The Dominick and Ann Cavanaugh Family of South Bend, St Joseph County, Indiana: An Analysis of their Migration from Ireland to South Bend, Indiana in Sacred Heart and St Joseph Church Records, Census and other Resources

The earliest evidence I have of Dominick Cavanaugh and Ann Beaning or Benan in South Bend, Indiana was in an 1859 baptismal record for son John. They were in Indiana at least as early as 1852 based on the 1860 South Bend Census. Many surnames are spelled phonetically in these church records making the determination on Ann's maiden name uncertain at this point. It was clearly written as Ann Beaning in the 1876 St Joseph Church Census , but was Ana Benan in the 1859 baptismal record for son John.

According to the 1860 census their son Edward was born in 1856 in Ohio. My second great grandparents had a son born in Ohio around 1852 before their arrival in South Bend and in Bridget Roach's obituary it stated that she was born in Ireland but came from Ohio in 1854. Did they all take the train in the early years after it was opened up from New York? Did some of these immigrants travel together and stop in Ohio for a period along the way? Did they know each other from before their train journey if they did and were they from the same county in Ireland? These are questions I would like to have answered!

The objective of this compilation is to try to establish the earliest possible evidence of this family in the United States through all available resources. I would love to hear from anyone who believes that they may be a descendent of this family so that we can work together to find their origins in Ireland and migration trail to the U.S. This will most definitely be a work in progress and all findings I speculate on would have to be proven for accuracy with Ireland and U.S. marriage records, church baptismal records and death records among other genealogical resources. Please use this information with that caveat in mind so that nothing is assumed and no stones are left unturned to assure it's your family and the connection is accurate.

Research Observations and Analysis: There are many phonetic variations of the Cavanaugh Surname to search in the census records, thus I have a way to go to find them all. I will add to this compilation over time as I uncover them.

Special Note: There is a list of lot owners in the Cedar Grove Cemetery Microfilm 1637531 item 3 that indicates that the "Cavenaugh family" owns lot number 154 in Section B. I'm not certain that this lot is tied to this family but it would be worth pursuing to check it out! There is a St Joseph Church burial record for a Dominicium Cavanaugh age 35 who died December 30, 1888 and was buried January 1, 1889. This age would seem to indicate his birth around 1854 (the son Dominic appears to have been born around 1866 and the father around 1835). So unless this is an error in actual age, there may not be a connection to this family (1717235 item 4). There is a St Joseph Church Communion Class record from 1912 for a Anna Cavanaugh that may or may not be related to this family (1617236) and a confirmation record from September 11, 1911 for a Anna Teresa Cavanaugh (microfilm 1617236 item 2).

Census, Church or other Record Date Born, Baptized, Married Father/ Husband Mother/ Wife Child Occupation; Misc.
Sacred Heart Church Baptismal Record March 19, 1858 Cavanagh, Dominico of Hybernia Beenan, Anna of Hybernia Thomas Microfilm 1617239
Sacred Heart Church Baptismal Record August 25, 1859 Birth? and September 12, 1859 Baptism? Cavanagh, Dominick Benan, Anna Joanis Hibernia (origins) now live in New Lowell; Jcobus McNulty and Maria Moriarty Sp
1860 US Census for South Bend, Portage Twp, St Joseph County IN June 16, 1860 census conducted Cavanah, Dominick age 25 born in Ireland (Byrely and McGowens are neighbors) Cavanah, Ann age 35 born in Ireland Cavanah, Edward age 4? born in Ohio Dominick is a Laborer with $100 value in real estate
" "     Cavanah, Thos, age 8 born in Indiana  
" "     Cavanah, John, age 7/12 born in Indiana  
Sacred Heart Church Burial Record October 21, 1864 Kavanaugh, Dominici   Kavanaugh, Joannes died at the age of 5? A Granger CSC; Microfilm 1617239 item 1
Sacred Heart Church Confirmation Record June 9, 1867     Joannes Edwardus Cavanagh (possibly Edward born 1856?) Microfilm 1617238 item 10
St Joseph Church Census, City of Lowell Heads of Families 1874 Cavanaugh, Dominick      
St Joseph Church, South Bend, IN Church Census (City of Lowell at that time?) 1876 Cavanaugh, Dominick age 48 Cavanaugh, Anna age 48 (says very- ? in column next to her name) Cavanaugh, Edw age 20  
" "     Cavanaugh, Mary Anne age 15  
" "     Cavanaugh, Lizzi, age 13 says Caldwe--? in box next to her name-
" "     Cavanaugh, Dominick, age 10  
" "     Cavanaugh, Wlm age 9  
Sacred Heart Church Notre Dame Confirmation Record May 30, 1878     Cavanaugh, Gulielmus Microfilm 1617238 item 10
St Joseph Church South Bend, IN Census 1880 Cavanaugh, Dominick age 55 Beaning, Anne age 55 Children: Edward age 25  
" "     Mary Anne age 19  
" "     Lizzie age 17  
" "     Dominick age 15  
" "     Willie age 14  
1880 US Census for South Bend Indiana District 161. Res. on Notre Dame Avenue June 1, 1880 Cavanaugh, Dom'k, age 52 born in Ireland; parents born in Ireland Cavanaugh, Ann age 47 born in Ireland; parents born in Ireland Cavanaugh, Edward, Son age 28, born in Ireland; Dom'k is a Brick Maker as is son Edward
" "     Cavanaugh, Mary, Daughter age 18 born in Indiana Home
" "     Cavanaugh, Lizzie, Daughter age 16 Home
" "     Cavanaugh, Dominick, Son age 13 Home
" "     Cavanaugh, William, Son age 11 Home
St Joseph Church, South Bend, IN Burials April 8, 1881 death and April 13, 1881 Burial   Cavanaugh, Edwardus age 26 (that would make his birth abt 1855)   Edwardum died in what appears to say Au- ? Texas? He was the son of Dom Cavanaugh and Annae Beaning. Note in margin says "He was a model of a Christian Young Man"
US City Directories - South Bend City Directory Database 1882 Cavanaugh, Dominick, Res South Bend Avenue, Brickmaker (bet Mishawaka Avenue and Notre Dame Avenus)      
US City Directories - South Bend City Directory Database 1883 Cavanaugh, Dominick res 937 E. Howard Brickmaker      
US City Directories - South Bend City Directory Database 1885 Cavanaugh, Dominic Sr Brick Mnfr N Michigan; res 937 E Moreau     Dominick Cavanaugh Jr was living at 937 E Moreau occup Saloon as was Lizzie Cavanaugh (no Occupation)
St Joseph Church Marriage Record, South Bend, Indiana June 19?, 1888 Dominici Cavanaugh Anna Beanning Elizabetham (I think this is Lizzie) married Franciscum Brichheit son of Jacobi and Maria Brichheit? Microfilm 16172325 item
US City Directories - South Bend City Directory Database 1894 Cavanagh, Dominick h 937 South Bend Avenue is this son Dominic or the father?      
US City Directories - South Bend City Directory Database 1896 Cavanagh, Dominick res. 927 South Bend Avenue (Father or Son?)     There is a William Cavanagh who works for Singers living at 707 E Miner - could this be his brother