1 Indiana    
Benan, Patrick 1 Indiana    
Bowman, Martin (Brennan) 28 Ireland Laborer No
Bowman, Catherine (Brennan) 28 Ireland   (This is my family; here is a page on their church records)
Bowman, John (Brennan) 7 Ohio    
Bowman, Ann (Brennan) 4 Indiana    
Bowman, Patrick (Brennan) 4 mos 1860    
Boyne, Michael 27 Ireland Stone Cutter  
Brown, John 19 Ireland Day Laborer  
Brown, Patrick 18 Ireland Day Laborer  
Burk, James 36 Ireland Laborer No
Burk, Mary 30 Ireland   No
Burk, James 2 Indiana    
Burk, Michael 11 mos Indiana    
Burns, Arthur 31 Ireland Laborer  
Burns, Mary 23 Ireland    
Burns, Margarett 3 Indiana    
Burns, Mary 1 Indiana    
Burns, Sarah 25 Ireland Domestic  
Byerly, Bryan 45 Ireland Laborer  
Byerly, Hannah 35 Ireland    
Byerly, Mary 14 Ireland    
Byerly, Patrick 12 Ireland    
Byerly, Edward 6 New York    
Byerly, Catherine 4 Indiana    
Byerly, John 1 Indiana    
Byersly, Ann 29 Ireland    
Cacy, Thomas 35 Ireland Day Laborer  
Cacy, Ann H 32 Ireland    
Cacy, Katy 3 England    
Cacy, John M 1 Indiana    
Cavanagh, Dominick 25 Ireland Laborer No
Cavanagh, Ann 35 Ireland   No
Cavanagh, Thomas 8 Indiana    
Cavanagh, Edward 4 Ohio    
Cavanagh, John 7 mos Indiana    
Clifford, Dennis 34 Ireland Day Laborer No
Clifford, Joanna 34 Ireland   No
Clifford, Jerry 10 Ireland    
Clifford, John 3 Indiana    
Clifford, Patrick 3 mos Indiana    
Cockian, Anthony 21 Ireland    
Conley, John 28 Ireland Day Laborer No
Conley, Ann 30 Ireland    
Conley, William 3 New York    
Conley, James 1 Michigan    
Cristy, John 15? Ireland Laborer