A Brief Synopsis of the Irish in the Yorkshire, England, Leeds Civil Parish, South Sub Registration Districts 3a-3z in the 1851 Census, and the Occupations held

The Leeds Civil Parish, South Sub Registration District covers 42 Districts (1a-1j, 2a-2e and 3a-3z) in the 1851 census.

The following compilation includes the documented origins of the Irish-born and observations noted in districts 3a-3z of Leeds Civil Parish, South Sub Registration District of the 1851 Census. I have split the south registration district into two separate sections to minimize download times. In this compilation I will be documenting the surnames of the Irish born and their associated occupations. If a County or Place name of origin is given I will provide greater detail.

The Irish-born in District 3a were all living on Garland Fold and there were no place names of origin given for any of the entries. The Irish were employed as Shoemakers (Cosgrove, James, Ryan) a Laborer (Whitethorn) and a Brewer (Fowler).

The Irish-born in District 3aa were living on Sussex Square and Court, Leicester Street and Ellerley Street. They included the following: a Shopkeeper (Banks), Yarn Maker's Ap (Hamilton), Stuff Presser (Hemmingway), Yarn Maker (Howcroft), Chelsea Pensioner (Finlay) and one without an occupation (Hargrase).

Most of the Irish in District 3b were living on Holforth Square, followed by Cawood's Yard, Spinner Street and Garden Street. They were employed as follows: Flax Spinner (Hafertt), Spinner (Murphy, Sharlock, Underwood), Cloth Dresser (Cox-2), Tailor (McIntyre), Shopman (Fitzgibbons), Burler (Carrol), Overlooker (Helmartin), Laborer (Murphy), Reeler? (Atkinson), Servant (Wakeley) and Schoolmaster (Crohan).

The Irish-born in District 3bb were living on High Markland Street, Marpeth Street and Upper Cavalier Street. James McDonald (Railway Guard) was born in Kilkenny, Ireland (wife Catherine and 2 kids were born in Leeds). James Johnson (Blacksmith) was born in Dublin, Ireland as was his wife Mary. Francis Ganley, (Laborer) a visitor staying with them was also from Dublin. Hannah Hetherington was born in Tullemore, Ireland (husband Thos and 6 kids were born in Leeds). There is a Tullamore in Clare, Kerry, Kings County and Tipperary, Ireland. Patrick O'Donnel (Yarn Maker) was born in Tipperary, Ireland and wife Jane in Kildare, Ireland (four kids born in Leeds). Mary Arron was born in Tipperary (husband William in Liverpool, 3 kids in Leeds). A James? Stapleton (13 yr old doffer) is listed as her daughter in law who was born in Kings County, Ireland. Finally William Marfit (laborer), a relative living with them was born in Tipperary, Ireland.

The largest concentration of Irish-born in District 3c were living on Kendal's Building followed by Weaver's Square and Flax Street. The remaining Irish were residents of Park Alley, New Row, Richmond Road and Street, Lud Arm's Yard, East Water Lane, Stock Yard and Cotton Street. There were a large number of Irish Textile workers in District 3c including: Cloth Hand Loom Weavers (Cratty, Ingram, Johnson, Murphy), Power Loom Weaver (Delaney), Cloth Weavers (Clinton, Collins, Gorman, Haw, Hobson, Pinchion, Scully), Weavers (Burk, Hurley, Ingram, Reardon), Worsted Weaver (Casey, Knowls), Silk Weaver (Warren), Stuff Weaver (Casey, Crowley, Daly, McAvay), Former Cloth Weaver (Mathews- Blind), Spinner Flax Mill (Sullivan-2, Whalen), Spinner (Duffey-2, Kelly), Carder Flax Mill (Crawley), Spreader Flax Mill (McCale), Silk Dresser (McNamara), Bobbin Winders (Mooney, Crawley, Ingram), Linen Dresser at Paper Mill (Johnson), Linen Draper Paper Mill (Lynch), Duffer in Flax Mill (Claven), Winder (Burk, Casey, Cratty, Daly, Knowls), Dyer (Flaherty, Cleare), Factory Worker Woolen Cloth (Casey-2), Factory Worker Cloth- Duffee-2, Crawly-3), Silk Spinner (Fannan-2), Rover in Mill (Maher), Flax Dresser (Carroll-2), Dyeware Grinder (Duffe), Reeler (Carter, Gilfoil), Tailoress (Flaherty) and Dressmaker (Carroll). The remaining Irish-born were employed as Factory Workers (Crawley-2, Cleare, Carroll, Daly, Doolan, Fitzpatrick-2, Folet, Judge, Lynch, Mooney, O'Connor, Sheenan-3), Laborers (Barrett, Cane, Carney, Carroll-3 from 2 different families, Corkran, Gibley, Jackson, Kelly -2 from 2 different families, O'Connor, Rearden, Sheeran, Welch), Laborer Glass Worker (Maher), Carpenter (Ford- 2, 1 is former Carpenter), Mechanic (Lee), Iron Moulder (Mooney), Sawyer (Collins), Factory Worker Paper Mill (O'Connor-2), Annuity? (Faulkner), Shoemaker (Hughes), Engine Tender (Heatherton), Striker at Forge (Sullivan), Porter (Lynch), Cooper (Ginty), Soldier's Widow (Brogan), Hawker of Small Wares (Hannon, Cunningham- (bags as well), Servants (Crawley, MacCrahy), Former Servant (Fitzsimmons), Glover (Duffe), Quack Doctor (Browne), Scholar (Flaherty, Warden), Paupers (Collins, Delaney, Russell, Sullivan) and four without occupations (Guilfoil, Hanlan, Lynch and Overend).

The largest concentration of Irish-born in District 3d were living on Foundry Street followed by Milk Street. The remaining Irish were living on Brighton Street, Yard and Court, Brock Street, Wheeler Street, Lumb Street and Exile's Yard. Textile Industry related jobs were the predominant Irish occupations including: Flax Dressers (Byrns, Forriter, Gilloy, Holmes, Kendrick, McNulty-5, Meaney, Murphy, Redan, Reynolds, Rider-2), Flax Spinner (Ansbro, Brown-2, Burgess-2, Byan, Byrn-2, Cane-2, Cook-2, Diller, Forriter, Holmes, Jackson, Judge-2, Kelly, Kendrick, McDonald, McNulty, Moon-4, Oates-2, Perkins-2, Towle-2), Flax Carder (Brannum, Graham, Judge, Oates, Redan, Walter), Carder (Byrns), Flax Mill or Factory Worker (Bourk, Connor, Gaughan, Judge, Kape, McCue, Monhan), Flax Weaver (Burke, Chirlock, Healy, Murphy, Ormsby, Rider), Flax Reeler (Dowling, Forrestal, McNulty), Jobber Flax (Marn), Card Spreader Flax (Connor), Shiner Flax (Mannohor), Cleaner of Flax (Corcoran), Doffer Flax (Ansbro, Cawley, Corcoran, Coughlin-3, Jackson), Cloth Weaver (Murphy), Flax Sperer? (McGLinn), Flax Rover (Delaney, Dorcey, Sullaven), Cloth Dyer (Brown-2 from 2 different families, Coleman, Connley, Kendrick, McMan, Murphy), Stuff Dyer (Judge, Rupell), Cloth Dresser (Burgess), Weaver and Wool Comber (Muroney), Bobbin Carrier Flax (Judge), Screwer Flax (Corbett), Flax Carrier (McDonoagh), Oiler in Flax Mill (Canan, Walls), Cloth Spinner (Walsh), Stuff Weaver (Breen, Burke, Milar, Redan, Stapleton), Silk Dresser (Blakey-2), Silk Spinnner (Rawley), Silk Weaver (Burke), Twiner's Laborer-Flax (Harraty), Flax Frame Tender (Drew, McGhue), Bobbin Winding Cloth (Meany, Russell, Towle), Weaver Worsted (Power-3, Walsh), Winder Worsted (Power), Cloth Piecer (Waldren), Cloth Peg Maker (Coleman), Cloth Finisher (Cunningham), Lace Maker (Jackson), Staymaker (Joyce), Line Spreader (Mead). There were also a large number of Factory Workers (Banks, Cohen-4, Connor, Hallinan, Lalley, McHale, Redington, Rider) that may be employed in Textile Industry work. There was a Tailor (Murphy), Assistant Tailor (Murphy), a Cap Maker (Green), Boot and Shoe Maker (Cunanneford), Shoe Maker (Ansbro-2, Corcoran) and a Dress Maker (Byrn). There were a variety of Hawkers including the following: Hawker (Connor, Moran-2 from 2 different families), Hawker of Silk (Murphy), Peg Hawker (Coleman), Hardware Hawker (Brown-2, Joyce, Murphy, Nallon-2, Rider, Wade), Hawker of Lace (Barrit), Hawker of Small Ware (Griffin, McNulty), Hawker of Cakes (Neenan), Hawker of Toys (McPartland), Hawker of Oranges (Gaughan-2 from 2 different families) and a Hawker of Matches (Graham). There were a large number of Irish employed in Laboring positions including: Mason's Laborers (Brannan, Darcey, Flinn, Judge, Nallon), Brick Layer's Laborers (Byrns, Cannant, Duffy-2, Forriter-2, Healy-2 from 2 different families, Holmes, McHeal, Morgan, Redington, Rider, Sheardon-2, Walsh-2 from 2 different families), Foundry Laborer (Forster-2, Lynch-2, Moran, Rider), Potter's Laborer (Walter), Brick Maker (Byrn, Byrns, Martin), Farm Laborer (Dark, Doughon, Judge, Lalley, Philbin, Rider), Gardener's Laborer (Cook, Grady, Pinders), Laborers (Banks-2, Carbine, McKina), Laborer for the Town (Raney), Smith's Laborer (Kennedy), Agriculture Laborer (Kenney), Carrier's Laborer (Ansbro), Railway Laborer (Power) and a Retired Laborer (Rider). There were Housekeepers (Ansbro, Barrett, Burgess, Coleman, Forriter, Forster, McDonald, McGarry), a House Maid (Shea), Servants (Culligan, McGarry, Dawker), Charwoman (Buchan), Lodging Housekeeper (Green, Oates) and School Teachers (Byan, McGrath). Irish were also employed in the following: Shop Keeper (Hailstone, McGarry), Fish Monger (Cunningham), Store Stock Broker Clerk (Jackson), Fruiterer (Byrne), Picture Frame Maker (Byan), Dealer in Small Ware (Dwyer), Painter/Glazier (McNulty), Tide Waiter (Madan), Bag Pipe Player (Rider), Iron Moulder (Connelly-2), Rug Merchant (Gallagher), Matt Maker (Burgess), Trow Weigher (Ruris), Errand Boys (Ansbro, Moon, Shea, McDonald), Rag Gatherer (Barrett), Rag Merchant (Micue), Paupers (Startan, Warren), Beggars (Cook-2, Markemuhan, Mullawny, Quinlin-3), Alms Woman (McMan-3) and a huge number who were unemployed or listed without occupations including Aboyle-4, Brannam, Burk-3 from 2 different families, Captice-2 from 2 different families, Carty, Connor, Corcoran-3, Coughlin, Dunn, Flanegan-2, Gaughan, Ginbinn, Hallinan, Harshall, Horan, McDonnall, Micue, Milet, Monhan, Nattymow-2, Lalley, Lyons-3, Moran, Murphy, Philbin-2, Redington-2, Rider, Roach, Robinson, Tethry, Trueman.

The vast majority of Irish-born in District 3e were living on Crispin Street, followed by Cato Street, Marsh Lane and Feetham's Fold. The Irish were employed in a wide array of different occupations including Laborers (Adams, Bell, Burke-3, Cain, McDermott, McGrienn, McKeal, Money, Mulowney, Narry, Naughton, Wallace), Brick Layer's Laborer (Donnelly), Brick Layer (Donahoe), Laborer's Man (Shelmond), Laborer Foundry (Leonard), Moulder Iron (Rooney), Factory Worker (O'Donnell), Cloth Mill Worker (Radican), Mill Worker (Moley, Monely-2), Flax Mill Laborer (Adams-2, Bell, Carroll-2, McKeal-6), Flax Spinner (Bagley, Casey), Flax Doffer (Weber), Reeler (Bagley), Tenter of Cloth (Berry), Blue Dyer of Cloth (O'Donnell), Tailor (Doolan, Davlin, McNally, Monely), Shoe Binder (Brown), Servant (Conlon, Doyle, Kilbride, Murphy, Radican), Housekeeper (Monely), Char Maid (McNally), Clothier (Dun), Cordwainer (Scanlan, McDOnnell), Clothes Hawker (Adams), Knitter (Corcoran), Hawker (Dile), Clothes Dealer (Kelvy, Walsh), Dealer Old Clothes (Dyer), Hardware Hawker (Hennison, Kilbride, McDermott), Publican (Brady), Manure Dealer (Kelly), Tinplate Worker (Baxter), Mechanic (Kilbride), Paper Stainer (Kilbride), Mat Maker (Snee), Fruit Dealer (Riley, Walsh) and two Chelsea Pensioners (Quinlavan - who was in the 6th Regiment Foot, and Gannon). There were also three Irish listed without occupations: Brett, Gilchrist and Walsh.

The largest concentration of Irish-born in District 3f were living on Lower Cross Street, followed by Brook Street, Wheeler Street, Brighton Row and Upper Cross Street. The Irish were employed in a large variety of occupations with the largest numbers being Laborers and Textile Industry Workers. The Laborers were as follows: Bank-2, Brophy, Condmarder?, Conlin, Cullen, Dillon, Doan, Fallin, Farrel, Felbourne, Ferguson, Fitzpatrick, Gilgin, Gorman, Hart, Judge, Knavesey, Leonard, McAndrew, McHale, Mattimo, Mullin, Mulownney-2, Padden-2, Querke?, Roach, Robinson, Shaw, Sheridan-2 from 2 different families, Smith, Thornton-2 from 2 different families, Walsh and Warwick. There were also Farm Laborers (Bourk, Conway, Ferguson, Kehoe, McAndrew, Walsh) a Foundry Laborer (Thompson), Brick Layer's Laborer (Godfrey) and Brick Makers (Bourk, Hosay). They held many different Textile Industry jobs including Bobbin Winder-Cloth (Penny), Winder (Knowles), Cloth Weaver (Brennan, Deleaney, Kinadey, Knowles), Cloth Dresser (Cass, Cullin, Day, Donnolly, McGurren, Mullownney), Cloth Striker (Connell), Striker (McNally), Screwer (Kilkenny, McGurren, Read, Ryan), Card Spreader (Bank, Flyn, Kennedy-2, Leonard-2, McGurren, O'Hara, Rooth), Flax Spinner (Kerin, McNally), Flax Dresser (Brennan, Walsh), Factory Worker Cloth (Ansbro, Barrett-2, Brennan-2, Clare, Donnolly, Kelly-2 from 2 different families, McAndrew-2, Phalan, Thornton), Comber Wool (Cass), Doffer (Bargan), Flax Cleaner (Donohoghue, Knowling), Spinner (Ansbro, Barrett, Boyle, Fagan, Flyn, Maloney, Mullownney, Rooth, Thornton, Tool, Walsh), Dyer (Carroll, Rearden, Wall), Stocking Knitter (Barrett), Stuff Weaver (Terry), Factory Workers (Cloonay, Hogan, Judge, Kelly, McAndrew, Padden, Phalen, Snee), Porter (Woodlock), and Reeler (Chadwick). The remaining Irish were employed as Housekeepers (Ansbro, Bargan, Felbourne, McNally), Charwomen (Phalan, McAndrew, Ryan, Smith, Walsh), Washer Woman (Clooney, McHale), Lodging Housekeeper (Cass), Rag Sorter (McLoghlin), Nurse (Ryan), Hawker (Cullen, Kelly, McHale, Mulroy, O'Connell-2, Walsh), Forgeman (Conraby), Tinner (Raleigh), Tinner's wife (Shaw), Oyster Dealer (Terry), Fish Monger (Maloney), Mat Maker (Labry, Sheredon), Collier (Mortimore, Phalan), Wire Worker (Cosgrove), Hostler (Shannessy), Musician (Snee), Errand Boy (Felbourne), Tailor (Duffy), Glazier (McGurren), Bootmaker (Walsh-2) and the following without occupations (Bell, O'Hara, Rain).

The Irish-born in District 3g were spread among numerous streets but the largest concentration were living on Upper Cross Street. The rest were residents of School Yard, Richmond Road, Wheeler Street, Gile's Yard, Spring Street and yard, Mill Street, Gile's Building and Bombay Street. Quite a few Irish were employed in the Textile Industry with a Hand Loom Weaver (Hewson), Spinner (Kelly), Silk Spinner (Connor), Cordwainer (Connor), Piecer Cloth (Moran-2), Works Mill (Nowland), Sweeper Flax Mill (Nowland), Doffer (Lowry, Snee-3), Spinner of Flax (Hewson, Lowry), Screwer- Flax (Hean, Lowry, Nowland-3 from 2 different families), Jigger Boy (Nowland-2), Card Spreader (Nowland), Stuff Weaver (Bray-2, Snee), Overlooker Cloth Mill (Cleary, Dowling), Dyer's Laborer (ingram), Cloth Dresser (Kelly), Knitter (Dougherty) as well as two Tailors (Ambrose, Kelly), a Cap Maker (Kelly) and a Seamstress (Nowland). The remainder of the Irish were employed as: Housekeeper (Nowland, Russell), Laundress (Connor, Moran), Farm Laborer (Snee-2), Salt Hawker (Hean), Day Laborer General (Dowling, Moran), Mechanic (Connor-2), Hawker of Small Ware (Lowry), General Dealer (Corcoran), Coal Seller (Fox), Confectioner (Murrey), Potter Journeyman (Moran), Attends Market Greens (Hewson), Hammerman Striker (Donan), four Laborers (Dougherty, Lowry, Moran, Sweeny) and 10 listed without occupations (Adams-2, Burns, Cardiss, Hannam, Johnson, Lancaster, Moran, Rierdon, Tosney).

The Irish-born in District 3h were living primarily on Madras Street and Grantham Street- Mendicity Office and the rest resided on Bombay Street, Richmond Road, Railway Street, Upper Cross Street and Spring Street. The largest number were employed in Textile Industry related work such as Flax Dresser (Gravin, Ryan), Flax Rover/Preparer (Ryan), Flax Spinner (Cummins-3, Lawler), Spinner (Duff), Cloth Weaver (Glenville, Lawler), Silk Piecer (Lawler), Overlooker Flax Dresser (Hennefsy), Cleaner Flax Mill (Ryan), Wool Comber Cloth (McNamara), Rover Flax Mill (Rice), Spinner Flax Mill (Rice), Dyer (Connely), Cloth Dresser (Welch), Broad Cloth Weaver (Lawler), Stuff Weaver Hand Loom (Good), Power Loom Weaver (Hogan, Routh), Mill Hand (Freeman-2), Stay Maker (Howard, Kennedy-4), and there was a Pauper Cloth Weaver (Burgess). There were also 5 Factory Workers (Caners, Edwards, McGuire-2, Troy) whose work may hae been associated with textiles. There were quite a few Irish-born listed as Paupers with their occupation (especially those living at Mendicity office) including the Pauper Cloth Weaver noted above plus Pauper Vagrant (Bradshaw Family), Pauper Farm Laborers (Brown, Conlin, Connelly, Dunn, Mallany), Pauper Brick Layer's Laborer (Clark, McRea), Pauper Hawker (Carr), Pauper Miner (Thompson, Walker), Paupers (Burke-2 families, Collings, Darrig Family, Fealley, Gibbins Family, Holmes-2, Kenny, Wilby) and Beggers (Cannady, Fishilley-3, Yates). The remaining Irish were employed in the following occupations: Brick Layer's Laborer (Bergan, Cummmins, Fishilley, Flinn, Kirk, McDermott, Nary, Rough-2, Walsh), Farm Laborer (Freeman, Hayes, Leonard, McDonald, Purcell), House Servant (Harker), Servant (Gravin), Domestic Duties (Lawler), Hawker (Gravin), Chip Bearer (Fishilley), Nail Maker (McGuire), Mechanic (Mathews), Engraver (Parkin), Striker Foundry (McNally) and a Hardware Hawker (McNally). There was one Cripple (Lawler), and 13 listed without occupations including: Carter, Coppock, Cummins, Dowland, Eyre, Farrell, Freeman, Jordan, Rice, Thacker, Walker, Wallis and Welch.

The Irish-born in District 3i were living scattered among numerous streets: Richmond Road (and Bedlam Row on that street), Lower Richmond, Brown's Building, Brass Street and Copper Street. Placenames of origin in Ireland were given for some residents including: Margaret Hutchinson was born in Newery, Ireland (husband Charles a Shoemaker was from Sheffield and four kids from Leeds). William Russell (Iron Foundry Laborer) was born in Dublin, Ireland as was his wife Mary (a Flax Spinner). Michael Greenan (Cloth Dealer-old) was also born in Dublin, Ireland (wife Margaret from Ireland). There were two residents living on Copper Street from Tipperary, Ireland: Ann Hodgson (husband William was a Linen Bleacher from Knareboro, Yorkshire), and Ann Dowling (Cap Maker) a Lodger living with them (her son Thomas was born in Leeds). The remaining Irish were employed primarily in the Textile Industry including: Flax Mill (Lowrey-2, Brearly), Flax Spinner (Cocking, Foggarty), Cloth Steam Loom Weaver (Delaney), Cloth Weaver (Begley, Collins), Flax Doffer (Carney) and Bobbin Winder (Collins). There was 1 Tailor Journeyman (Donoghue), a Bricklayers' Laborer (Corkram), Black Smith (Clare), Plumber/Glazier (Powell), a Housekeeper (Carney) and one without an occupation (Shires).

I found it unusual that ancestry.com didn't have a Disrict 3j for Leeds South. The largest concentration of Irish-born in District 3k were living on Dolphin Street, followed by Providence Street, Wheeler Street and Row, Well House Yard, Shark Dolphin Street, Little Dolphin, Richmond Row and Terrace, Wriggleworth Street and Brass Street. The Irish employed in the Textile industry were as follows: Flax Spinners (Callaghan, Christy, Connalley-2, Cleare, Dunn, Haight, Hasay-2, Humphrays, Landy, Looman-3, Marra, Mathews, Mulloy-3, Murphy, Smith), Hand Loom Weavers - Stuff (Callaghan, Cantwell, Casey, Coleman, Glennon, Goss, Henercy, Humphrays, McGraith, Mackey, Mathews, Moore, Pincheon, Raydon, Ryan, Scully), Hand Loom Weaver of Cloth (Doran), Flax Spreader (Marra), Flax Card Spreader (Brady), Dyer of Stuffs (Glennan, Haight- App, Reilly), Dyer Laborer (Doyler), Hand Loom Weaver Worsted (McGannis), Power Loom Weaver Stuff (Fannin), Flax Screwer (Hosey), Cloth Dresser (Hannady, Morn) and Flax Dresser (Trassey). The remaining Irish were employed as Brick Layer's Laborer (Cannalley, Cuttle, Keesham, McNelly, Marr), Laborer Brick Yard (Hall-2 from 2 different families, Kensham), Paper Stainer's Boy (Hosey, Mack), Nail Makers (Barry, Casey-2, Whalen), Umbrella Maker (Doughart), Ag Laborer (Haight, Hannady), Errand Boy (Hosey), Tailor (Hosey, Mathews), Stoker Glass Works (Heall), Whitesmith (Burke), Shoemaker (Moore), Chelsea Pensioner (Downs, Mahon), Nurse (Dunn), Housekeeper (Drough), Laundress (Hall, Phelan), Servant (Parton), Hawker of Laces (Christy), a Pauper (Callan) and 11 listed without occupations (Barber, Bell, Byrns, Comerford, Dwire, Fannin, Keesham, Looman, Mealie, Quinn and Sparrow).

Almost all of the Irish-born in District 3L were living on Provident Street, Cross Provident Street or Back Provident Street and the rest on Allison's Court and Edmond Street. Once again the Textile Industry predominates in jobs with Stuff Weavers (Donnelly, Higgins, Kershaw, McDonnell, Richey, Stenson, Whelan, Woodriff), Hand Loom Weaver Stuff (Ryan), Flax Power Loom Weaver (Keivan), Worsted Weaver (Brophy, Delaney), Power Loom Weaver Worsted (Brophy), Cotton Weaver (Collins), Warper Stuff (McDonnell), Carder Flax (Kinan), Doffer Flax (Mara, Moran, Morley), Flax Dresser (Egan), Flax Spreader (Moore), Reeler of Flax (Grace, Kenedy), Cloth Wool Comber (Moroney), Flax Spinners (Call, Carty, Dunne, Higgins?, Mara, Ryan-2) and Tow Sorter (Moran). The remaining Irish were employed as: Brick Layer's Laborer (Bergin), Mason's Laborer (FItzpatrick), Laborer Machine Shop (Mathew), Ag Laborer (Call), Painter (Tynan), Gas Works Laborer (Higgins), Nail Maker (Higgins), Blacksmith (Tully), Groom (Grace), Watchman (Beivan), Midwife (Woodriff), Chelsea Pensioner (Moran-2), Joiner (Mara-2), Seamstress (Healy), Shoe Maker (England), Housekeeper (Farrell), General Servant (Carney), Pauper Former Housekeeper (Murry), Hawker Earthenware (Gaffney), Pauper (Knay- age 103!) and six without occupations (Carney, Cary, Egan, Maher, Mara, Ryan).

The Irish-born in District 3M were living on Clay Street, Edmund Street, East Field Street and Richmond Street. Place names of origin in Ireland were given for three Irish residents: Eliz'h Hudson (Parish Pay) was born in Corheath, Ireland (her husband Wilkinson was born in Halifax). Ann Kennedy a Servant was born in Rosorea, Ireland and Mary Bell (Daughter of George (Barnly nr Howden) and Ellen (Kither?) was born in Drogheda, Ireland. Her siblings were born in Leeds. The remaining Irish were employed in the following occupations: Flax Mill Worker (Robinson), Dyer (Murphy), Cloth Weaver (Lahill), Bobbin Winder (Walsh), Flax Spinner (Brophy, Delany), Flax Weaver (Humphreys), Flax Dresser (Humphreys), Overlooker (Robinson), Shoemakers (Humphreys, Mathers), Housekeeper (Smith), Machine Maker (Fallows), Artist (O'Rourke), and two listed without occupations (Hartley, Rourke).

The highest concentration of Irish-born in District 3N were living on Flint Street, followed by Marsh Lane, Paley's Galleries, Steel Street, Glue Street and Yard, Forrester Court, Railway Court, Shannon Street, Cleveland Street, Crofs Weaver Street and School Houses. The vast majority of Irish were employed in the Textile industry in the following occupations: Flax Spinner (Commerford, Fallon, Hogan, Lavan, McMahon, Maguire, Parkinson), Frame Weaver Flax (Murry), Flax Weaver/Pauper (Keenan), Flax Sorter (Howard), Flax Carder (Delayney, Maher-2, Parkinson), Flax Card Server (Macredmond), Jobber Flax Mill (Madden), Drawer Flax Mill (Healy), Flax Doffer (Hogan), Fl. Maker u/r? (Carty), Hackler of Flax (Barry, Hogan, Parkinson), Card Cleaner Flax Mill (Hogan), Flax Card Spreader (Barry, Burke, Carrol, Clary, Clooney, Darmont, Darnody, Delayney, McMahon, Macredmond, Strah), Terner? Flax Mill (Bower-2), Jobber Flax Mill (Bower, McMahon, O'Brien), Laborer Flax Mill (Delayney, Kelly), Carding? Weaver (Magin), Flax Setter (Brennan), Flax Reeler (Delanney), Frame Minder (Clarkson, Dixon), Dyer? Minder (Glynn), Flax Rover (Clooney, Fallon-2, Kirwan, Nolan), three Cloth Dressers (Fallon, Hogan, Maguire) and Stuff Weaver (Higgins, O'Donnel). There were 16 Laborers (Barns, Bower, Clooney, Dogherty-2, Dun, Dunning, Gready, Graham, Heather?, Hogan, Maquire, Mullern, O'Neal, Walsh, Wilson), a Brick Layer (Maguire), Glazier (Carr-2), three Black Smiths (McMahon, Murphy, Ragan), a Smith Striker (Stratt), two Marble Polishers (Gafney- 2 different families), a Wood Turner (Downs), a Nail Maker (Wallis), a Foundry Worker (Bengin), a Paper Stainer (Barry), two Mechanics (Henny, O'Brien), a Cooper (Delayney), four Lodging Housekeepers (Kirwan, Macredmond, Murry, Parkinson), three Shoemakers (Flinn, Larkin ,White), a Web? Shoemaker (Barry), two Bootmakers (Murphy, Scranton), three Boot Binders (Davis, Scranton, Wallis), a Clothier (Morton), one Housekeeper (Murphy), two Dressmakers (Clarkson, Murphy), 5 Hawkers (Dunn, Fallan, Fogerty, Mann, Sall), a Clerk? (Glynn), an Annuitant (Rufsell), Glovernefs? (Proctor), Dealer in Rags (Commerford), Pauper (Ryan) and 7 listed without occupations (Brennan, Dunning, Hebbit, Hellern, Maher, Strah, Walsh).

The Irish-born in District 3"o" were scattered among the following streets: Rodney Street, Marsh Lane, Joy's Fold, Shannon Street, Club Yard, Plaid Row, Cleveland Street and A.B. Place. They were employed in the following textile industry occupations: 3 Hand Loom Weavers (Castigan, Fitzmaurice, Moore), Linen Weaver (Clarson-2), Weaver Assistant (Kenedy), Reeler Flax Mill (Walsh) and two Stuff Weavers (Dunn, Malone). The remaining Irish were employed as follows: Printer, Compositor (Sheridan), Smith Laborer (Parson), Iron Founder (Hole), Waterman (Parson), Shoe Maker (Lambert, Reyes), Bootbinder (Reyes, Lambert), Rag Dealer (Moore), Dress Maker (Moore), Washer Woman (Snowden), Pauper (Gardner, Marre), and five listed without occupations (Parker, Quin, Reyes , Speight and Steel).

The majority of the Irish in District 3p were living on Cleveland Street and Elm Street with a few living on Hatfield Street, Lower Plaid Row, Cable Row and Shannon Row. Margarat Kay was born in Tipperary, Ireland (her husband Richard was a Brewer from Knavesbro Yorkshire and 2 kids, William and Ellen were born in Leeds). Five families hailed from Roserea, Ireland: Joseph Clark (Stuff Weaver) and his wife Mary, Mary Ann Cleary (Flax Spinner) who was living with them as a Lodger, Martha Dalton (Stuff Weaver), Martin Clark (Stuff Weaver) as well as Peter Mathews (Stuff Weaver) and his wife Ann (3 kids Jane, M.A. and William were born in Leeds). The rest of the Irish in this district were primarily employed in the Textile industry as well including three more Stuff Weavers (Clarkson, Dolan and MacDonald), Flax Spinner (Reynard), Stuff Power Loom Weaver (MacDonald-2) and 7 Workers in a Flax Mill (Delany-2, Dolan-4, Hainsworth). There were also two Shoe Makers (Ford, Kay), a Millwright (Nugent), a Policeman (Byrne and a Laborer (Slattery). Three were listed without occupations (Kay, McDonnell, O'Brien).

The largest concentration of Irish-born in District 3Q were living on Prospect Terrace followed by Keeton Street/Lane, Blayds Street/Lane, Woodbine Cottage, Prospect Terrace, Garden House, Leghorn Street/Lane, Pontefact Lane, Sugden Street/Lane, Leghorn Street/Lane, Prospect Villa and Back of Hope Inn. There were several immigrants from Queens County, Ireland including the following from Mount Rath: Juliette Gosney (husband Joseph, Nail Manufacturer was born in Wakefield and 5 children born in Leeds), her sister Mary Rouls (a Nurse who lives with them), John Wallis (Nailmaker, whose wife Julia was born in Assory Queen's County and son in Leeds) and Mary Delany (whose husband Edward, a Plaid Weaver was born in Dublin and 5 children were all born in Leeds). Bridget Fitz a Reeler in the Flax Mill was a Lodger born in Cul Kerry, Queens, County, Ireland. Ann Rawlins (Housekeeper) was born in Queen's County, Ireland, daughter Charlotte in Manchester, Lancashire and son Henry in Leeds. William Waldron (Hand Weaver and Chelsea Pensioner was born in Queen's County, Ireland while his wife Anne (Mistress of the House) and 3 sons and 3 daughters were born in Leeds. His brother John (retired weaver) was also born in Queens County. Other immigrants born in Dublin were as follows: Susannah Boyde (Domestic Duty, husband James a Potter from Hunslet Hull, Yorkshire and son Robert born in Leeds), as well as Sarah E Wilkinson and her 2 children James and Francis (husband William was a Worsted Spinner and Manufacture from Leeds). Hailing from County Cork were Thomas Serles (Hand? Weaver) and his brother John (Retired Weaver). Thomas' wife Catharine (Mistress of the House) was born in Ireland and their son Thomas in Leeds. William Randall (Vicar of All Saints Leeds- Mother? of Souls) was born in Wexford, Ireland while his wife Louisa was born in Dublin and son William in Leeds. Mary Anne Berry (mother of Louisa, and Gentlewoman) was born in Portarlington, Ireland (in both Kings and Queens County, Ireland. Two Irish immigrants were from County Limerick, Ellen C Harfield (House Maid) and John Robinson (Laborer). John's wife Mary was born in Bin, Kings County, Ireland and their 5 sons and 4 daughters in Leeds. Duncan Wilkinson (Laborer) was born in County Antrim, while his wife Ellen was born in Argyleshire, Scotland and 2 sons and a daughter in Leeds. The remaining Irish were employed in the following occupations: House Mistress (Rawlins), Shoe Makers (Rawlins x2), Cloth Dresser (Rawlins), Boot Binder (Leach), Wool Comber (O'Neal), Clerk and Occastional Salesman in a Woolen Warehouse (Harold), Transfer Clerk in Railway Office (Smythe), Servant (Winn) and 2 House Servants (Kelley, Quirke).

The Irish in District 3R were living primarily on Woodsman's Street followed by Cottage Street and a few others on Blackburn's Court, Blackburn's Buildings, York Road, Prospect Cottages and Bath Street. There were no place names of origin in Ireland given. Most of the Irish immigrants were employed in the Textile industry including three different Mathew families (5 individuals) who were Weavers of Stuffs plus Stuff Weavers Russell (3 people from 2 different families), Nail, Connel, Atkinson, Quigley, Fitzperald, Costigan and Coakley. There were 2 Wool Combers (Morgan, Philips), a Worsted Weaver (Morgan), a Hand Loom Stuff Weaver (Leary), 7 Hand Loom Weavers (Costigan-2, Glavin, Laughlin, Mathews- 2 from 2 different families and Moor), a Line Reeler (Mathews), Cloth Weavers (Callahan-2, Mara), 2 Spinners (Russell-2), a Linen Draper (Mathews), a Retired Weaver (Glennon), Bobbin Winder (Moor) and 2 Cloth Dressers (Keane-2). There was one Housekeeper (Goodwill), a Washer Woman (Dayle), a Coal Miner (Penny), a Mechanic (Mathews), a Shoe Maker (Mathews), 3 Laborers (Fitzpatrick, Ryan, Welch) and 7 listed without occupations (Cuttler, Cryer, Germain, Hainsworth, Sugden, Troughten, Tyrrell).

There were no Irish-born immigrants in District 3S.

There was only one Irish-born immigrant in District 3T, John Reynolds a ? Manufacturer living on Spring Place with his wife Hannah (from Yorkshire Dunkswick?) and 4 kids born in Leeds. He is listed as being born in Ireland- a British Subject.

There was only one Irish immigrant in District 3U, Joseph Henrick (Cordwainer) and his wife Ann and 4 kids living on Richmond Hill. Joseph was from Ireland and Ann and kids from York City.

The largest concentration of Irish immigrants in District 3V were living on Musgraves Fold followed by Richmond Street, Row, Road and Lower Richmond Street, and Holdsworth Fold. There were no place names in Ireland given for this district. The majority of Irish were employed in the Textile Industry in the following occupations: Hand Loom Weaver of Worsted (Darcy, Lynch, Mahoney-2, Riordan), Hand Loom Weaver of Stuff (Cashin, Clarkson, Fitzpatrick, Haley, Kilmartin, Lawler, Mason-3, Murphy), Hand Loom Weaver (Faulkner-2), Pauper Hand Loom Weaver Stuff (Butler), Laborer- Worsted Mill (McHale), Silk Spinner (Connolly, Sullivan), Bobbin Stuff Winder (Connolly), Cloth Dyer (Connolly), Pauper Former Hand Loom Weaver (Herwin), Rover Flax Mill (Binner-2) and a Silk Mill Dresser (Mason). The remaining Irish were employed as Brickmaker (Binning, Haines), Superintendant of Brick Yard (Martin), Laborer (England), Laborer Part Man (McHale), Pauper Laborer (Corcoran), Rope Maker (Galahan), Excavator (Bergan, Hyland), Washerwoman (England), Charwoman (Story), a Blind Beggar/Fiddler (Harrison), Shoe Maker (Carter, McGary), Shoe Binder (McGary), Laundress (Casey), Servant (Delany), Pauper (Daly, Mahoney) and two listed without occupations (Anguige, Dwyer).

There were only 5 families with Irish-born immigrants in District 3W and they were spread out among Bachelor, Sheffield, Kent and Sussex Streets. There were no placenames in Ireland given. Occupations held included a Woolen Cloth Hand Loom Weaver (Burke), Silk Dresser (Betts), Flax Cleaner (Peel), Boot and Shoe Maker (Foster) and a Coal Miner (King).

The Irish in District 3X were living on Hudson's Yard, Bachelor Buildings, Cavalier Street and Court, Upton's Court, Judson's Yard, Zion Square and Peacock's Yard. There were no place names of origin in Ireland given. There were three Stuff Weavers (Daily, Darcy, Higgins), a Hand Loom Weaver (Devine), two Mill Hands (Dunn-2), a Tailor (Robinson), Boot and Shoe Maker (Stevens), a Servant (Robinson), a Nurse (Darcy), a Lamp Lighter (Dixon) and one listed without an occupation (Dean).

The majority of Irish-born in District 3Y were living on Spitalfields and Spitalfield's Yard and the rest resided on Ellerby Road, Zion Street, Bow Street and Back Bow Street as well as what appears to be Smithies Garth. Daniel Bradley a Stuff Weaver and his wife Mary were both from the City of Cork, Ireland and their children Hanna, Anaston, David and John were all born in Leeds. Dennis Rowls, a Stuff Weaver from Queens County, Ireland was living with his wife Mary (Kings County, Ireland), their three sons, Francis, John and William and daughter Mary Ann who were born in Leeds. There were 7 other Stuff Weavers (Allman, Brien, Delany, Hennesey, McDonald, Powell, Thomas), a Woolen Printer (Gibbons), a Flax Dresser (McDonald), a Boot Binder (Hinchcliff), Iron Moulder (Hinchcliff), Station Master Railway (McNamara), Charwoman (Storey) and a Mechanic (McDonald).

The Irish-born in District 3Z were living on four different streets: East King Street, East Queen Street, Richmond Street, Court and Yard and Bow Street. Two families had members hailing from Baudan? Ireland: William Richardson (Jobber Lab), whose wife Mary and children Emma, Joseph and Eliza hailed from Leeds, his mother on Parish Relief from Baudan and Jane Drake (whose husband Frederic was a tin worker from leeds and six children Mary, Rebecca, Dinah, John, Jane and Eliza were all from Leeds). Thomas Haley (Cloth Weaver) hailed from Cork, Ireland as did his wife Ann (their three children Julia, Mary and Thomas were born in Leeds). William Hales (Police Officer) hailed from Cork (wife Mary from Ripon Yorkshire and 5 children, Mary Jane, Isabella, Elizabeth, Hanah, William all from Leeds). Catherine Smith (can't read occupation looks like Stone R- or Slave R?) hailed from Cork (children Ellen and Mary Ann were born in Leeds). Mary McGuin (Washer Woman) hailed from Sligo, Ireland (daughters Mary and Margaret were born in Leeds). John Kelly (Parish Relief) hailed from Queens, Ireland (son Joseph born in Leeds). John Lauther? (Farm Laborer) was born in Down, Ireland while wife Elizabeth was born in Sherborn, Yorkshire, sons William and Robert (Cloth Mill Workers), Jane (Yarn Weaver) and Elizabeth were all born in Ireland, while Joshua was born in England. Richard Birmingham (Dyer) hailed from Dublin, Ireland while wife Martha was from Batley, Yorkshire and daughter Ann and son James from Leeds. Edward Freeman (Laborer) was born in Dublin, Ireland as was his wife Ann, daughter Eliza (Doffer) while son John was born in Leeds. Patrick Beahan (Hand Loom Weaver) was born in Dublin, Ireland and his wife Mary (Bobbin Winder) was born in Kilkenny, Ireland. The remaining Irish in District 3Z were employed in the following occupations: Hand Loom Weaver (Francis), Brewer Svt (Davis), Stuff Weaver (Houghan), Stuff Weaver (Kenna), Flax Reeler (O'Donell) and a Nurse (Hollingworth).