A Brief Synopsis of the Irish in the Yorkshire, England, Leeds Civil Parish, South Sub Registration Districts 1a-1j and 2a-2e in the 1851 Census, and the Occupations held

The Leeds Civil Parish, South Sub Registration District covers 42 Districts (1a-1j, 2a-2e and 3a-3z) in the 1851 census.

The following compilation includes the documented origins of the Irish-born and observations noted in districts 1a-1j and 2a-2e of Leeds Civil Parish, South Sub Registration District of the 1851 Census. The final section will be dealt with on a separate page to minimize download times. I will be documenting the surnames of the Irish born and their associated occupations. If a County or Place name of origin is given I will provide greater detail.

There was only one Irish-born individual in District 1a: Atkinson, a Mechanic living on Meadow Lane.

The Irish of District 1b were living on Noah's Ark Court, Trafagar Row, North Row, Lee's Yard, Hunslet Lane and Goodman's Court. There was a Patrick Maguire (Tailor) who was born in Newry, Armagh, Ireland (wife and kids in Leeds) and a William Maguire (Tailor's Journeyman) living with them from the place in Ireland. Thos Michael the son of a clerk from Yorkshire was born in Belfast, Ireland. George Tanner a Cordwainer was born in Queens County Ireland (wife from Liverpool and kids born in Liverpool and Leeds). James Stewart a Cordwainer was born in County Carlow, Ireland. Margare Donelly (Servant) was born in Cork, Ireland. Ellen Wood was born in Dublin and her husband James was a Forge Man from Halifax (son born in Leeds). Finally, Ann Bennett a widow was born in Mayo, Ireland (2 sons born in Leeds). The remaining Irish were Servant (Rodgers), Wilkinson (Sweeper in Flax Mill) and 3 Colvin family members were Irish born and employed as Cabinet Maker, Dresser in Twine Factory and a Spreader in the Flax Mill.

There were no counties of origin given for the Irish in District 1c. The Irish were living on Charles Court- Victoria Road, John Street and John's Yard on John's Street. There were two Irish Cloth Spinners (Freeman, Farrell), a Cloth Weaver (Cocker), Piecemaker (Cocker), a Printer (Garman), a General Servant (Toller) and surname Pentland (listed without an occupation).

The Irish in District 1d were living on New Lane and Holmfield Yard. John Dooly an Iron Roller was born in Waterford, Ireland (wife Julian was born in Cork, Ireland and 4 sons in Leeds). Andrew Conly, a Cloth Weaver was also born in County Cork (all lived on New Street). His daughter Mary worked in a Flax Mill and was born in Selbridge, Ireland. Jane Ann Hoix his grand daughter worked in a Flax Mill and was also born in Selbridge, Ireland (plus another grand daughter and daughter born in Leeds). Finally the Hickey family was born in Ireland (Sole Maker, Hawker, Charwoman).

The Irish-born in District 1e were living on New Lane and Fleece Lane. Unfortunately no counties of origin were given. There was a Flax Spinner (Somerville), a Flax Worker (Dowley, Murray), a Pensioner (Murray) and two of his kids were a Cloth Weaver and a Cloth Dresser. One was listed without occupation (Firthlousewaide?).

The Irish in District 1f were living on Lands End Court, Water Lane, Meadow Lane and Bridget Street. One family and visitors hailed from County Cavan: Patrick Dearen (Warehouseman), his sister Ann, a Dresser at a Twine Manufactury and two visitors Francis Majorhan (Warehouseman) and Susan Marhoran (Dresser at a Twine Manufactury). Mary Ryans, a 9 yr old child was born in Tipperary, Ireland and was living with the Thomas Wright (bricklayer) family from Ireland. Another Wright also lived with them (lodger brick layer). Ann Barry a widow who was born in Dublin, Ireland was unemployed living on Land's Court, Water Lane. James Sullivan (Yarn Man) was born in Limerick, Ireland as was his wife Ellen (Sackmaker). His sister, Widow Margarett Shanks (Tailor) was born in Limerick, Ireland as well. Eliza Braim (Pastry Cook) was born in Cork, Ireland. Her Husband Thomas was a Commission Agent from Yorkshire and their children were all born in Yorshire. Niece Eliza Ireton, a teenager from Cork, Ireland also lived with them. The only other Irish-born were a Rag Sorter (Pickard), a House Servant (Snowden) and her mother who is listed without an occupation.

The Irish-born in District 1g were living on Waterloo Street, Dock Street, Chadwickforth, Phillip's Yard and Leed's Bridge. James Brown (Smith Striker) was born in Belfast, Ireland, wife Agnes in Whitham, Galloway, Ireland and son Hugh in Belfast , Ireland. Mary Brammen was born in Dublin, Ireland and her husband George (sawyer) was born in Durham, Barnard Castle, England (children born in Leeds). The Irish were also employed as a Dyer (Bracewell), Laborers (Williams x2), Factory Girl (Cathlane, Horin x2), Musician (Folkner, plus his wife), Annuitant (Swan) and a young girl (Blake).

The Irish in District 1h were living on Waterloo Street: Lennox x3 and Parnell and Hunslet Lane (Dewhirst a Butcher).

There were quite a few Irish in District 1i who were born in Dublin, Ireland: Dennis McGuire (Cloth Weaver) and his wife Elizabeth (7 kids born in Leeds) who were living on Front Row, widowed Mary Smith and her son Thomas a Railway Laborer (2 sons, a daughter and grand son were born in Armley Yorkshire) who were living in Booth Yard, Catherine Freeman a widowed Charwoman and John Callaghan her mechanic son in law (her daughter Elizabeth and 2 grand children were born in Leeds) were living on Horsefall Court, Robert Henry (Cloth Dresser) and his wife Margaret and son William as well as niece Catherine (2 sons, 1 daughter were born in Leeds) were living on Walton Court and finally Ellen Hannson, a Warper in a Flax Mill (husband William a Waterman born in Lancashire and son in law Haggarty born in Leeds). were also living on Walton Court. Mary Christian a widowed Washer Woman was born in Westmeath, Ireland (2 daughters and grand daughter born in Leeds) and was living on Walton's Court. There were some place names in this district that I just can't decipher: the Margaret Ryan family all from Boriweane?, Ireland who were living on Driver's Court (son Patrick was a laborer, Michael and James were Cloth Dressers, Jeremiah a Errand Boy, Judy a scholar). Thomas Donovan a Foundry Laborer was born in Limerick as was his wife Mary (Flax Mill) and they lived on Driver's Court (son born in Leeds). James Callaghan (Excavator Laborer) and his wife Ellen were born in what appears to be Magaroo?, Ireland (son born in Leeds) and were also living on Driver's Court. Four different Irish families hailed from what appears to be Rosercor, Ireland and lived on Wainwright Yard: Mary Feeny (Flax Mill) and her son James (Dealer in Wood), Judith McGuire (Char woman), John McGready (Striker-smith) his wife Ann (Nurse) and daughter Anna, and finally Teenagers Joseph (Striker) and Ann (Doffer in Flax Mill) Murphy. Two other Irish families were noted in this district but place names of origin in Ireland were not given: Patrick and Phoebe Boland (Laborer, Flax Mill), 2 sons born in Holbeck, and mother in law Mary Duken.

The Irish-born in District 1j were living on Foster's Court, Back Row, Middle Row and Stone Row. There were no place names in Ireland given. There was one Laborer-Grocer (McGuiness) and his nephew Skerrith (Striker to a Blacksmith), a Boatman's Wife (Greenwood), a Fitter of Iron Work (Hunter), a Cloth Weaver (Freeman), two without occupations (Forten, Appleby) and two Appleby sons who were Flax Laborers.

The vast majority of Irish born in District 2a were living on Call Lane followed by Old Parrot Yard Calls, Call Lane Star and Garter Hotel, Hole in a Wall Yard, Briggate (and Royal Hotel and Old George Inn- Briggate). There were no place names of origin in Ireland given in this district. Their occupations were as follows: General Servants (Dodgson, Garby, Gram, Murphy, Sheray), Brush Hawkers (Burk, Nafesby), Silk and Hawkers (Moran, Murphy), Clothes Dealers (Daily, McEvoy, McGee), Landed Proprietor (Bowles), Coach Maker (Hagan), Shoemakers (Kain, Kelly, Mahon, Owens) and Shoe Binder (Mahon).

The vast majority of Irish-born in District 2b were living on Stansfield Yard. The rest were living on Kirkgate, Church Row, Crown Street and Court, Pine Court, Maude's Yard, Wharf Street, Danby's Court and Fox and Grapes Yard. There were no place names of origin in Ireland given for this district. The Following surnames were employed in Textile Industry associated jobs: Linen Draper (Brady), Flax Mill Workers (Bolan-4, Coleman-4, Flynn 3 from 2 different families, Queenan-2, Ratchford), Cord Winder-Flax (Flynn), Cloth Dresser (Flynn-3 from 2 different families, Hosskins), Cordwainer (Douglas), Cloth Weaver (Dray), Tailor (Hughes, Clasby), Dressmaker (McCabe, Queenan) Shoemaker (Barker, Clark-2) and Stocking Knitter (Coleman). The Hawkers were as follows: Gillan, Bourk-2, Licensed Hawker of Hardware (Quin) and two Orange Hawkers (Hughes, Melvin). The laborers were: Ag Laborers (Barrett, Bolan, Hobin, Kevrney, Ratchford), Wood Master Lab (O'Dwyer), House Servant (Brown, Clark), Brick Layer's Laborer (Lynch, Murphy, Reddington), Mason's Laborer (Gillan), Housekeeper (Hughes), Charwoman (Boles, Kane, Phalin) and Washer Woman (Conlon, Loftus). There were Rag Sorters (Birk, Brenan, McGowen, Mulloy, Munley, Reddington) and Rag Gatherers (Commee, Hoban), Door Mat Makers (Ratchford), Basket Makers (Kelly), Door Mat Maker and Lodging Housekeeper (Hely-2), a Dealer in Old Clothes (Reilly), Nurse (Clasby, Ratchford), Belt/Brace Maker (Oxbourgh), Black Smith Stryker (McCabe), a Fish Monger's wife (Fall), Fruiter's Wife (Smith), a Chelsea Pensioner (Macmullan), Timber Sawyer (Leach), an Annuitant (Cowan) and four listed without occupations (Flagerty, Mulany, Simpson, Teale).

The majority of the Irish-born in District 2c were living on Coxan's Yard, Infirmary Yard or Old Infirmary Yard. The rest were living on Briggate, Kirkgate, Black Boy Yard, Newsom's Yard, Albion Yard and Singleton Yard. There were no place names of origin in Ireland given. There seemed to be a high concentration of Tailors (Caufield, Clark-apprentice, Cullen, Forliscur, Hennesy, Hirkin, Loyden, Maguire, Mailey, McGrown-2 and Winter) and Shoemakers (Davers, Doherty, Lawley, McDonald, McHary, Rider). There were quite a few Servants including 3 General Service Servants (Castleow, Delany, Higgins), House Servants (Fitsimmonds, Macavoy), Servants (Gregg, Kelly) and a Chambermaid (Callaghan). Those involved in the Textile Industry were: Hand Loom Weaver-Cloth (Dry), Flax Dresser (Dry), Flax Cutter (Dobbin), Card Spreader (Dobbin), Jacquard Card Maker (Heffernon), Mercer? (McConnde), Silk Hawker (Towle) and Seamstress (Ward). The rest of the Irish were employed in the following jobs: Plaster's Laborer (Clark), Bricklayer's Laborer (Coal, Dolin, Walsh), Joiner (McCabe), Painter (Dry), Cooper (Brady), Clothes Dealer (Carral), Stationer (Sherry), Retired Farmer (Sherry), Bottle Merchant (Summerville), Rag Sorter (Dwiher), two with unknown occupations (Reamsbottom and Watt) and two without occupations (Brook, Gristle).

The Irish-born in District 2d were living on Bowley's Yard, Kirkgate, Vicar Lane and Gill's Yard and no place names of origin in Ireland were given. The Irish in this district were employed as House Servants (Buckly, Egan, Kelly), Cordwainer (Mannings), Land Surveyor (Connelly), Shoemaker (McLoughlin) and a Flax Warehouseman (Conroy).

The Irish-born in District 2e were spread out among five streets: Lowerhead Row, Briggate, Bramley's Yard, Rockley Hall Yard and Vicar Lane and no place names of origin in Ireland were given for this district. The Irish were employed as General Servants (Connell-2 from 2 different families, Cormack, Helsey), Hosier (Carson), Shoemaker (Leonard) and Jeweller (Mark).

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